The Doc Says...WWE in 2016, plus Smackdown '16/'17 to AEW Dynamite Comparison

The Doc Says…WWE in 2016, plus Smackdown ’16/’17 to AEW Dynamite Comparison

This week, The Doc continues his WWE Decade in Review series (2016), then compares the popular Smackdown brand run in 2016/17 to AEW Dynamite.

The review of the decade has been a fascinating exercise for Doc thus far, describing as it has the peak of his adult WWE fandom and its downfall. Thematically, Doc labels 2016 “the fork in the road” for WWE and for his own WWE fandom. He tells the story of the year’s ups and downs, including his thoughts on the increasing part-timer problem that Shane McMahon put in a new light with his return, NXT’s further establishment, and the early success of Brand Split 2.0. Wrestler, Match, Mid-Card Match, Underrated Match, and Underrated Wrestler of the Year awards are handed out as well.

Later, attention turns to Smackdown 2016/2017 and the hungry roster that carried it to WWE’s current television product standard for the modern era. How does AEW Dynamite compare to that iteration of the blue brand? Hint: Doc feels AEW is superior in almost every way.

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