The Doc Says...The WWE Decade in Review: 2010 - A Tough Transition Year

The Doc Says…The WWE Decade in Review: 2010 – A Tough Transition Year

This week, The Doc is in a reflective mood. The decade is fast coming to a close and it has been one of the most important of Doc’s life. As per usual, he is struggling to extract the WWE decade from his overall life, so to the pod he has gone with the intent of fully contextualizing how we have reached this current point in pro wrestling history. Today begins a ten part journey that will conclude at the end of the year. 2010 goes under the bright lights first, and Doc finds it very interesting how the WWE decade began with a massive departure of all-time great wrestlers from the active roster and a consequent scramble to try and fill the various levels of void. Past topics written and spoken about such as the Lost Generations of WWE headliners come back to the forefront and the stage gets set for what happened later while also celebrating the many achievements of the decade’s first year.

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