Undertaker Discusses How Different it is to be Doing a Docuseries

Undertaker Discusses How Different it is to be Doing a Docuseries

Thanks to the Last Ride docuseries we’ve finally gotten to see a little more about the man behind the Undertaker character. It can feel a bit jarring for long-time fans as Mark Callaway hasn’t been allowed to do out-of-character appearances very often in the past. However, it isn’t just awkward for the fans – it’s awkward for the Undertaker as well. Callaway recently spoke with the Toronto Sun about having a camera crew follow him around.

“It’s really been a process to force myself to let my guard down,” Calaway admitted about the series. “Even as we started getting into this, I’d have a camera crew and I’d be backstage and I’d see them filming and I’d turn around and snap at them like ‘What are you guys doing? You guys know better,” he said. “Then it would dawn on me: ‘Oh yeah, you’re following me. I told you to do this. I asked you.’ ” he said with a chuckle.

Callaway also mentions that he was enthusiastic about the idea of giving everyone a glimpse, but found it hard to open up.

“I don’t know if liberating is the word, because I’m a very private person anyway, when I’m at home and not working, but it’s kind of been nice to be able to enlighten my fan base,” he admitted. “It has been so loyal through the years, especially in this age when there is a flavour of the week, it seems, all the time. For my fan base, they’ve stuck with me forever and it’s been nice to be able to kind of pull back some of the curtain and let them see what it takes for me to go out and do what I love for the fans.”

You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

(credit: TorontoSun.com)

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