WWE SmackDown Live Results 2/5/19

WWE SmackDown Live Results 2/5/19

Welcome to LoP’s live coverage of SmackDown Live, coming to you from the Angels of the Winds arena in Everett, Washington. Continue to refresh the page for all the latest updates from the show, and follow along in the comments.

Tom Philips, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton welcome us to another edition of SmackDown Live.

The Queen, Charlotte Flair, makes her way down to the ring to open the show. A video recap is show of last night’s Raw, where Stephanie McMahon suspended Becky Lynch for refusing to receive medical attention.

Charlotte gets on the mic and says the only thing worse than arrogance, is ignorance. She blames Becky Lynch’s own rogue behavior for getting herself suspended. Charlotte sarcastically hopes that Becky is healthy enough to compete at WrestleMania. Charlotte than expresses that she is at 100%, and would love to face Ronda Rousey at Mania.

Becky Lynch walks down from the crowd! Fans are going wild. Charlotte berates Becky for not only stealing her father’s catch phrase, but now for stealing Roman Reign’s entrance. Becky grabs her own microphone, and says that the Man has returned to SD Live. Her and Charlotte get into an argument with a series of referees and security in between them.

Triple H is here! He comes out and tells Becky to her face that she is suspended and that she needs to go home and see the doctor. With Charlotte taunting in the background, Triple H tells Charlotte to get out of the ring. “See the doctor, get cleared,” says Triple H to Becky. Becky admits that she doesn’t trust any of the authorities doctors, because she doesn’t want her opportunity taken away. Triple H tells Becky to go home. Becky fires back by asking Triple H how Steph is after she punched her in the face. Triple H, who was about to leave, says that he bought into the Man gimmick, but now believes Becky is just a self-destructor. He theorizes that Becky is doing whatever she can to look for a way out. Crowd tries to start a Becky chant, but Triple H tells them to shut their mouths. He reminds Becky of her reckless decisions that lost her the Survivor Series match with Ronda. Triple H then pokes at Becky…”Is your knee even injured?” Triple H says that Becky is scared. Scared not that the doctors won’t clear her, but that she will be cleared…and Ronda Rousey will expose her as the fraud she is. “You will prove to everyone…that Becky Lynch fears Ronda Rousey,” growls Triple H.

Becky slaps Triple H across the face. The two share an epic staredown, with Hunter’s anger boiling, but Becky just smiling. She eventually leaves through the crowd, the same way she came into the arena.

Announced for later in the evening…Randy Orton versus Mustafa Ali, and Daniel Bryan taking on Jeff Hardy. Commentary says that Hardy took great offense to Bryan throwing away the WWE title last week.

Up next…Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura take on the Good Brothers in a match that was set-up last week.

We go to our first break of the night.

Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance with the Good Brothers, Anderson and Gallows already in the ring. Flashback to last week, when R-Truth defeated Shinsuke for the United States championship, then immediately defending it against Rusev in back-to-back matches. Following that bout, Rusev and Shinsuke would team up on Truth, and beat him senseless.

Rusev is out second for the heels. Lana accompanies him like always.

Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura versus the Good Brothers

Gallows knocks Rusev off the apron and he begins with Shinsuke. Quick-tag in to Anderson. Shinsuke catches him with a heel kick. Rusev tags Shinsuke’s back, and the newly formed team already start arguing. Anderson rolls up Rusev…but Shinsuke breaks the count. Gallows comes in and steam rolls Shinsuke to the outside. Anderson throws Rusev over. Suicide plancha from Anderson and both Shinsuke and Rusev are taken out.


Shinsuke is working over Anderson. Loud “Too Sweet” chants from the crowd. Anderson lands a flush uppercut, but misses a drive-by kick. Shinsuke takes advantage and lands an exploder suplex. He goes for the Kinshasa…but Anderson surprises him with a spinebuster! Shinsuke is able to tag out

Gallows tags in an nails Rusev with a big superkick and a choke-bomb on Shinsuke. The big men bounce off the ropes and take each other out with a double-lariat. Lana helps Shinsuke get back to his feet while the Good Brothers go for the Magic Killer. Shinsuke breaks it up…KINSHASA ON GALLOWS. Anderson with a sic kick! Rusev with a superkick onto Anderson. Rusev with the pin…GOT EM!

Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura win by pinfall

Shinsuke and Rusev raise each others arms in celebration. Graves calls them a newer version of the New England Patriots

Promo from Mustafa Ali. He says that no one expects him to survive against Randy Orton tonight, or at survive the Elimination Chamber matchup. “What if the Viper goes to strike and he misses?” asks Ali. “What if…I become WWE champion at Elimination Chamber.” Ali ends the segment by showing off his LED mask.

Cut to Paige. She says she’s happy to be back at SD, and sends us to a clip of her new movie, Fighting With My Family.

Clip takes us to Commercial.

Announced for next week…McMiz TV (Get it?) with guests…the Usos.

Promo from Jimmy and Jey backstage. They say that Shane and Miz call themselves the best tag team in the world, but mock them for their odd relationship. They say that at next week’s McMiz TV…”WELCOME…TO THE USO PENITENTIARY.

Randy Orton makes his way out for his matchup. His opponent…Mustafa Ali…is already in the ring.

Mustafa Ali versus Randy Orton

Tie-up. Orton pushes Ali into the corner until the ref breaks the hold. Ali lands a big chop onto Orton that angers the Viper. They trade strikes. Orton slows Ali down with a huge clothesline. He drops Ali onto the top rope with a release suplex, sending the former 205 Live star to ringside. Orton in pursuit…he back body drops Ali onto the announcer table!

Back in the ring Orton wears Ali down with a headlock. Irish-Whip sends Ali into the turnbuckle…he bounces over Orton but runs right into a powerslam. Orton puts Ali on the top rope for his signature superplex. Headbutt by Ali, but Orton crotch drops Ali. He climbs…TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX. Cover by Orton…Ali gets a shoulder up.


Orton smashes Ali’s head off the top turnbuckle and unloads a series of European uppercuts on the youngster in the corner. Another headlock by Orton. Ali screams in pain. Crowd tries to get him back into it. Ali to his feet, he breaks the hold, but Orton clubs Ali on the back.

Ali mounts a comeback with a pop-up dropkick. Orton slides to the outside. He baits Ali in, and slams his head off the announcer table. Orton goes for another back body drop but Ali lands on his feet! Dropkick from Ali sends Orton over the table. ALI FLIES OVER THE TABLE WITH A CROSSBODY! Ali with mounted punches. Orton shoves Ali away.

Ali waits for Orton to get back in the ring…kick to the chest. Superkick. Another superkick! He charges Orton in the corner but the Viper tosses him to the apron. He goes for his draping DDT but Ali blocks it and decapitates Orton with a head kick. Roll-through facebuster from Ali! He goes for the cover…Orton kicks out. Back on their feet…Ali goes to the middle-rope…he fakes Orton out who was waiting for the RKO. Ali with a huge tornado DDT! He climbs for the 054…Orton pulls Ali’s foot off the top…RKO!!! That’ll do it.

Randy Orton wins by pinfall.

Following the match…Samoa Joe attacks! Coquina Clutch onto Orton! He chokes him out! Joe then boots Ali to ringside. Crowd chants loudly for Joe. As Joe goes to leave…

WWE champion Daniel Bryan comes out. They stare each other down. Joe aggressively approaches Bryan, but Erick Rowan comes out to stand next to the champ, which slows Joe down. Joe taunts the champ, but leaves without a scuffle.

Bryan and Hardy are next as we go to break.

Back from commercial and Samoa Joe is cutting a promo backstage. Joe says that Randy Orton learned what he is about tonight, and at Elimination Chamber, Joe will receive justification for all of the hard work he has done over the years, and become the new WWE champion.

Bryan’s music is still playing as he shows off his new Hemp WWE championship. Announcer introduces him as Washington’s favorite son. Crowd is going wild chanting for the champ.

