ROH Honor Reigns Supreme Results From Concord, NC 1/12/2020

ROH Honor Reigns Supreme Results From Concord, NC 1/12/2020

– Honor Reigns Supreme is live from the Cobarrus Arena in Concord, NC.

– Tonight’s show will be called by Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman.

– Nick Aldis immediately shows up to ROH commentary, accompanied by members of Strictly Business. He tells Marty Scurll that, since he showed up to NWA, he’s here in ROH. He’s here to expose Scurll as a fraud.

Before Aldis can say anything else, Villain Enterprises’ Brody King and Flip Gordon show up to run them off.

The commentary continue running down the card for the rest of the night.

Match: Andrew Everett vs. Rey Horus

Code of Honor is adhered to. They chain wrestle, but Horus quickly takes control with a wristlock. They trade submissions before breaking it up. Everett hits a springboard dropkick that sends Horus outside the ring. Every hits a massive moonsault from the top rope onto a standing Horus. Everett rolls him back in.

Everett with a knife-edge chop that sends Horus into the corner. Horus dodges a corner clothesline, jumps off the turnbuckle, and nails a tornado hiptoss. Everett goes flying out of the ring. Horus flies out of the ring and lands onto Everett.

They both roll back into the ring. They trade offensive. Rey gets Everett into the corner and lays into him with chops. Everett rolls out of the ring. He runs around the ring and slides in, but Horus springs off the turnbuckle and nails him mid-roll with a leg drop.

Horus runs off the ropes, but Everett ducks and hits a springboard moonsault to pin him. Horus kicks out at 2. Horus takes Everett down to the mat and applies a leglock. Everett struggles but eventually makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Everett rolls out of the ring. Horus reaches through the ropes to pull him back in by the hair, but Everett flips backwards and hits a pele kick.

Inside the ring, Everett hit a tornado DDT. Everett lands a tall moonsault then gets the pin. Horus kicks out at 2. Everett goes back up to the turnbuckle, but Horus meets him up there this time. Horus jumps off with a top rope Franksteiner into a pin modification for the win.

Winner: Rey Horus

Match: Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry vs. The Briscoes

Dalton Castle is out first with his elaborate entrance. He’s accompanied by two men that the commentators still refer to as “the boys” despite them not being the original twins. Joe Hendry is out next to his custom theme song. The Briscoes are out next.

Before the bell can ring, Brian Johnson comes out with a microphone. He says its been over a year and he’s still not plastered all over the promotional work. He runs down the Briscoes. He tells Dalton Castle that he’d run through him, too. He calls Joe Hendry the new shiny toy. PJ Black comes down to calm him down at ringside.

Dalton Castle grabs a microphone and tells Johnson that he’s acting like a real silly goose. Castle says he’s interested in what Jay Briscoe has to say. Jay says he wants Johnson to get in the ring so he can get his ass beat. Jay asks if the crowd wants a three-way tag match. They don’t react, but Jay says they’re going to do the damn thing.

Johnson says he “wants the peacock.” Castle gets in Johnson’s face. He reaches into his trunks, pulls out his fist, then flips him off. Castle tags in Jay Briscoe, he jumps into the ring and aggressively punches Johnson in the face. He tags in Mark, and the two Briscoes double team Johnson with a shoulder block.

Everyone takes turns beating on Johnson a while. Johnson decides he’s done. He says screw everyone and jumps off the apron. He turns to leave, but Mark Briscoe does a baseball slide that takes him down. All hell breaks out from here as all three teams battle outside the ring. While a big group of them trade blows on the floor, Mark sets up a chair inside the ring. Mark jumps off the chair and hits a flip that takes out everyone.

Recovering back in the ring, Joe Hendry hits a fallaway slam on both Johnson and PJ Black at the same time. Mark Briscoe takes out Hendry from behind. Mark and Castle trade offense in the ring now. They fight to the outside of the ring. Johnson climbs the turnbuckle. Hendry stands up in the ring. Johnson flies off with a crossbody, but Hendry casually walks away to avoid it.

All three teams take turns hitting offense that takes each other out of the ring now. Johnson sneaks behind Jay and tries to take him out. He nails a reverse DDT. He celebrates without getting any kind of pin. Hendry rolls into the ring and looks disappointed in Johnson as he continues to celebrate without pinning anyone. He turns around and Hendry nails a Codebreaker. He bounces up and Castle hits his bulldog finisher on him. Hendry gets the pin and the victory for his team.

