Ken Shamrock Talks His Recent NJPW Appearance and How It Came Together

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Ken Shamrock isn’t done with professional wrestling just yet.

The World’s Most Dangerous Man made a surprise appearance for NJPW last October, where he confronted Japanese legend Minoru Suzuki at the Rumble On 44th Street event. Shamrock spoke about the cameo during a recent interview with WrestlingNews.Co, and let fans know that he does NOT consider himself retired from the sport just yet. Highlights can be found below.

On the appearance coming together:

They contacted me, they wanted to know if I wanted to come in and do a spot in there. I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and then I heard it was with Suzuki, and I was like, ‘Oh, outstanding.’ I really thought maybe they were putting something together, to start something between me and him because it’s been so long since me and him have been able to really get in the ring and do anything. So I really thought there was gonna be something there, but unfortunately, it was just a spot. They told me that. ‘No, we’re just doing a spot, just want to give the fans a treat.’ So we went and did that. It was fun to see him again, it was really awesome because he’s one of the guys in the beginning that really helped sharpen my skills along with [Masakatsu] Funaki, so it was great to be in there with him.

Whether he’s retired from wrestling:

No, no, not from wrestling.

Says his main focus is Valor but fans haven’t seen him for the last time in a wrestling ring:

We’ll just have to wait and see. Right now, truly right now, I am so focused on Valor, really trying to get that promotion up and going. We have a great opportunity to be able to try and change the look of the bare-knuckle sport, being able to clean it up, being able to make it look professional and bring it to the fans because I know they love it, and the numbers show it. It’s just really packaging it so it’s acceptable in mainstream.

In a separate interview, Shamrock looked back on his decision to leave UFC and join WWE. You can read about that here.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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