MLW Fusion TV Report 8/10/19

MLW Fusion TV Report 8/10/19

The first match was between Bestia 666 and Rey Horus. A great match for the lucha libre lovers. Bestia 666 gets the win to pick up his second win in MLW.

In a Contra Unit video it is revealed that they have a new member named Ikuro Kwon.

Josef Samael and Simon Gotch defeat Ariel Dominguez and Jay Sky in quick and dominant fashion.

The main event for the National Openweight championship was between the champion Alexander Hammerstone and the debuting Savio Vega. With the help of MJF, Hammerstone retains his title. Pillman Jr takes the red jacket of Hammerstone while Vega is helped by medics on his way to the back.

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