The Doc Says...Trying to Go Back to WWE, but Other Promotions Stand in the Way

The Doc Says…Trying to Go Back to WWE, but Other Promotions Stand in the Way

This week, The Doc begins with a statement regarding his desire to give WWE a chance to win him back, but acknowledges the pull of other promotions.

As evidenced by this decade – two books, a thousand columns, and several hundred podcasts mostly about WWE – his desire is to see WWE thrive. That said, there is a lot of great pro wrestling right now, making it hard to voluntarily go back to a WWE that is not thriving. A particular match from New Japan Pro Wrestling that he talks about today, for instance, continues to pull his attentions abroad, its influence considerable to his current fandom. Said match changed what he thought pro wrestling look like at a main-event level.

Also, Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary (which gets its justifiable review on the podcast this week) unlocked three free months of TNA/Impact history for Doc to explore. He praises Impact’s recently re-acquired skill of being distinct, and admits that its success only further pulls him away from the promotion he’s called his favorite for 30 years.

It is an interesting time to be a wrestling. Perhaps you can relate? Listen and respond at your leisure…

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