WrestlingHeadlines.com (formerly LordsOfPain.net, or LOP for short) is one of the largest pro wrestling websites in the world. Wrestling Headlines is a leading aggregator of wrestling news from third party sources. Publishing wrestling news in a quick & timely manner for our readers is an asset we take great pride in. It is our mission to be fast AND accurate. Wrestling Headlines also provides readers with exclusive content in our results and opinion sections.


The roots of Wrestling Headlines can be traced back to 1996. Owner & director, Calvin Martin, was an every day regular in the official WCW chat room and became friends with Gerald Dunning. In 1997 Calvin began helping Gerald with multimedia content (pictures, movie clips, and sound bytes) on the now defunct Wrestling Empire website. Calvin branched out on his own in June of 1998, and LordsOfPain.net was born. LOP originated as a multimedia site first, with a wrestling news section that we referred to as a “news board”. The Lords of Pain name was a play off of Calvin’s internet persona, PainLord, in which Calvin saw the wrestlers as the lords of enduring pain.

In the year 2000, WWE issued a cease & desist letter to LordsOfPain.net over copyright violations for multimedia content. This was actually a blessing in disguise as it led to the brave decision to go to news only. The WrestlingHeadlines.com domain was purchased in 2000. It was only used as a forwarder to LordsOfPain.net until 2020.

(LOP logo from 2001.)

You can use Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to take a look at WH/LOP over the years.


Lords of Pain was officially re-branded to Wrestling Headlines in April of 2020. In hindsight, this move should have been done many years earlier. The decision to re-brand is because the name Wrestling Headlines better reflects the content we publish. Wrestling related search terms are considerably higher for Wrestling Headlines than they ever were for Lords of Pain. “What is Lords of Pain?” was a question that we had to answer thousands of times over the years when discussing the name to those who were unfamiliar. As you can imagine, most of the guesses were wildly predictable 😉 We still own the LordsofPain.net domain name and have no plans to ever relinquish it. It will forever remain as a forwarder to WrestlingHeadlines.com.


Wrestling Headlines covers the world of pro wrestling around the clock, with a focus on WWE and AEW, as well as Impact Wrestling, NWA, NJPW, MLW, ROH and others. The columns section has long been been one of the most respected sources for pro wrestling opinions and editorials. The legendary LOP Forums have ran for 25 years but will cease to exist at the end of 2023.

Wrestling Headlines generates more than 5 million page views per month. Longevity has earned us the distinction as one of the oldest and most trusted wrestling websites on the internet today. We are an independent news outlet and are not affiliated with any wrestling promotion, wrestler, network, or other websites. Wrestling Headlines’ primary headquarters is in Pensacola. Wrestling Headlines currently holds articles of incorporation and a business license in the state of Florida. Some of our long time staff members currently reside in areas of Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Oklahoma, New York, Hawaii, Indiana, Ontario, and England.

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