WWE House Show Results from Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1/19/19

WWE House Show Results from Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1/19/19

Thanks to Jim J. for emailing this report to us!

First off this was one of the best house shows I have ever been to. The crowd was hot all night long and so was the wrestling. No duds and the wrestlers were more than happy to take selfies and slap hands. Heels will be heels of course. Even Nakamura got in on the selfies and totally got a young girl along the rail and gave her the dont speak english lol

The Bar vs New Day. Kofi and Big E were the only 2 for the Day. The Bar were way over as heels and the New Day were way way over. Pancakes were of course to be had and well….I ate mine. Incredible move at the beginning of the match where Big E did a sort of Matrix after a huge clothesline by Sheamus and he suddenly stops bent over backwards about a foot off the mat. Total limbo champ move. The Bar got the win.

Naomi and Lana vs. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Pretty good match here which saw Naomi get the pin and the win

Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe. Really awkward and short match seeing Hardy get the pinfall. Just a weird match. Makes me wonder if Joe is injured cause he had a noticeable limp walking back to the ramp. Hardy was way way over and did the obsolete to the crowd’s delight

R Truth vs. Andrade HUGE happy birthday chant as well as what’s up and a whoomp there it is. Truth and Mella were over big time with our crowd. Good fast paced match and for 47 Truth brought it big time. Andrade with the pin fall win

Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles. Of course Styles is over with the crowd but Bryan nearly stole the show in this match. Absolutely PERFECT as a heel. Great back and forth through the match which saw Daniel win the match up. After he does some smack talk AJ comes in for a phenominal forearm and styles clash to make the crowd happy.

Gallows and Anderson with Shelton Benjamin vs. Sanity and Aiden English. Awesome 6 man match with a lot of action. Aiden did most of the work in this match and I got to tell you he is crisp and fluent in that ring for sure. Gallows and Anderson got a huge 2 sweet chant from the crowd. English got pinned and Sanity left him behind after the match which led to our next match…

English vs. Jay Uso. Quick match which saw Uso with the pin. He was way over just himself with the crowd and I wonder if they are possibly grooming him to be a singles wrestler because he did just fine on his own.

Rusev vs. Nakamurs. Really good match actually which saw a lot of Rusev and Nakamura back and forth. Rusev for the win and after the match he goes up to the ramp while Lana goes around the outside of the ring to make the fans happy. As she is doing this he goes to the top of the ramp and starts doing body building poses for the video camera. Totally hilarious moment when we all notice it as well as Lana. She literally cracked up when she saw it which was just funny.

Main event was The Man vs Flair vs Asuka for the title. What a match. These 3 have a natural ring chemistry. Apparently Lynch has added the Stunner to her arsenal and she can hit it just fine. A lot of close pinfalls and we saw Asuka submit Flair for the win. I got to be honest Lynch came off very off putting. Like this may actually be the real her. Charlotte after the match did selfies with a few of the girls in front of me and the one girl totally started crying.

Over all what a show from top to bottom. Really helps when you are really close to the ring. I estimate a good 5000 were there tonight so a strong house show for sure.


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