The Doc Says...Trusting WWE Creative with Evolution and Summerslam is Risky

The Doc Says…Trusting WWE Creative with Evolution and Summerslam is Risky

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who are the Top 5 best pushed wrestlers in WWE proper this year?

This week, The Doc is joined by Rich Latta and James Boyd of One Nation Radio to discuss the potential of the recently announced all-women’s WWE pay-per-view. What are some of the candidates for the Evolution main-event? Then, the trio segue the conversation into whether or not WWE, during a lengthy creative down period, can be trusted to excellently execute Evolution as opposed to, say, the upcoming Summerslam PPV, the announced card for which they run-down. James goads Doc into what the guests felt was a pretty epic ten-minute rant about the current state of the product, starting at roughly the 36-minute mark of the show. Otherwise, the tone remains relatively even-keeled and ends on a lighter note as Doc names his July Wrestlers and Match of the Month.


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