The Doc Says...Wednesday Night War Viewing Habits; WWE Decade-in-Review 2014

The Doc Says…Wednesday Night War Viewing Habits; WWE Decade-in-Review 2014

This week, The Doc has a lot on his mind, caught as he is between the past and the present. AEW, Impact, New Japan, and NXT all want the attention he once willingly gave solely to WWE. Doc discusses the challenge he is having with offering NXT, in particular, his weekly attention, then turns the clock back to 2014, when WWE arguably had its peak creative year of the decade.

It’s interesting. Impact was a ghost in many of our fandoms for a long time. Familiarity with its WWE Lite status or its near-promotional-death experiences made it an afterthought. However, it has spent the past two years positioning itself to earn back our viewership. NXT, on the other hand, conditioned many of us to pay attention consistently…just not all that often. The Takeover franchise’s success was for many like a shot of adrenaline to our wrestling fandoms, but it never really required us to watch NXT’s weekly show to fully appreciate it. So, Impact presents us with the challenge of making a habit of watching it at all (an easily remedied condition). NXT, meanwhile, is asking many of us to change a well-established habit of changing a five times per year viewing habit to a 52 times per year viewing habit. Hmmm….

After dissecting the above (and adding other, similar challenges to the mix), Doc returns his attention to his WWE Decade-in-Review series, this time talking about 2014. Daniel Bryan’s peak, the rise of Seth Rollins, the perfection of the modern Brock Lesnar routine, and much more will go under the microscope.

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