The Main Event Vol. 119 - Money In The Bank Review + Thoughts On The Briefcase Holders

The Main Event Vol. 119 – Money In The Bank Review + Thoughts On The Briefcase Holders

Welcome one and all to another edition of The Main Event. I am your host, Don Franc, back with another column that you will all hopefully enjoy. Long introductions aren’t really my thing, so let’s get right to…


Money In The Bank Review

It’s time for Money in the Bank and overall I think this should be a good show. Booking for the World Championships have been logical so I’m intrigued with the direction that WWE takes for the two matches with the big belts. The Money in the Bank Ladder Match pretty much sells itself with the unique nature of this year’s edition. Well, let’s take a look and see what WWE can come up with. Decent opening video package. They’re really driving the “risk is worth the reward ” tag line into the ground.

The New Day vs Lucha House Party vs Miz/Morrison vs Forgotten Sons (Fatal Four-Way Match for the SDL Tag Team Championships)

Great way to open up the show. This little rivalry between these four teams have been good. Forgotten Sons made a strong impact upon their debut and the future looks bright for them. Lucha House Party certainly came out if nowhere, after being on the back burner for quite some time. The lockdown on talent that the WWE has to put up with have really given them an opportunity they otherwise may not have gotten. These men had a good eight-man tag team match this past Friday on SDL, so I’m expecting this match to be just as good, if not better.

Kofi Kingston and Gran Metalik start things off. Some nice sequences until the first big spot of Morrison hitting a Spanish Fly on Metalik from the top rope to the other competitors on the floor. Nice. Forgotten Sons in control until Metalik gets tagged in and Lince Dorado impressively comes in like a house on fire. Lucha House Party are pretty good. Definitely underutilised in the tag team division. This is a good, fast-paced match. The finish comes when Big E hits the Big Ending on Gran Metalik.

I really enjoyed this match. Every team brought it here. This was like a showcase for the division. Forgotten Sons and LHP really shined in this match. Good start to the PPV.

We see a pre-recorded video package from Lacey Evans and it’s pretty much the same old, same old. Although, I have to say that I don’t buy her as a face.

Backstage, Drew gets interviewed and he cuts a decent promo on Rollins. Drew has become less intense since his face turn and that’s not a good thing.

R-Truth vs MV.. No, Bobby Lashley

Why is this match happening? I hardly knew this match was added. Filler much? Well, MVP has been getting a lot of TV time since the lockdown but I thought he was retired. Nevertheless, he has a match with Truth who acts like there’s a live crowd when he makes his entrance. I’ve always found R-Truth entertaining for some reason. A nice little promo exchange from the two before Bobby Lashley interrupts. He sends MVP to the back and apparently he’s Truth’s new challenger.

Some comedy at the beginning of the match but furthermore it’s nothing more than a squash and very skippable. Not a great follow-up to the opening encounter.

Another pre-recorded video, this time by Baron Corbin, who totally annoys me. I just don’t see it with him.

Backstage, Bayley (with Banks) gets interviewed before her match and they’re again teasing the eventual split by these two. Could make a decent Summerslam program.

Bayley vs Tamina (SDL Womens Championship)

I’m not looking forward to this match. I’m not high on Tamina at all and I don’t like what she offers in the ring. Hopefully this match doesn’t disappoint. Admittedly, the match isn’t as bad as I expected. It mostly consisted of Bayley working on the leg of Tamina, which is textbook wrestling. When Tamina turns the tide her leg is suddenly healed. Bayley gets the win after interference from Banks. Overall, a serviceable match but certainly not worth seeking out. Looks like Banks/Tamina may be on the cards. Ugh.

Backstage, Rollins cuts a promo on tonight’s WWE Title match. I have to say that after watching RAW every week since Wrestlemania, Rollins’ new character has grown on me. He still doesn’t come close to the Straight-Edge Saviour though.

Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt (Universal Championship Match)

I’ve really enjoyed this feud. I thought it was the perfect feud for Braun’s first program as champion. It makes sense in every facet. A victory here would surely give Strowman’s title run credibility in its early days. I’m also delighted that The Monster Among Men is facing Wyatt himself, instead of The Fiend. The history that these two men share immediately personalised this match for me. Hopefully these two will be able to mesh well in the ring.

Wyatt attempts mind games at the beginning of the match but Braun isn’t having it and that seems like a good story for this match to be centered around. This was a decent brawl until Wyatt sidesteps Braun and sends him over the announce table. The pig puppet makes and appearance to cheer Bray on… Wyatt was pretty good in control, even managing to hit a Tornado DDT! Strowman is able to turn the tide after kicking out of Sister Abigail.

The end comes when Braun puts on the black sheep mask and makes Wyatt think his joining him, much to the delight of his puppets. After crushing the mask beneath his feet, the Universal Champion puts Braun away with the Powerslam. I really enjoyed the match between these two men. Nice ending with Braun bringing the mind games. Although, I doubt this feud is already over.

The Mystery Hacker appears and it will be interesting to see who the hacker is. Many are speculating that it could be CM Punk but I’m thinking that’s too good to be true. Not many notable names can really have a sustained impact as the mystery hacker. We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins (WWE Championship Match)

Like the match before this, I feel like this is a great match-up for Drew’s first title feud. Every new title reign needs credibility and there’s hardly a more credible wrestler than Seth Rollins right now. They started McIntyre’s title reign off with a bang. And like I mentioned earlier, Rollins’ gimmick is starting to grow on me and his new music definitely goes hand in hand with his new character. As for Drew, I was hoping WWE kept him as the badass he was before he was in contention for the WWE Title. Hes still a badass; only much nicer, which doesn’t suit him.

