WWE 205 Live Results (4/10/2020)

WWE 205 Live Results (4/10/2020)

WWE 205 Live Results (2/7/2020)

WWE returns from their own Performance Center training facility in Orlando, Florida for this week’s edition of WWE 205 Live, featuring the latest weekly action from the Cruiserweight-themed show, immediately following the WWE Friday Night SmackDown broadcast.

Featured below are WWE 205 Live results from April 10, 2020.


205 Live Opening

Welcome to another edition of WWE’s purple brand, 205 Live, which airs immediately following WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown. The WWE Forever entrance playing us in to tonight’s show!

The WWE action continues as we enter the Performance Center where (filling in for Aiden English) Byron Saxton and Jon Quasto are sitting ringside. Side by side at the announcer’s table, the two discuss tomorrow night’s Wrestlemania event before sending it over to the ring.

The first match of the night is officially called, as the first competitor’s music sounds in the arena!

Tony Nese vs. Danny Burch

Things start off immediately as Tony Nese makes his way into the ring as his music sounds in the arena. From the commentator’s desk at ringside, Saxton and Quasto note that General Manager William Regel made a huge announcement, stating he will be holding a tournament for an Interim Cruiser-weight Champion due to the circumstances in the world right now, holding the champion out of the country for now.

Out next is Danny Burch as his music sounds, Burch quickly makes his way down the ramp as he heads towards the ring. Burch enters the ring with opponent Nese as the bell rings and the match begins.

Nese looks to establish control early on in the match, Nese getting Burch to the canvas, attempting to make an early cover. Burch kicks out and both men make their way back to their feet. Burch able to get an Ankle Lock on Nese. Nese quickly bounces toward the ropes, grabbing the rope to force Burch to break the hold.

Both men back to their feet once again, only to drop back to the canvas where Nese is using the bottom rope for added leverage, attempting to lock up Burch in a submission. Burch finally able to kick Nese away. Nese slams Burch right back to the mat, working the left leg and left knee of Burch. Burch makes his way to the ropes, Nese refuses to let go as the referee begins to count. Nese letting go at four.

The match on their feet for less than a minute before they both land on the mat once again. This time Burch getting his elbow around the neck of Nese. Nese powers back to his feet, throwing Burch into the ropes. A Leg Pick by Burch, Nese tripping Burch out of the ring, Burch dropping to ringside. The referee begin the official count. Nese still wiping blood following the Back Elbow from Burch.

Nese heads to ringside, throwing Burch into the barricade followed by slamming Burch face first into the apron before rolling Burch back into the ring. Nese with a Splash for another cover, Burch able to get the shoulder up once again. Nese immediate wraps his legs around the midsection of Burch. Burch struggling to move away from Nese, Nese grabs the right ear, then the left ear of Burch.

Burch digging his elbow into the leg of Nese, finally breaking free. Nese tries to wrap his arms around Burch, still keeping the match on the ground to maintain control.

Burch digging his elbow into the leg of Nese, finally breaking free. Nese tries to wrap his arms around Burch, still keeping the match on the ground to maintain control. Burch finally getting back to his feet, dropping Nese and quickly gaining momentum from out of thin air, Burch has taken control of this match up!

Missile Drop Kick by Burch for the cover on Nese, Nese kicks out at two. Burch back to his feet, dragging Nese back to his feet looking for a Suplex. Nese drops out of it, and attempts to charge at Burch, Burch lands a Double Foot Kick on Nese. Nese and Burch go back and forth with strikes inside the ring. Back to their feet, Nese jumps over the top bouncing Burch’s throat off the top rope, Burch jumping to the top turnbuckle, landing in a cover.

Burch kicks out, Nese asking Burch if he wants to “take more punishment”, Burch locking in the Cross Face. Nese looks like he’s about to tap, Nese rolls through for a cover, Burch kicking out at two. German Suplex into the corner by Nese onto Burch. Running Nese for the cover.

