WWE 205 Live Results (4/3/20)

WWE 205 Live Results (4/3/20)

WWE 205 Live Results (3/27/2020)

WWE returns from their own Performance Center training facility in Orlando, Florida for this week’s edition of WWE 205 Live, featuring the latest weekly action from the Cruiserweight-themed show, immediately following the WWE Friday Night SmackDown broadcast.

Featured below are WWE 205 Live results from April 3, 2020.


205 Live Opening

Welcome to another edition of WWE’s purple brand, 205 Live, which airs immediately following WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown.

The WWE action continues as we enter the Performance Center where Aiden English and Jon Quasto are sitting ringside. Side by side at the announcer’s table, the two discuss tomorrow night’s Wrestlemania event before sending it over to the ring.

The first match of the night is officially called, as the first competitor’s music sounds in the arena!

Danny Burch vs. Kushida

Out first is Kushida as he is announced in the arena. Kushida makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, climbing to the top turnbuckle as he looks out to nobody in the empty chairs. Out next, Danny Burch as his music sounds. Burch quickly stomps his way down the ramp and into the ring, holding up his hand as usual. Both men remove unnecessary attire in their corners as the referee signals for the bell.

The bell rings and the first match of the night is officially underway! Both men circle one another early on. Burch finally takes Kushida to the mat. Burch looking for a Leg Lock, Kushida attempting to use his speed against Burch’s aggression. Kushida back to his feet as Burch grabs the arm of Kushida, overpowering him back to the mat. Kushida is able to use technique to counter the move, twisting Burch’s arm behind his back. Burch flips Kushida for a little roll up, Kushida kicks out at two. Kushida immediately turns and rolls Burch for the counter, Burch kicks out just as fast.

Kushida wrapping around Burch, the two clasp their fingers together as they push against one another. Burch grabs the leg of Kushida who quickly slides to the ropes for the break. A Waistlock by Kushida followed by a take down. Kushida with a Hammerlock, Burch quickly makes his way to the ropes. Kushida releases. A stalemate. Burch and Kushida back on the mat, continuing to grapple and attempt to submit one another. Kushida flipping around Burch, spinning on top of Burch, then standing back up with a confident smile. Burch with the Leg Pick landing Kushida face first.

Kushida with a boot to the face of Burch, Kushida drops Burch out of the ring. Kushida stands tall inside of the ring. The referee begins to count Burch out. Kushida exits the ring to throw Burch back into the ring. Kushida up to the top, a Right Hand to the face of Kushida for the counter as Kushida flies from the top rope. Burch turning this match around. Burch stomps the hand of Kushida. A Knee to the face of Kushida followed by a cover attempt. Kushida kicks out at two. Burch with a Chinlock on Kushida who jerks and attempts to break the hold. Kushida back to his feet, leans in the corner. Kushida with a boot to the face of Burch.

Kushida gains momentum, landing a Back Handspring onto Burch. Burch outside of the ring, Kushida flies off the apron onto Burch, then throwing him back into the ring. Kushida back on the apron, a kick to the face of Burch. Burch slumps in the corner. Burch catches Kushida again with a strike to the face, followed with a cover. Kushida kicks out at two. Burch with the Cross-face on Kushida, Kushida rolls out. Both men back to their feet.

Burch with Uppercuts. Kushida counters with multiple kicks to the face of Burch. Burch lands a Basement Dropkick. Both men clearly out of breath. Kushida gets a lock on Burch, Burch immediately taps!

Winner: Kushida

During commercial a promo for Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania is shown for tomorrow night and Sunday beginning at 7:00 p.m. EST on the WWE Network. Then Buy one get one for $1 on t-shirts at WWE.com.

As we return to the arena, the music for Tyler Breeze sounds in the arena as laser lights surround Breeze who struts down the ramp wearing a furry vest and sunglasses as he makes his way to the ring. Breeze stops to pose on the apron outside of the ring, then looks into the camera before laying across the top ropes awaiting his opponent.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher makes his return to 205 Live as his music sounds in the arena! Gallagher removes his cloak as he slides between the ropes, ready to take on his opponent. The bell rings and the match begins. Gallagher and Breeze lock up quickly as the match is under way. Gallagher drapes his arm around the neck of Breeze.

Gallagher shoulder shoves Breeze to the mat. Breeze counters with a Drop Kick as Gallagher goes off the ropes. Breeze now in control of the match as he dominates Gallagher in the center of the ring. A couple Right Hands to the midsection of Breeze by Gallagher. Breeze with a Clothesline, following up with a quick cover. Gallagher kicks out at two.

The two quickly get back to their feet only to have Breeze drop Gallagher back to the mat as he controls Gallagher’s movements. Gallagher counters with a take down on Breeze. Gallagher catches Breeze mid-air, throwing Breeze onto the top rope. Gallagher with multiple strikes to the face of Breeze, followed by a cover. Prince Pretty kicks out at two,

Gallagher with an Uppercut. Breeze leaning against the turnbuckle, falling into the ropes and eventually to the mat. Gallagher with a few good stomps on Breeze. Breeze with elbows to the midsection of Gallagher in an attempt to turn things around for this match up. Gallagher slams Breeze’s head off the top turnbuckle, following up with another pin attempt.

Breeze kicks out at two. Gallagher begins to throw strikes at Breeze before he can even get back to his feet. Gallagher grabs Breeze by the neck and lands more strikes. Gallagher drops his right knee to the face of Breeze, letting all his weight land on Breeze’s cheek. Breeze fights back with multiple strikes. Breeze with a Sunset Flip.

Breeze with a Massive Kick to the back of the head of Gallagher. Gallagher has a look of shock on his face as he grunts loudly, getting back to his feet. A Flying Forearm by Breeze as Gallagher stands in the corner of the ring. Gallagher attempts the Gentleman’s Drop Kick, to no avail as Breeze lands the Sunset Flip for the two count. Super Model Kick for another two count.

Once again Gallagher kicks out and Breeze turns to the referee as he asks, “Two?” as if to confirm he hasn’t yet won the match. Breeze nods as he gets a reply from the referee, getting back to his feet once again. Both men clearly out of breath, Breeze gets back to his feet, Gallagher still laying on the mat. Breeze makes his way to the top rope, Gallagher catches Breeze with a Left Shoulder off the top rope. Gallagher then snaps Breeze’s arm across his own.

Gallagher locks in an Arm Bar as Breeze refuses to give up, sliding inch by inch across the ring, trying to make it to the bottom rope for the break. Breeze finally gets to the ropes, the referee demanding Gallagher release his hold. Gallagher holds on for every second of the five count to cause as much damage as possible to Breeze. Gallagher back to his feet, a blank stare on his face. Gallagher throws strike after strike.

Breeze throws a cluster of right hands at Gallagher, Gallagher counters with a Super-Kick to the left arm of Breeze. Breeze counters, stunning Gallagher momentarily. Gallagher ends up on the outside to regain his composure as the referee begins the count. Breeze chases Gallagher down, following him to ringside. Breeze sends Gallagher into the barricade. The referee’s count now up to six as Breeze sends Gallagher back into the ring, Breeze re-enters the ring as well.

As Breeze rolls in, Gallagher doesn’t waste a second of time as he quickly lands the Discus Elbow on Breeze, following up quickly as he transitions into a pin on Breeze for the three count.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

After the Match

Quasto and English discuss the match they just witnessed as a replay is shown.

That ends the April 3, 2020 edition of 205 Live. Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands!! Join us tomorrow for full coverage of Wrestlemania 36.

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