The Right Side Of The Pond: THE FINAL EPISODE!

The Right Side Of The Pond: THE FINAL EPISODE!

In May 2013, LOP Radio launched and the British contingent of Lords of Pain were offered their very own show. Starting as a rapid fire mix of segments and banter, The Right Side Of The Pond offered something distinctly different from the other shows on the network; the classic British sense of humour, in equal parts bizarre and ironic, some of the more knowledgeable wrestling fans you’ll find, and a passion for diving into the fiction and the mechanics of the in-ring action. Almost 7 years and around 350 shows on, we have been the longest running episodic podcast in LOP history for some time now and the only founding show left on the roster…until today.

All good things come to an end, and now is the time for The Right Side Of The Pond to say a fond farewell to you all. And we have one hell of a farewell show for you! The band is back together: Mazza, ‘Plan, Maverick and Shinobi sit down in front of their microphones as a four person stable for the first time in a long while, and there’s a whole lot of memory lane to walk down!

The boys will talk about their favourite memories from their time on the show, some of the historic events in pro wrestling we were privileged to cover on the show, and the legendary stash of Pond memes we’ve cultivated over the years. They’ll also talk about why WWE’s current product has seen them all press the retire button on their distinguished column writing and podcasting careers. Listen to the end for an Easter Egg!

Thank you to all of our loyal listeners down the years – it truly has been a privilege to record these podcasts for you over the years and we will all miss being a part of the Pond and LOP in general. We hope you enjoy our final show – we certainly had a blast recording it!

And for one last time – byeeeeee!


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