WWE Talents Reportedly Worried About Losing Their Jobs Soon

WWE Talents Reportedly Worried About Losing Their Jobs Soon


There is said to be concern among WWE Superstars about potential releases that could be coming once normal operations resume after the coronavirus pandemic is contained.

There are said to be people within WWE that have talked about how the company is unlikely to hit revenue projections this year, which could bring pressure to cut back on costs, according to a new report from Paul Davis of wrestlingnews.co. It was noted how WWE will take a big hit this weekend because they will be losing out on revenue from WrestleMania 36 Weekend.

WWE officials have been offering big money contracts to keep talents from going to AEW and other companies as of late, and now some lower card talents are reportedly worried that there will be talent cuts coming at some point as there may be some tough decisions made later this year by the company.

There is reportedly a feeling that most of the midcard talents and the top stars will be OK, but some of the wrestlers who aren’t used much are worried about losing their jobs.

One WWE talent reportedly said, “I think guys know they can’t depend on AEW as their safety net because they are going through their issues with canceled shows. This will be tough for a lot of guys and for a lot of people in [the wrestling business] overall.”

Stay tuned for more on the potential WWE changes and fallout from the COVID-19 outbreak.

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