The Doc Says...Visiting a Couple of Old "Friends," Plus WWE Money in the Bank

The Doc Says…Visiting a Couple of Old “Friends,” Plus WWE Money in the Bank

This week, The Doc is continuing his enjoyment of the overall health of the professional wrestling industry. He attended the NWA/ROH collaborative Crockett Cup last weekend and shares with you today his thoughts on the show’s presentation and general vibe. His attention then turns to last year, when Impact Wrestling bounced back from a hugely disappointing 2017 to gain back a lot of the good will it had lost; Doc gives his impression of the year that was for Impact in 2018. Finally, Styles vs. Rollins for the Universal Championship gets a spotlight, as does the Money in the Bank card in general and the recent heel turn of Kevin Owens to set-up a WWE Title bout against Kofi Kingston.

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