The WrestleMania Era 2.0 Podcast by "The Doc" Chad Matthews

The WrestleMania Era 2.0 Podcast by “The Doc” Chad Matthews

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Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’ve been well as we all continue to navigate the upside-down world in which we live.  This year has been beyond strange.  Accordingly, I have been leaning heavily into the pro wrestling world for an escape.  Out of the chaos (and with other inspiration) came an idea to revisit my book, which gave some needed objective(ish) shape to the greatest wrestler of all-time conversation others falsely insist is too subjective.  In podcast form this time around, presented weekly over the next two months, I will be broadening that discussion, starting with today’s introduction.  As always, the primary purpose here is to have fun talking about wrestling lore.

Much has changed since I wrote The WrestleMania Era in 2013 (last edition published in 2016).  The wrestling world is decidedly different today than it was then.  New promotions are up for consideration, which could fundamentally change the ranking process by way of additional data.  There has also been 4.5 years of WWE history added, along with wrestlers like AJ Styles throwing their names into the mix.  In the coming weeks, I’ll often be joined by guests who will help me break down the evolving history of the business and shape the latest set of rankings.  Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy it.  Your comments to even further broaden the conversation are encouraged! 

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Batista is among the Top 20 stars of the WrestleMania – Overrated, Underrated, or Properly Rated?

Below, you will find the full line-up of Season 1: 

Introduction, with a Reassessment of Batista’s WWE Career (July 29th)

AJ Styles and Where New Japan and Impact Fit in the WrestleMania Era Rankings (featuring Rich Latta) (August 5th)

Where Does Daniel Bryan Rank Among the All-Time Greats? (featuring Mazza) (August 12th)

Chris Jericho in the Pantheon and AEW’s Place at the WrestleMania Era Roundtable (featuring Sir Sam) (August 19th)

Seth Rollins: The Architect of the Best Overall Resume of the 2010s? (August 26th)

John Cena: The Greatest of All-Time Part 1 (featuring David Fenichel) (September 2nd)

John Cena: The Greatest of All-Time Part 2 (featuring David Fenichel) (September 9th)

Season 1 Finale – John Cena: The Greatest of All-Time Part 3 (featuring David Fenichel) (September 16th)

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