Winner: Tony Nese

After the Match

Tony Nese heads over to the commentator’s desk stating, “I should’ve never lost the championship, Quasto says “understood”. Nese adds there shouldn’t even be a tournament. Nese interrupts Quasto stating he does not speak when a superstar stands in front of him. The segment cuts off there as the match between Oney Lorcan and Jack Gallagher in their first time match up is announced for after the break!’

Announcer’s Desk

As we come back from commercial break, Nese is still refusing to leave ringside as Quasto reiterates the tournament announced by William Regel will begin next week. Nese asks if Quasto is even listening to him as Quasto replies “yes, I’m listening.” Byron jokes, “I think you’re making him angry Jon…” as we go into the video by Jordan Devlin.

Jordan Devlin Video Clip

A video begins with Devlin stating that due to the current circumstances in the world, and the fact that Devlin is unable to travel to America or Europe to defend the title, there will be a tournament for an Interim Cruiserweight Champion. Devlin then adds “just know, i am going to prove that not only is there only one Irish Ace, there is only one Cruiserweight Champion

Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Oney Lorcan

As the video ends, Jack Gallagher’s music sounds for his match tonight. Tony Nese is still standing ringside at the announcer’s table complaining and shouting at Quasto and Saxton as Gallagher scoffs looking at Nese. Gallagher finishes making his way to the ring, then sliding through the ropes running up on Nese.

Nese quits speaking and Gallagher is able to re-enter the ring as Oney Lorcan’s music sounds and Lorcan quickly makes his way to the ring. Lorcan and Gallagher stand in the ring as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins.

Both men lock up early on to begin this match. Gallagher raining down strikes on Lorcan. Lorcan back to his feet, going for an Ankle Lock on Gallagher. Gallagher kicks his feet toward Lorcan from his back, Lorcan steps back as Gallagher makes his way back to his feet. Lorcan with a take down as he twists the leg of Gallagher, Gallagher flipping over and a lot of fast paced movements between the two men. Gallagher throws a kick to the calf of Lorcan.

Gallagher with body shots of Lorcan, Lorcan overpowers Gallagher on the canvas. Lorcan grabs the ankle of Gallagher, Gallagher with creative retaliation moves. Gallagher back to his feet, kicking Lorcan multiple times, Lorcan kicked to the outside, catching his breath before re-entering the ring. Gallagher continues to dominate the match until Lorcan his a body slam. Both men on their knees, throw slaps back and forth.

Gallagher asking Lorcan to strike him, Gallagher shouting with each strike, finally Gallagher begins throwing left, right, left, right. Lorcan counters, throwing hard strikes as well. Gallagher then counters and lands more strikes. Half and Half Suplex by Lorcan for the cover. Gallagher kicks out. Lorcan with another cover, Gallagher kicks out once again. Both men back to their feet, Lorcan with a scowl on his face as he turns Gallagher inside out.

Once again, Gallagher powers out, getting a shoulder up. Lorcan lifts Gallagher onto the top turnbuckle. Lorcan joins him for a Half and Half from the top. Gallagher throws an Elbow dropping Lorcan off the turnbuckle, Gallagher quickly landing a Crossbody onto Lorcan. Suddenly Nese is back at ringside with a steel chair. Nese states he’s only there to watch as he gets caught by Gallagher. Lorcan rolls Gallagher up for the pin, Gallagher kicks out again.

Gallagher gets to his feet in time for Nese to roll in and attack Gallagher, ending the match in Disqualification.

No Winner: Disqualification

After the Match

Nese and Gallagher throw strikes back and forth, Gallagher then exits the area. Nese about to go after Lorcan, suddenly Danny Burch’s music sounds, Burch comes running out for the save. Nese runs and hides behind the barricade as he shouts at Burch and Lorcan, pointing with each inaudible remark.

The announcers remind us of next week’s tournament as the show comes to an end.

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