The Doc Says...WWE, NXT, and AEW in the Biggest Wrestling Week in 20 Years

The Doc Says…WWE, NXT, and AEW in the Biggest Wrestling Week in 20 Years

This week, The Doc comes to you in the spirit of competition. Perhaps not the wider competition that defined wrestling’s past, but certainly a competition that will shape Doc’s own future as a wrestling fan.

Can you relate? Alternatives to the mother ship’s brand of sports entertainment have arrived, ladies and gentlemen. NXT is the alternative that has been both cultivated and abused by WWE itself, but the yellow brand is now fully realized in a weekly 2 hour show LIVE on the USA Network. On paper, NXT put its best foot forward to showcase the fullest extent of what it can be, but did it earn a leg up in the Wednesday Night War while also out-classing its much older, bigger brother?

All Elite Wrestling’s debut on TNT promised to change the world and promised several high profile matches and appearances too. Did it deliver on its promises? Because delivering on promises goes a long way in this day and age to developing a loyal audience, not just of diehard wrestling fans but of fans of television who want to be taken for an emotional ride and get the payoffs they expect.

WWE held its “season premiere” for Raw and debuted Friday Night Smackdown on Fox. Regardless of any wider industry influence on its efforts, there was a clear attempt on WWE’s part to do something big and potentially memorable. A bait and switch on a match-up between Top 40 stars of the WrestleMania Era was not a good start, but did WWE rebound?

Folks, let’s make ’em earn it! Cheers to history and competition!

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