The Doc Says...The Best Wrestler in the World Tournament (And I'm Back)

The Doc Says…The Best Wrestler in the World Tournament (And I’m Back)

The Doc Says is back! When you last heard from him, his pro wrestling fandom was on life support, but these past five months have rejuvenated him; the break provided an opportunity to get away from the toxic week-to-week WWE viewing habits that had come to define his podcasting and column writing routine for years, and the result was the opportunity to see what the rest of the wrestling world had to offer – and, ladies and gentlemen, was it ever refreshing. Lucha Underground…New Japan Pro Wrestling…revamped WWE habits with a particular focus on watching the interesting stuff and ignoring the rest…buying tickets to the NWA-ROH Crockett Cup…deep diving NXT Takeover history…basically, folks, it was a period of Doc getting back to being Doc. This week, he explains the aim of his return and the definite major purpose of The Doc Says podcast moving forward. Then, he shares his thoughts on the major stories during his absence, including the rise of Becky Lynch and her role at WrestleMania, plus AEW and more.

Long-time followers of Doc’s work across multiple platforms may recall his enjoyment of mixing his other passions in with his pro wrestling interest, which leads into an introduction on today’s show of MARCH MAYHEM, a 65-man tournament to crown the Best Wrestler in the World, March Madness style! Doc assembled a committee to create the bracket, the seedings and match-ups for which will be revealed during the show (and in visual form later today so that you can help shape the outcome with your votes!).

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