The Rock Comments On How He Would Have Done In WWE's Brawl For All Tournament

The Rock Comments On How He Would Have Done In WWE’s Brawl For All Tournament

Former WWE superstar The Rock was asked by the official Dark Side of the Ring Instagram account in a Q&A how well he would have faired in WWE’s Brawl for All back in 1998. The tournament is the subject of the next episode of Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring series.

To start…The Rock comments on how much he enjoy’s the program, as he grew up in the world of pro-wrestling.

It’s an inside look at some of the darker more tragic stories that have taken place in professional wrestling. Every single episode I am so personally connected because I grew up in the professional wrestling world. I know everybody they are profiling. It’s really quite the show.

The Great One then jokes that he would have introduced competitors to his fists, but more than likely would have been knocked out.

How would I have done? I would have introduced to the hammer brothers Sledge and Jack baby. Then I would have gotten knocked out probably, but I’d go down swinging.

Check out his full comments below.


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