The Main Event Vol. 91 - The Smackdown Eight

The Main Event Vol. 91 – The Smackdown Eight

Over the years we have all heard about the fabled Smackdown Six. Six guys who week in and week out tore it up in the ring and in the process became stuff of legend. However, over the past few months I’ve come to the realization that the current crop of wrestlers have managed to equal, perhaps even surpass, the Smackdown Six. What I’m referring to is the Smackdown Eight!


Rey Mysterio
The only wrestler on this list who is from the original crop of superstars so who better to start things off but him. Since Mysterio’s return it looks like he has aged backwards. He is definitely not the same wrestler who left WWE all those years ago due to burnout. He is rejuvenated and it shows when he is inside that ring. In fact, I’ve been seeing him pull off moves I’ve never seen him – or anyone else for that matter – do before. He is re-energized and his matches are all the better for it.
Andrade Almas
He has been a great addition to Smackdown; slotting into matches whenever needed and always putting on a good showing. It was not until his continuous feud with Mysterio that I truly saw his worth. Those two have put on a few barnburners and there is surely still more to come. I see good things in his future and if he consistently puts on a clinic in the ring then he will be in line for a title match in short order.
Jeff Hardy
Another veteran of WWE on this list and he brought some more popularity to the Smackdown Eight. He is one of the few wrestlers in WWE history who is always guaranteed to be over and that has aided in getting some other members of this list over. He has since moved on from his position in the Smackdown Eight to focus on tag team wrestling but his contribution to good matches with his brethren will not be forgotten. I’m guessing Kevin Owens takes Jeff’s spot in the Smackdown Eight.
Samoa Joe
I have enjoyed Samoa Joe’s work since he joined the main roster and even though he has been overlooked, he has always been a vital part of any show that he has been on. He has taken on the role of ultimate badass and he plays it to perfection. He currently holds the United States Championship and I feel like he will be bringing prestige to the belt and in the process making it feel like a bigger deal than what it currently is. At this point in time he is on a collision course with another member of the Smackdown Eight at the grandaddy of them all.
Mustafa Ali
Ali has taken the role of underdog and it suits him to the tee. He has slowly been climbing the ranks to the point where he has become an integral part of the Smackdown Eight. His injury derailed his momentum a little but hopefully he will be able to bounce back and become part of the focus of the blue brand again. I think him being the surprise entrant in the WWE Title match at Fastlane instead of Kofi Kingston did more harm than good but I do not believe it will take much to remedy that. Just like Andrade, I see gold in his future in 2019.
Randy Orton
Orton is not the type of wrestler that you would associate with this sort of membership but one can not undervalue his contributions to this illustrious group of wrestlers. He has brought a bona-fide main event level of validity to this great group of wrestlers which aided in them looking more legitimate. He has played his part as the villian and has entertained us with great bouts against most of his fellowship. The best of all should come against the next entrant on this list.
AJ Styles
What more can be said about AJ that hasn’t been proven by himself in the ring since his debut. He has had one of the best WWE runs ever and he is only in his third year. If AJ stays in WWE who knows what more he will be able to accomplish. I bet if he completes a full 5 years he will undoubtedly go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Provided he stays past his current contract you can fully expect AJ Styles to be at the forefront of Smackdown for years to come.
Daniel Bryan
The Planet’s Savior has been an absolute joy to watch since his turn and he is showing no signs of slowing down. I’ve never been his biggest fan but dammit if he doesn’t make a damn good heel. He, alongside AJ Styles, have been the leaders of the Smackdown Eight and together they initiated some great matches amongst themselves and other members on the list. Daniel Bryan at the helm of the Smackdown Eight will only make their prospects that much better.
And thus we have the Smackdown Eight. Color me surprised that nobody has mentioned the great work these men have done with each other since late last year. They all have a shared history and it’s that history and constant entanglement with one another that makes the Smackdown Eight so damn great.
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