Bray Wyatt Branded a Liar, Uncle Howdy Delivers a Warning, More on Latest WWE QR Code from SmackDown

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Tonight’s WWE SmackDown on FS1 saw Bray Wyatt deliver a promo from the ring to address his demons, in a segment that ended with a closer look at Uncle Howdy.

Wyatt came to the ring for the show-closing segment and said he could really get use to the cheers from the fans, which brought out a “welcome back!” chant from then St. Louis crowd. Wyatt said the reactions make him feel vulnerable, like he needs to do something loud. He went on and said he wanted to show the fans something he’s proud of, pointing to how this was just Wyatt and the fans – no mask he’s hiding behind, no smoke and mirrors, just Wyatt and the fans. He told the crowd to get used to it being just Bray Wyatt, the real man.

Wyatt continued and said this is the best version of him that he will ever be. He said he will do some spectacular things while he’s here. He then talked about how he’s been completely out of control for most of his life, and he can’t help that, but his emotions don’t work like most other people as he can’t control them some times, and at other times they can send him to a very dark place, and at other times he can’t feel anything at all, no matter how hard he tries. Wyatt said he had to do some really horrible things to get here, and there’s part of him that is truly not afraid to do the things needed. The screen then flashed and a QR code was shown on the screen before Uncle Howdy also appeared.

The Uncle Howdy character spoke from the big screen, and appeared to be Wyatt wearing a larger mask, which you can see below.

“Who am I? I’m just a ghost of the man who sold (saved?) the world, of course,” Howdy said, laughing. “You are a fool. You killed (sold?) the world, you sent him away, and now… now the reason why you are just a shell of what you once were. I say teach you to revel in what you are. But you sir, but you are a liar. You’re a liar. You claim you don’t wear a mask, but we both know that’s not true, don’t we? You will never be able to hide from me, your Uncle Howdy.”

The segment ended with a tear running down Howdy’s face before the graphics flashed and the Wyatt logo appeared on the big screen while Wyatt watched from the ring, and SmackDown went off the air.

Regarding the QR code, the link ( goes to a photo of Wyatt with his eyes crossed out in red. The word “LIAR” appears over the photo numerous times. You can see the photo below. When you turn the end of the WWE website URL into a YouTube video ID (fregObNcHC8), it links to the MTV Unplugged version of Nirvana’s “The Man Who Sold The World” song.

It’s been reported that Wyatt is slotted internally as the #1 SmackDown babyface on the roster, but he remains on the WWE Alumni roster on the official WWE website, and has not been publicly assigned to the blue brand or red brand roster yet. There’s also no word yet on when Wyatt will return to in-ring action for WWE.

Below are photos and videos of Wyatt and Howdy on this week’s SmackDown, along with a photo from the QR code link:

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