I’m expecting this to be a good match so these guys better not disappoint. Nice back and forth match with a few good spots. McIntyre even kicked out of a Curb Stomp! Drew retains when he hits a Claymore after a decent sequence. Well, they didn’t disappoint considering they had a damn good match. Yet the match didn’t meet my expectations as I feel like these two men still have more to offer as opponents. Maybe if there were an audience they could have catapulted the match to great status.

After the match, Drew and Seth shake hands. An interesting development. I highly doubt that this is over. But what could that sign of respect mean? Well, we’ll surely find out tomorrow.

Truth is backstage with some comedy. Mildly entertaining stuff as Truth vows to get the 24/7 Championship back.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

The moment is finally here. This is either going to be brilliant or brutal. This match is going to be very chaotic considering every single contestant of the MITB Ladder Matches will be competing at the same time! How am I going to follow the action!? Are WWE going to be doing some cinematic stuff with this? Looks like the women are starting in the lobby and the men are starting in the gym.

Asuka jumps off the first floor onto the rest of the women to start the match! Asuka escapes in an elevator and is heading up while the other women run up the stairs to pursue her. On the men’s side of things, they’re just beating the hell out of each other in the gyms. Kicks, punches and gym equipment are flying all over the place! Otis hilariously traps Styles under some weights. Brother Love cameo; just finished his business in the bathroom.

The men and women eventually end up in the same spot and a brawl breaks out. Interesting ring in one of the lobbies. All the women down in the boardroom and Dana unhooks a fake MITB briefcase and gets scolded by Stephanie! While Styles is looking for Rey he comes face to face with a poster of The Undertaker. This then brings about flashbacks of the Boneyard Match. Styles gets kicked into a room with a coffin inside and it appears someone from inside the coffin grabbed him by the throat.

Paul Heyman is in the food court and Otis throws him with food which leads to a food fight. Thereafter, Otis ends up pie-facing John Laurinaitus. Dana Brooke comically slips on the freshly mopped floor and this is getting a little bit silly. Too much happening to keep up with everything! AJ Styles is back and he and Bryan fight into McMahon’s office, who is sitting there. After a scolding they clean up his office before they leave!

The women finally reach the roof and some normalcy resumes in the ring. It’s pretty much a straightforward MITB Ladder Match now that the women are atop the roof. Corbin eventually ends up on the rood and goes for one of the briefcases but Asuka kicks him down and unhooks one of the briefcases and in the process winning the womens MITB match. So happy for Asuka! I’m so glad I was wrong in my prediction of Shayna Baszler. The cage fighter didn’t even make it to the roof! Ha!

All the men are on the roof and Corbin seemingly throws Mysterio and Black off the roof! Elias interferes and smashes Corbin over the back with a guitar. This causes Styles to wi… No, the briefcase slips out of his hands and it’s caught by Otis! No, just no. This makes no damn sense whatsoever. This came out of left field. Is Vince really that high on Otis? This is crazy! Overall this was match filled with fun, silliness, decent action and a few memorable moments. I’d consider this match fairly successful but I don’t think WWE should take this route again.

As for the Money In The Bank PPV as a whole, I thought it was well worth a watch. It’s not mind-blowing by any stretch of the imagination but it was entertaining enough to take away any boredom you may be experiencing. There’s certainly no replay factor with the 2020 edition of MITB, but in the moment it’s an above-average watch. And its not even two and a half hours long! Pretty decent show overall.


What’s Next For The MITB Winners?

I’m thrilled that Asuka won the MITB contract this year as she actually needed it. For too long has she been overlooked, which is strange considering how the fans were always on her side. The fans want Asuka to succeed and hopefully this win sets up that success. The culture divide in WWE will always hinder Asuka’s progression but she’s managed to stay relevant despite WWE’s booking of her. Asuka is much more than a tag team act and it’s by time WWE starts realizing that.

The waiting game is no longer essential for a MITB contract winner so I’m thinking Asuka makes her intentions clear early on. With Becky Lynch appearing on RAW tomorrow it may be the perfect time to make Asuka’s intentions known. They’ve certainly got history together and they’re currently one for one, which requires a rubber match so the story is already there to be told. I sincerely hope that this win for Asuka sets her up for prolonged greatness.

As for Otis, what the hell are WWE thinking? I just can’t picture Otis succeeding as a main-eventer. Besides, the tag team division needs a popular Heavy Machinery in their ranks. I just cant seem to fathom why Vince had Otis win the briefcase. I know Vince is high on Mandy, but Otis’ affiliation with her can’t be special enough to warrant a push such as this. I’m sorry, but I see this as nothing more than another wasted contract holder because WWE only thinks short-term.

I’m sorry, but Otis is just not going to work as World Champion, so why even have him hold he briefcase in the first place? However, I wouldn’t be surprised if AJ Styles manages to get a match for Otis’ contract. I’m hoping that the briefcase is removed from his grubby hands post-haste. Hey, I’m a fan of Otis, but this is too much, too soon. WWE makes the most appalling of choices sometimes and this is undoubtedly one of them. I do hope that this injustice gets rectified.


And that does it for this edition of The Main Event. Did you enjoy Money in the Bank? What did you think about the winners? Please leave a comment below. Alternatively, you can pop me an email on [email protected] or follow me on Twitter @donfranclop. Any and all feedback is always much appreciated. But until next time folks…

This is Don Franc signing out.

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