The Doc Says...Top Matches Post-Shake-Up, Kofi-Bryan in WM Lore, AEW Upon Us

The Doc Says…Top Matches Post-Shake-Up, Kofi-Bryan in WM Lore, AEW Upon Us

This week, The Doc is joined for the Sunday Wrestling Conversation by two-thirds of the Outsider’s Edge podcast hosted on the Chairshot Radio Network, Kyle Moores and good friend of the program, Rey Cash. The trio discuss the Superstar Shake-Up, specifically the matches that they are each most intrigued by (including one that Doc feels is this generation’s Angle vs. Michaels). They converse at length about their temperature readings on All Elite Wrestling ahead of their first show next month, Double or Nothing, and bring up several unique talking points along with a name dropped that could be a game-changer, however unlikely his presence may be. Finally, conversation turns to the Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan match at WrestleMania 35, which Doc was not ready to stop talking about after a recent replay made him wonder, “Just how high up would I place that match in WrestleMania history?”

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