Update on Renee Young Testing Positive For The Coronavirus And WWE Testing

Update on Renee Young Testing Positive For The Coronavirus And WWE Testing

Renee Young tested positive this week for the coronavirus. We’ve now learned that Young’s test did not come from the WWE. She had gotten herself tested after feeling very sick over the weekend. Both she and Jon Moxley were tested. Young tested positive, but Moxley didn’t.

Moxley then told AEW management that he would not be coming to work because he was exposed to someone who had the virus. Moxley knows that there’s a serious chance he does have it despite the test coming back negative due to the delay in the results.

Young is one of the people tested last week through the WWE but the results came back negative. After feeling ill over the weekend, they made the decision to get tested again. They tested on Monday and received the results late Tuesday night.

Moxley is trying to stay as transparent with everything as possible. The moment he knew he was exposed he told management and isolated with his wife. Some people were telling him to get a hotel room and keep his distance from his wife, but because Moxley is already under the impression that he’s infected, he opted to stay home. He’s also prioritized staying by his wife’s side over keeping to himself. Many sources said that he wasn’t even a question.

There’s still no report on if anyone else has the virus but rumors are that the numbers are in the double digits. Young was interacting with several people throughout the week under the belief that she was fine because her WWE test was negative, which makes the likelihood that other people have it even higher. Much like Moxley, the people who tested negatively last week could potentially have it now because the results are delayed.

Realistically, Moxley would have to miss Fyter Fest because you’re supposed to go into at least 2 weeks of quarantine once you’ve become in contact with someone who has the coronavirus or signs of it. As of this report, nothing official has been said about his status.

In Orange County, which is where the WWE tapings are taking place, it is mandatory to wear masks in public. However, the WWE has made a statement that they do not believe this applies to them because they tape on private property. Ric Flair, 71, just recently returned with a more active schedule just in time for the virus to start spreading internally.

The news that Renee Young has the coronavirus came just days after it was announced her show on Fox had been canceled. The cancellation was due to low ratings and high production costs and had nothing to do with budget cuts.

(Credit: f4wonline.com)

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