The Doc Says...The Greatest WWE Matches of Last Decade

The Doc Says…The Greatest WWE Matches of Last Decade

Well, hello LOP family! It’s been a minute! I hope this finds you doing well during a tumultuous time in world history. Perhaps from this situation we’ll find some unity, as wrestling fans (we tear each down too much) and as human-beings in general.

As for what I’m doing here, I’m not pulling another Terry Funk, I swear. Last night, Dave Fenichel, who posts a lot of the news around here, texted me an interesting question: “What are your Top 10 WWE matches of the 2010s?” We went back and forth on it for a bit, and then I decided that doing a podcast might be really therapeutic. LOP was for many years my primary escape from the real world, so last night I leaned into an old constructive habit and had an absolute blast, clearing the way for the occasional lazy, part-time one-off.

I’m certain my list will share with yours a lot of similar matches, but a controversial #1 and a surprise or two along the way. The podcast delivers a Top 10 along with a handful of noteworthy to me honorable mentions.

I have every intention of writing the occasional post for my newish blog, I would imagine I’ll pop up here every now and again as well.

Take care everyone!

-The Doc

PS – The podcast is available on iTunes and other platforms (just search for “The Doc Says”)

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