WWE 205 Live Results - 11/15/19

WWE 205 Live Results – 11/15/19

WWE 205 Live Results (11/15)

Following this week’s edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown On FOX, the action continued with the latest episode of WWE 205 Live premiering on the WWE Network.

Follow our ongoing, live results coverage of WWE 205 Live from the beginning of the show until the end right here on this page.

WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (11/15/2019)

Angel Garza vs. Jack Gallagher

Insisting on a handshake to begin the match, Gallagher declines. Garza dragging Gallagher by the leg, putting him into a submission, Gallagher and Garza back and forth. Garza face plants Gallagher, who kicks out at two. Garza gets Gallagher into the corner turnbuckle, with a vicious chop. Garza bounces Gallagher off the top rope before slamming him onto the mat for another two count pin.

Gallagher begins to retaliate with chops of his own, Garza lands Galagher into the corner with a leg caught on the second rope. Big boot by Garza and another two count. Gallagher gets Garza in a quick roll up, countered by the continued attack by Garza. Garza gets Gallagher into another hold, Gallagher gets to his feet.

Building momentum Gallagher takes control of the match. Several big hits, followed by a Power Slam and a two count pin attempt. Gallagher with some windmill type blows to the back of Garza, Gallagher lands on the other side of the ropes. Gallagher falls to the ground outside of the ring. Both men back in the ring. Gallagher goes for a Gentleman’s Drop Kick in the corner, misses as Garza moves to the side, and Garza with a quick roll up and three count pin for the win.

Winner: Angel Garza

After the Match

Recap of the closing moments of the match up are shown. We see Garza smiling as he walks backwards up the ramp. Jack Gallagher heads over to the announcers table, he’s leaning on the table as he hears “Jack Gallagher lost focus”, Gallagher pointing into the face of the broadcaster’s disapproving with their commentary, the referee points Gallagher up the ramp as he walks off.


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(Samir and Sunil Singh) Singh Brothers vs. Tim Gange

Samir and Sunil Singh make their way out to the top of the ramp as their music sounds in the arena. They dance their way down the ramp Tim Gange is waiting in the ring. “Everbody is talking about it, as of tomorrow, I am the longest reigning 24/7 champion in history! Philly, how about this, to celebrate this milestone, we are going to sing you a song from our next Bollywood movie!” as he begins to sing. The crowd boos. “This is Philadelphia’s finest?” as they point to Tim Gange. “This match is two on one boli boli boli…” as they remove the 24/7 championship belt.

The bell finally rings and the match begins. Singh Brothers start off stomping Gange into the corner, throwing him against the turnbuckle across the ring. Gange with a Drop Kick to each of the brothers, followed by another Drop Kick and a Clothesline. Samir gets Gange from behind, followed by several hits. Superkick by Samir on Gange. Bollywood Blast by Samir onto Gange followed by the three count pin for the win.

Winner: Singh Brothers

After the Match

Once again doing a “Kid and Play” kick and spin dance outside of the ring, the Singh Brothers paranoia kicks in as they run through the crowd with the 24/7 championship belt in hand.


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Survivor Series one week from Sunday at 7pm is advertised.

Broadcaster’s Table

Riden English and Jon Quasto speak on Survivor Series being only a week away before setting up a video package of an interview with Lio Rush from 2 days ago, Rush is asked if he feels he has met his match to which Rush responds, “Have I met my match? If I had, Angel Garza woulda beat me tonight. He disrespected me, he slapped me in front of my wife and my family. This is becoming a little personal now. Angel, if you EVER step to my wife again, if you ever get in her face again, I am going to rearrange yours, permenantly.”

Lio Rush & Raul Mendoza vs. Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

Lio Rush makes his way down the ramp and into the ring wearing his Cruiserweight Championship belt around his waist as his music continues playing in the arena. Raul Mendoza out next as his music sounds in the arena. Tony Nese out next, on his way down the ramp, Nese is heard saying, “I took that personal, he caused me my opportunity, he’s not going to like what I do to him tonight”. Nese waits at the bottom of the ramp, pointing at Ariya Daivari as he swaggers down the ramp. Both men make their way into the ring, playing to the crowd.

Ariya and Mendoza are the first legal men in as the bell rings and the match begins. Nese jumps in and Mendoza jumps off the top rope. Rush flying through the ropes taking out Nese. Mendoza over the rope next onto Daivari. Rush is in the ring now with Daivari. Mendoza with a Double Stomp as he is tagged in.

Mendoza working the arm of Daivari, tags Rush back in. Both men with a Double Clothesline followed by a Splash by both men followed by a pin attempt on Daivari. Rush gets Daivari in a Chokehold. Nese tags in and plunges Rush to the outside of the ring. Daivari almost taking off Rush’s head on the outside of the ring, followed by a chop to the chest of Rush. Rush is thrown back into the ring, Nese tags Daivari back in.

Rush being kept away from Mendoza, Daivari and Nese now controling the match. Vicious elbow onto Rush by Nese. Daivari back in with a big boot on Rush. A Leg Drop onto Rush who is still trying to get to his corner to make the tag. Rush with an elbow, Nese overpowers him and throws him to the mat outside of the ring. Rush saw Daivari who tried to sucker punch, counters, then jumps in the ring and flies with his hand out to tag Mendoza.

House of Fire, Mendoza comes in strong with a Neck Breaker followed by a Moonsault with a pin attempt, Nese breaks it up. The match picks up speed. All four men on the outside of the ring as Nese drags Mendoza outside of the ring. Nese tags in to become the legal man in. Daivari throws Mendoza into the barracade. Nese tags himself back in, hoisting Mendoza into the air with the help of Daivari.

Daivari back in as the legal man, looking at Rush and taunting him. Mendoza struggles back to his feet. Nese back in the ring with Mendoza with a big chop. Rush gets in the ring, the referee pushes him back outside of the ropes. Rush back in as the legal man, Clothesline and a knee, attacking Nese and Daivari together with a flip flop of flurry from Rush. Rush gets to the top rope as he points to his proverbial watch.

Overhead Suplex by Daivari, who then tags Nese back in. Rush trying to build momentum, Nese with a Super Kick and pin attempt, Mendoza breaks it up just in time. Daivari holding Mendoza, Mendoza drops to the ground and Nese gets Daivari with a big boot. Back and forth between all four men. Rush jumps in with Come Up off the ropes. Nese in the ring with Mendoza, a slam and a cover attempt, still kicking out at two.

Rush pulled off the side by Daivari, Mendoza takes out Daivari. A powerful left hand by Nese leaving Mendoza flat on his back. Nese with a 450 but nobody home. Rush tags in and gets a high flying body slam and three count pin for the win.

Winner: Lio Rush & Raul Mendoza

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