The Main Event Vol. 102 - Burnt Out On WWE + Worst Storyline Of The Year

The Main Event Vol. 102 – Burnt Out On WWE + Worst Storyline Of The Year

Hello all and welcome to another edition of The Main Event. I am your host, Don Franc, back with another column that you will all hopefully. Long introductions aren’t really my thing so let’s get right to…


I see alot of stories regarding the female referee who debuted on Smackdown last week.. I’m sorry, but I’m struggling to see what the big deal is. What is so imprtant about this? Im assuming this is the first female referee to work a match on WWE television. WWE seems to be too late to jump on the bandwagon. AEW has been having a female referee who even works main event matches. NXT have been doing it as well, haven’t they? Hell, she even got a congratulations from HHH. My point is that WWE aren’t breaking any boundaries here but they’re acting like they are. They making a big deal about something that other companies are already doing. It would have been better if she just popped up without the hype. That way it wouldn’t look like WWE are doing this for PR of some sort.

So, WWE just released Luke Harper. He likely requested his release and good on him for getting out of a promotion that he clearly wasn’t going far in. WWE never really had anything to ever do with him besides being a cronie. His purpose and character was meant to be that of a follower in Bray Wyatt’s cult. Harper was never allowed to switch his character to move on from that story once it concluded. He was one of the better big men in the ring as well. It baffles me that WWE would try something with Erik Rowan instead of Luke Harper. Rowan is not bad at all but surely not as talented as Harper. Who knows what goes on in Vince’s mind sometimes. Nevertheless, I’m sure Luke Harper is happy he’s getting out of WWE because he was destined to be the lower member of a stable or tag team. It would have been a case of “always the bridesmaid never the bride”.

Mark Henry believes Randy Orton should get another push. And you know what? I believe it too. As a lifelong fan of The Viper I will always want him to receive a push. I know the majority of fans would absolutely shit on Orton if he were to be pushed at a shot for the title. But since I’m being biased towards my favourite wrestler it won’t matter to me. However, being unbiased there are probably at least two other people who deserve the title more. But still, Randy Orton is currently in the best role for him to play at this stage of his career. He does a tweener really well and WWE shouldn’t deviate from this path. He still owes Brock revenge from their Summerslam match so that can be incorporated as well if WWE were to push him to the title.. He is still over with the fans, especially the RKO. I don’t see any reason not to push him as champion. Especially when there are not many other options.



I haven’t watched WWE in almost two months and I have to admit that I don’t miss it. I was planning on watching Survivor Series but decided not to. In the months prior to my WWE hiatus I’ve made it a point to watch RAW and Smackdown every single week. Howecer, I’m just not feeling it anymore. I’ve watched WWE – and only WWE – since 2001 and it would appear that after all these years I’m finally burnt out on WWE.

Many columnists and wrestling fans on twitter have expressed the burnt out nature of their WWE viewership over the years. However, I’ve never thought of taking a break from WWE. It just became part of my normal routine to watch WWE’s red and blue brands every week. I never questioned it before but now I find myself asking why I watch WWE? Is it some form of loyalty to their promotion? Is it because I’ve been watching since I was kid? Or is it just because I’m fed-up with their promotion? I’m not entirely sure about the answer.

This all started when I binge-watched AEW to get up to date with their promotion. Work was hectic and I didn’t have time to watch two additional shows in the week so I opted for just Dynamite. What has transpired was a sense of refreshing ideology by actually witnessing something different. It was refreshing seeing an alternative to what I’ve become accustomed to with WWE. Like a palette cleanser of sorts, my wrestling experience got rejuvenated merely by watching something different.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a WWE fan through and through and I’ll never stop watching WWE. The truth of the matter is that I would still prefer watching WWE over AEW. As much I enjoy the upstart promotion, I don’t think they can hold a candle to WWE when Vince McMahon and co. are at their best. The problem is that WWE haven’t been at their best in quite some time. Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that AEW didn’t steal me away from WWE – that just wouldn’t be possible. But by spending some time away from WWE it opened me up to thoughts of how burnt out I am from watching their product. And looking deeper into it I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m feeling this way because WWE is STALE.

This is in part due to my tenure of viewing experience with WWE. After watching for 18 years I now know their mindset and how they are likely to book certain angles. After watching long enough you will know exactly what stories WWE tells the most and how those stories normally pan out. Sure, they provide surprises every now and then but even their surprises fall flat. Instead of “holy shit I didn’t see that coming!” it’s now “okay, that was clever but I knew that was a possibility”.