Bryan gets on the microphone.”Finally…I get to talk to people who understand what I’m trying to do here,” exclaims Bryan. He calls the people of Washington smart people and says that they understand that the world needs to change. (Crowd is loving this.) He adds that unfortunately, he must represent the entire globe as the planet’s champion, and convince the WWE universe to stop stuffing their face with disgusting meat products. Bryan then holds up the title…He calls the new belt a symbol of excellence, and a symbol for change.

Rowan gets on the microphone. He begins quoting Galileo, and says that people fear Bryan and Rowan because he holds the title. Rowan says that as long as Bryan is WWE champion, they will try and silence him.

Bryan jumps back in, stating that he serves a greater power than corporate greed. “I..AM…THE PLANETS CHAMPION,” yells Bryan. He then goes on to talk about how the suits backstage never wanted him to be champion, and that’s why they put him in the Elimination Chamber. Bryan then recalls being in Elimination Chamber matches in the past. He directs everyone’s attention to the titantron, where they show a chronicle of the Elimination Chamber matchup.

After the video concludes, Bryan calls out his Chamber opponents one-by-one, ending with Jeff Hardy. He says that they all want to take the title, and put it on a leather strap once again. Bryan states, “That’s why you need me.” Bryan and Rowan leave the ring, and celebrate on the entrance path.

Backstage, Jeff Hardy has been watching the entire segment. Hardy tells an interviewer that no one has disrespected the WWE championship more than Daniel Bryan. Hardy says instead of going out and shutting him up, he’ll make him shut up in tonight’s matchup.

AJ Styles rolls along. Styles wonders if Hardy’s recent history makes him the man for the job to defeat Daniel Bryan. Hardy fires back…stating that the old AJ Styles can’t defeat the new Daniel Bryan. They jab back and forth before Hardy tells Styles that they’ll finish this in the chamber.

Carmella is on her way out, followed by Naomi. They’ll be teaming up to face Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville and the IIconics in a triple-threat tag-team match.

An earlier promo from Carmella and Naomi is shown. Naomi says that the sob story Mandy Rose told about their days on Tough Enough wasn’t true. Carmella says that they’ve formed the Fabulous Glow tag team, and they’ll become the first ever women’s tag team champions.

Matchup takes place after the break.

The IIconics make their way to the ring. A WWE exclusive interview from earlier shows Billie Kaye and Peyton Royce talk about what becoming the first tag team champions would mean to them.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are interviewed backstage. Sonya says that the newly formed team of Carmella and Naomi are not experienced enough to compete with them, and unlike the other women in the ring…they’ve actually been in an Elimination Chamber match. Mandy ends the interview by saying that Naomi has never pinned her. “I must be doing something right,” states Mandy. She and Sonya then make their way to the ring for our next bout.

Carmella & Naomi versus Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville versus the IIconics

Carmella and Sonya start. Sonya unloads knee strikes to Carmella’s gut. Mandy tags right. Carmella caches her in a hammerlock and tags in Naomi. Mandy quickly tags in Billie Kaye and runs away from Naomi. Naomi aims her frustration at Kaye, taking her down with a running attack.


Kaye is working over Carmella when the show returns. Kaye brings her over to her corner and tags in Royce. Carmella with a crucifix pin…two count. Carmella tries to tag out but Mandy Rose comes in to break it up. Rose with an abdominal stretch on Carmella. She taunts Naomi while the submission is locked in. Carmella escapes and tags in Naomi! She chases Mandy Rose to the outside but Rose tags in Sonya.

Naomi runs through everybody, nailing Sonya with a springboard enziguri, and kicking both the IIconics in the head. Mandy gets back on the apron…Peyton tags her in! Naomi unloads shots onto Mandy! Peyton surprises Naomi with a clothesline, but Naomi lands eat-da-feet. Mandy sneaks behind Naomi…fairytale ending piledriver! Mandy with the cover on Naomi…that’ll do it.

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville win by pinfall.

Graves calls this the biggest victory since WrestleMania 3. Rose and Deville celebrate as Naomi is left frustrated and defeated in the ring.

Backstage Andrade and Zelina Vega address the WWE Universe. Vegas says that what happened to Mysterio was only the beginning, because the legend of Andrade begins with Rey Mysterio’s end. They smile to end the promo.

