The Doc Says...WWE Still in the Sunken Place (Extreme Rules Preview)

The Doc Says…WWE Still in the Sunken Place (Extreme Rules Preview)

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who do you think will be the next Universal and WWE Champions?

This week, The Doc is calling it like he sees it and, the way he sees it, Extreme Rules this Sunday looks like an extremely boring pay-per-view. For every positive such as Rusev finally getting a chance to cash-in on the popularity he has earned these past several months, there are two somethings that are considerably less engaging. Nevertheless, Doc attempts to find the kernels of intrigue in every outing, so in this podcast you will get a thorough account of each match, looking above and below the water line that dictates the glass being half empty or half full. At the end of the day, a card cannot be fully judged via its build-up and on-paper dynamics, so we will all see how it goes on Sunday. This preview will get you primed.

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