WWE have become so predictable in the way they do things that it takes the fun out of watching wrestling. My expectation of their shows have become so low in recent years because I don’t want to give them an opportunity to disappoint me. And after 18 years of watching you can only imagine the number of times I’ve been disappointed by WWE. I get so tired of watching them start an angle off brilliantly but then they aren’t able to capitalise on that brilliance and the angle/character fizzles out in short order.

And for the love of God I’m fed-up with watching the same matches week in and week out. The matches is one of the biggest things I’m burnt out on. Seemingly every week a match that has already been done is done again. There’s only so many times I can watch the same match or the same combination of wrestlers in similar matches. It’s tiring and even when I was watching RAW and Smackdown every week I used to skip rematches all the time. Unless it’s wrestlers that I like (never skip a Cesaro match!), I’ll skip my way to a match I haven’t seen before. The problem with that? Well, the match that I haven’t seen before is probably going to happen again next week!

I should totally be watching RAW right now, only because my favourite wrestler of all time – Randy Orton – is in a tweener role and I believe that is the best role for him to be in during the final years of his run. But I just can’t bring myself to tune in to WWE. I read the results every week. It’s still WWE and it’s still television shows that I’ve followed weekly since I was ten years old so that’s hard to change. But actually watching the shows I can’t seem to do right now. Although, I wonder if reading the results is hampering the effect of my hiatus.

But yet I still read the results to see if anything exciting happens that would cause me to tune in. So far, nothing yet. And in part I guess that’s what it boils down to. The lack of excitement from WWE in recent times stands out. The fact of the matter is that WWE has done everything to death already. All of their greatest moments have been played out, re-used and rehashed over time. Fans enjoyed the NXT invasion yes, but it wasn’t anything new. And that’s the point. I want something new from WWE. I want WWE to want me to watch their shows instead of just going through the motions. I want a fresh feel. I want excitement.

Therefore I think this hiatus from their company is coming at the perfect time. I’ll never, ever stop watching WWE; but we all need a break some times. I already know when I’m going to start watching again… Royal Rumble. That goes right into ‘Mania season where they attempt to try their best. I’m really hopeful that this break from WWE rejuvenates my fandom for their promotion. Lord knows what would happen if I start watching again and everything is still the same…


The Award For Worst Angle Of The Year Goes To… The Rusev/Lana/Lashley Love Triangle

Because of the hiatus that I’m taking from WWE, I’m happy to inform you all that I haven’t watched this disaster of a feud. I watched the first couple of weeks and from what I saw then already, I knew this was going to be the worst feud of the year. This is Vince’s taste in wrestling feuds. It has his stench all over it. What is this? The leftovers from the Attitude Era? And once again, this has been done before and on more than one occasion. At least the Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge Love triangle story had bite to it because it was happening in real life. But this is just tasteless.

From restraining orders to Divorce Court segments this has been trash. Now they’re planning a Divorce Segment on RAW where Lana and Rusev are going to make their divorce official. Nobody wants to see this. Well, except for Vince McMahon apparently. This must be brutal for Rusev and Lana too. At least I hope this is uncomfortable for them because if it’s not then it says alot about their marriage and about what type of people they are. Do they care more about a spot on the card and money than their supposedly sacred bond?

I pray that this feud will conclude at TLC with Rusev definitively picking up the win. Rusev deserves nothing more than to come out triumphant in this feud. Anything less and that would be a spit in the face. In fact, WWE have already spit in his face by having him do the feud. Rusev losing would be more akin to kicking a man when he’s down. Perhaps even a small push for the United States Championship can lessen the sour taste that this feud will leave behind. WWE is exploiting Rusev and Lana. Then again, if they agreed to this without any reluctance then shame on them. Hopefully by the time I start watching WWE again this feud would have been forgotten.


And that does it for this edition of The Main Event. Do you guys feel burnt out on WWE? Have you ever tried taking a break from their promotion? If so, did it do any good? Is the love triangle storyline the worst of the year? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Alternatively, you can pop me an e-mail at [email protected] or follow me on Twitter @donfranclop. Any And all feedback is always much appreciated. But until next time folks…

This is Don Franc signing out.

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