Jeff Hardy and Daniel Bryan is announced as the main event. Commentary team shoot us to the WWE’s video celebrating Black History Month.


Recap of what happened at the top of the show, when Triple H demanded that Becky Lynch go home and seek medical treatment for her injured leg. Triple H would cut a vicious promo on Becky saying that she fears Ronda Rousey. Segment ended with Becky slapping the spit out of Triple H’s mouth.

Video package for the current SD women’s champion, Asuka. The highlight reel shows off Asuka’s recent return to dominance, which culminated at TLC when she defeated Becky Lynch and Charlotte in a triple-threat ladder match. Video ends.

Jeff Hardy is on his way out to the ring, which means it’s main event time! Matchup is next.


Commercial ends. Bryan is in the ring. LET’S DO THIS.

Daniel Bryan versus Jeff Hardy (non-title match)

Tie-up. Bryan takes early control with a hammerlock, but Hardy gets right to the ropes to break the hold. Hardy gets a DELETE chant going in the crowd. He runs through Bryan with a shoulder block, but the champ lands the first strike with a knee to Hardy’s midsection. Bryan targets Hardy’s chest, unloading a series of kicks. He goes for his signature corner dropkick, but Hardy surprises Bryan with a jumping lariat! Big back body drop from Hardy. Bryan responds by reversing an Irish-whip. Corner dropkicks from Bryan. They all land flush. Bryan ties Hardy up…Indian Deathlock submission. Hardy escapes and falls into a lateral press pinfall. Bryan escapes with ease.

Back on the attack, Hardy hits a dropkick that sends Bryan to ringside. He hits another one through the ring ropes. Hardy goes to jump off the steel steps onto Bryan, but Rowan stands in Hardy’s way. Bryan takes advantage and trips Hardy…he hits the steps hard.

We go to break.

Back from commercial and Bryan is still in control with another hammerlock. Hardy throws some elbows to break the hold, but Bryan nails Hardy with a reverse elbow. Bryan with some joint manipulation…he stomps Hardy’s arm. Hardy reverses an Irish-Whip…Bryan with his signature backflip off the turnbuckle…but Hardy catches him with an atomic drop. Double-legs to the groin from Hardy! Both men are down.

Back on their feet…Hardy and Bryan trade strikes in the center of the ring. Backslide attempt from Hardy but Bryan shifts his weight and dodges the pin. Twist-of-Fate attempt…Bryan pushes him off but Hardy sends Bryan to the outside. Hardy on the apron…flying lariat! He tosses Bryan back into the ring and climbs for the Swanton! Bryan rolls out of the way and Hardy is forced to jump down. Bryan baits him into the corner…drop-toe-hold and Hardy’s face smashes off the middle turnbuckle. Bryan kicks the rope into Hardy’s neck. Pinfall…Hardy escapes.

YES kicks from Bryan. Hardy dodges the final one…Twist-of-Fate! He climbs again for the Swanton…he hits it! Hardy with the cover…ROWAN GRABS HARDY OUT OF THE RING. DQ!

Jeff Hardy wins by disqualification

Rowan throws Hardy back into Bryan, who locks in the LeBell lock!

Samoa Joe out of nowhere! He shoves Rowan into the ringpost. He puts Bryan in the coquina clutch! Bryan is out!

Randy Orton comes out! He and Joe trade strikes in the center of the ring! Mustafa Ali joins in on the fun! Double-missile dropkick taking down Joe and Orton. He goes for a suicide dive onto Rowan, but Rowan catches him and chokeslams him on the announce table!

AJ Styles’s music hits. He runs down and faces off with Orton in the ring. Enziguri by Styles! He boots Samoa Joe on the outside, and follows that up with a Phenomenal Forearm onto Jeff Hardy.

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan escape to the top of the entrance path. Styles stares the champ down, with all of the Chamber competitors shown beaten at ringside.

Backstage Daniel Bryan is interviewed as soon as he gets into gorilla. He screams in anger! He says Rowan didn’t even help him. Rowan is his intellectual peer, and no one understands that Daniel Bryan will be the WWE champion forever.

That’s the show friends.

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