The Doc Says...The Sunday Wrestling Conversation, with Rich Latta

The Doc Says…The Sunday Wrestling Conversation, with Rich Latta

This week, The Doc debuts a new monthly tradition called “The Sunday Wrestling Conversation,” during which a guest will join him for near hour-long hearty chat about pro wrestling. Fittingly, he is joined on this maiden voyage by long-time friend of the program, Rich Latta. They tackle such topics as what makes New Japan Pro Wrestling such an attractive organization for diehard wrestling fans; it was Rich who most strongly and consistently advocated that Doc direct his jadedness toward WWE at NJPW, and it took Doc little time at all, once committing to New Japan World, to see that their presentation was just what the doctor ordered to heal his wrestling fandom. For the first time, Doc talks at length about a promotion besides WWE on his podcast; he and Rich discuss NJPW in the post-“Kenny Omega is a Top 3 New Japan star” world and the rise of Jay White.

Also, the dynamic duo dive into the topic of wrestler empowerment and a movement within the industry for wrestlers to take greater control of their destinies, mirroring the kind of movement that has given players so much more control in the NBA. And, finally, they close with a brief chat about Fast Lane and WrestleMania, comparing what’s at stake this year versus last.

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