The Doc Says...Vince McMahon - Visionary Team Owner, Lousy Coach/General Manager

The Doc Says…Vince McMahon – Visionary Team Owner, Lousy Coach/General Manager


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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What has been your least favorite WWE creative period over the course of your fandom?

This week, The Doc offers a quick-hitting 30-minute podcast to be easily digested while you’re on summer vacation or, in the USA, celebrating the 4th of July. With Brock Lesnar’s return being a focal point for Summerslam and the recent rumor of Undertaker coming back too, the part-timer problem has found itself prominently in the Summer Classic discussion, a creative decision that would sit none too well with Doc, who likens the phenomenon to a manager in football/soccer or a coach or GM in basketball who overly relies on aging veterans long past their primes out of a combination of fear and complacency, but who simultaneously weaken the product that they put out on the field or court. In those arenas, the consequence is getting fired, but there is no such accountability for one Vincent Kennedy McMahon, whose visionary business decisions as “team” owner speak for themselves, but whose creative decisions undermine the knowledge and savvy of “assistant GMs” like Triple H, reducing the quality of the product on the 20’x20′ canvas.

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