Triple H Discusses The Origin Of The Rock's People's Elbow: "We Were Trying To Make Taker Crack"

Triple H Discusses The Origin Of The Rock’s People’s Elbow: “We Were Trying To Make Taker Crack”

In a recent interview with TMZ, WWE’s Triple H revealed that The Rock’s signature People’s Elbow maneuver originally began as a way to try and make The Undertaker laugh. The Game states that the move started getting so over with the fans that it became apart of The Great One’s repertoire.

There would be these tag man and six-man matches. And we’d spend a lot of time in that match, me, [Steve] Austin, The Rock, and [Mick] Foley, too, trying to make Undertaker break character. Trying to do whatever we could make him to crack or laugh, and he just never did. Just the goofiest stuff ya can do, sometimes, depending on where we were, obviously. I believe the first time Rock did ‘The People’s Elbow’ was in a match where we were trying to make Taker crack. It absolutely started that way and then everybody went with it.

You can see Triple H’s full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)


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