The Main Event Vol. 94 - Becky 2 Belts Could Present A Problem

The Main Event Vol. 94 – Becky 2 Belts Could Present A Problem

Welcome to another edition of The Main Event. I am your host, Don Franc, back with another column that you will all hopefully enjoy. Long introductions aren’t really my thing so let’s get right to…


– As of this writing I’m not sure how I feel about Bray Wyatt’s new firefly fun house gimmick. It’s all kinds of weird. I remember initially thinking the exact same thing when Wyatt first debuted. Although, there was more excitement for that gimmick than I currently have for this one. At this stage I have no idea what to expect. This new gimmick has passive aggressive written all over it and I like that aspect of it. But WWE changing Bray Wyatt’s gimmick is another story in and of itself. WWE ran that gimmick into the ground and Bray Wyatt was never able to recover so a change was probably for the best. Bray Wyatt is a talented individual so I’m sure he could make this gimmick work. I’ll be watching how things unfold very carefully as this gimmick could be a surprise hit.

– According to reports, Lio Rush is in hot water for rubbing people the wrong way. Apparently he believes that he should be a top star within WWE. The only division he can be a top star in is in the Cruiserweight Division on 205 Live. Sure, he is a fantastic talker but there is no way WWE management will deem him fit to be at the top of card. Yes, WWE have become more accepting of smaller wrestlers amongst there ranks. Yet Lio Rush is smaller than the smallest wrestlers WWE have in a main event spot. I think this is a case of staying in your lane. I can understand that he sees himself as a top star but within the confines of WWE I don’t see that happening. In fact, I would go as far as saying that it won’t happen in any promotion. Lio Rush needs to learn his place and stop his delusions of grandeur.

– This past Saturday Seth Rollins showed up at a SCW Pro Indy event to do a promo. SCW was one of the first wrestling companies Seth Rollins worked for early on in his career. I think that was a really good thing that Seth did. Rollins is the Universal Champion of WWE so for him to show up at a small time independent promotion really says alot about his character. Big stars won’t always go back to their roots, especially considering they’ve made it to the top of the industry. Therefore I feel Seth Rollins deserves a tremendous amount of respect for going to one of the places where it all started.


With Becky Lynch holding both the RAW and Smackdown Womens Championships it could present a problem to the wide array of talented women WWE now has on their roster. The concept of “Becky 2 Belts” is interesting but when factoring in the problems that could present itself you have to wonder how much of a good idea it really was. This stems from the fact that the presentation of “Becky 2 Belts” is that the titles are not unified as each title is an entity on it’s own. This is evident by recent challengers referring to each title individually.

WWE is not known for setting up compelling stories based off recent history. Most of the time when there is an actual storyline in play it involves a title. Using this logic you have to wonder how many women will fall by the wayside and miss out on opportunities at challenging for the gold. It’s very rare that WWE can simultaneously run more than one feud in a division. So because of that lack of vision from a creative writing perspective there won’t be room for more than one or two women to have the spotlight on them at any given time.

Not everyone can challenge for the title and unless there are a multitude of multi-women matches it becomes an issue where the women have to wait their turn. When there were two women holding the titles on separate brands it created an opportunity for more than one women to have their turn in the spotlight. But with this recent development you have to wonder how many women will not be involved in anything interesting and then get left in the shadows. The worst part is that when the challenger of the month has been defeated, the new challenger has to then step out of the shadows and then challenge for the belts with no hype whatsoever. That presents a problem for Becky’s title reign in and of itself.

Lynch holding both belts is also a huge risk for her. Besides the impact on the other women on the roster, if she were to have two separate challengers for each title she would then have to wrestle twice on one show. Now, don’t get me wrong, done on occasion that can certainly work. However, with WWE’s nature of doing everything in abundance that could risk Becky becoming overexposed. And any wrestler who suffers from overexposure will be met with apathy. With Becky being as over as she is that should not be allowed to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do like the idea of Becky holding both belts. However, it’s my lack of faith in how WWE will book the other women in the division that worries me. WWE needs to ensure that the other fantastic talents they have are not just wandering around aimlessly. In essence, there is an easy fix for this and it’s one that WWE has done very little of across the board in modern times: blood feuds. You know, feuds that don’t involve the title but things get extremely personal. I think they did that well with Nikki Bella vs Natalya a couple of years ago.

WWE needs to zoom out of the title picture and instead focus on the entire division. The Womens Division on Smackdown looks absolutely great right now and surely they’re able to create a good feud with a couple of women not in the title picture. Personal feuds are more than welcome and has now become almost a necessity. Even feuds of a competitive nature will also do the job just fine. In fact, I’d say one blood feud and one number one contenders feud will keep the Womens Division rolling along brilliantly with all the women getting their fair share of the shine.

If WWE are able to find a balance with this concept then it would be good for all the singles competitors. Like I mentioned above, “Becky 2 Belts” is an interesting idea but WWE would have to find the correct execution. If done well there could be some exciting times ahead. Besides getting more than a couple of women involved in feuds WWE can also counter the problem of some women being left in the shadows by sticking more than one women on Becky at a time. How about defending her championships on RAW and Smackdown to create more title opportunities? It would be fantastic if women from both brands were to be gunning for Lynch and as a result of that she would have to defend her belts in an interpromotional gauntlet match. That’s the type of intrigue “Becky 2 Belts” can deliver if booked correctly.

But like I said above, it’s my lack of faith in WWE’s creative team that I’m not able to to get my hopes up entirely. For all we know, Becky Lynch loses the RAW Womens Championship to Lacey Evans at Money In The Bank due to interference from Charlotte. That outcome is very likely because it saves WWE’s creative team from having to find creative ways for Becky Lynch’s dual championship reign to be successful. Lord knows the creative team in WWE will always try to find the easiest way out.

But for now I will try my best to maintain optimism because I really do want to see Becky Lynch succeed holding both belts. It’s easy to judge before actually seeing how everything pans out. WWE’s booking team has mostly been somewhat of a disaster so you have to excuse my lack of faith in them. However, nothing detrimental has happened where Becky’s title reign is concerned but it’s still early days. If WWE are able to find a way to keep most of the women relevant without having them face off for the title then all should be fine. The Womens Division looks great right now and all I’m hoping for his that WWE continues the upward trajectory. Good luck Becky!


And that does it for this edition of The Main Event. Do you think WWE can find that balance in the Womens Division? Please feel free to leave a comment below. You can also hit me up on Twitter: @donfranclop or pop me an e-mail at [email protected] Any and all feedback is always much appreciated. But until next time…

This is Don Franc signing out.

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