The Doc Says...Where Dean Ambrose Ranks Historically in WWE (feat. Sir Sam)

The Doc Says…Where Dean Ambrose Ranks Historically in WWE (feat. Sir Sam)

This week, The Doc is joined by’s Sir Samuel Brown for June’s Sunday Wrestling Conversation, a Doc Says staple that sees the host and his guest just shoot the breeze about a wrestling topic or two for an hour. The man of the hour is Jon Moxley, Sir Sam’s favorite wrestler and one that Doc finds particularly interesting both in the present tense and in relation to his historical ranking as Dean Ambrose in WWE.

The discussion begins with focus on AEW and New Japan and what the gentlemen are hoping that he achieves in each promotion; Doc personally cannot wait to see Moxley vs. Kenny Omega, for instance, but the wrestling world is abuzz this week with Mox’s performance against Juice Robinson at the Best of the Super Juniors Final in NJPW.

Predominantly, the theme of the conversation is on contextualizing what Ambrose accomplished in WWE. Doc has long posited that The Lunatic Fringe was, based on achievements and his push, the third wheel of The Shield, someone who left a lot on the table for a variety of reasons, but Sir Sam and others have often countered that Ambrose was a lot closer historically to Rollins and Reigns than folks like Chad Matthews gave him credit. The host and guest bring several criterion from Doc’s WrestleMania Era rankings formula to the forefront to shape the conversation beyond mere opinon.

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