WWF: The Legacy Series - Wrestlemania IV

WWF: The Legacy Series – Wrestlemania IV

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WWF: The Legacy Series returns at last!

Join mizfan and Mystic as we move into the colossal year of 1988. It’s finally time for an event we’ve talked about since 1985, it’s Wrestlemania IV! The one night tournament to crown a new WWF Champion is underway, and we are watching legacies be created from the ground up. It’s a packed show featuring the much anticipated rematch between Hogan and Andre, and course legends in the tournament include Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, Ricky Steamboat, Greg Valentine, and many others. Also Bobby Heenan gets in the ring, Strike Force and Demolition battle it out head to head for the tag titles, and much more.

We dig into the surprises of the night, both then and now looking back, and deconstruct the narratives of this era of the WWF.

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