Winners: Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry

-After the match, Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry celebrate their victory inside the ring. They wave their hands from side to side.

Commentary explain the situation between Nicole Savoy and Sumie Sakai.

Match: Sumie Sakai vs. Nicole Savoy

No code of honor adhered to. As soon as Savoy entered the ring, Sakai started attacking her. The bell rang while she was laying into her with punches. Sakai is trying her hardest to show her heel side. Sakai holds off and taunts her in the ring, but Savoy comes back with punches of her own. They battle onto the apron. Sakai hits a stunner on the apron. She rolls Savoy to the center of the ring for a pin. Only a 1 count.

Sakai stomps all over her in the corner of the ring. Sakai applies a Steiner Recliner but she pulls on her hair to apply it instead. Sakai hits a second turnbuckle dropkick. She gets a pin, but only a 1 count. She’s irritated. She lifts Savoy, but Savoy turns it around on her. She drops her to the turnbuckle. They fight to the top. Savoy hits a butterfly suplex off the top turnbuckle.

Savoy continues her offense on Sakai. Savoy has her in a submission, but Sakai is able to reverse it into an armbar. Sakai holds the armbar off the apron. The referee starts it count to break it, but she holds it until the last moment.

Back inside the ring, Sakai lowblows the referee. While he’s distracted, Savoy hits a half dragon suplex pin, but there’s no referee to count. She lets go and see what’s going on. Sakai gets a chain and wraps it around her wrist. Savoy goes to kick her, but Sakai blocks it with the chains. Sakai lays into her with the chain. She nails the Smash Mouth as soon as the referee recovers for the win.

Winner: Sumie Sakai

-After the match, Sumie tries to take a little girls unicorn headband, but they steal it back.

-Commercial for

Match: Dak Draper vs. Danhausen

Code of honor is adhered to. Draper doesn’t know what to think of Danhausen but he’s not amused. Draper easily tosses him around the ring. Danhausen escapes the beating and jumps on Draper’s back. While in a chinlock, Danhausen licks his face.

Danhausen does manage to control a lot of the match from here. He plays to the crowd after each match, including humming a tune. Draper catches him during a crossbody and its all downhill for Danhausen from here. Draper hits a lot of offense on Danhausen. Every time Danhausen tries to fight back, Draper overpowers him for more offense.

Danhausen keeps talking despite the beating he’s receiving. Draper lifts him up for the Magnum KO, but Danhausen reverses it in mid-air with a tornado DDT. The crowd is getting behind Danhausen. Danhausen hits two clotheslines into the corner. Danhausen with a german suplex now. Instead of going for the pin, Danhausen grabs a jar of human teeth. He dumps them into Draper’s mouth. He nails a pump kick to Draper’s jaw and goes for the pin. Only a 1.

Draper goes for another Magnum KO, but Danhausen reverses it into a roll-up. Draper kicks out at 2. Draper dodges a clothesline and hits a springboard back elbow. Draper yells, “Shame on you!” Draper nails the Magnum KO successfully this time for the win.

Winner: Dak Draper

-After the match, Draper tosses a participation ribbon in the face of Danhausen and leaves.

Match: Alex Zayne vs. Bandido

Code of honor is adhered to. Fans are really behind Bandido. They lock up. Bandido does a backflip to escape, then does his gun finger taunt right in Zayne’s face. They lock up again. They both do flips to escape. Zayne hits a hip toss then drop kicks him out of the ring. Zayne flies over the top rope but misses Bandido. Bandido runs into the ring, then jumps over the top rope onto Zayne.

The both roll into the ring. Bandido holds control. Bandido does a hurricanrana that sends Zayne to the corner. He hits several shoulder tackles to the gut. Bandido tries whipping him to the other corner, but Zayne reverses it. Zayne hits a hurricanrana, then a standing shooting star for a pin. Bandido kicks out at 2. Bandido rolls outside the ring.

Zayne launches himself over the ropes, but Bandido pulls him by the legs. Zayne falls to the floor. It looks like he slipped and just fell. Bandido attacks him on the floor. He rolls him into the ring. Zayne drops kicks him which sends Bandido outside. Zayne jumps over the top ropes and nails it this time.

They both roll into the ring. Bandido hits a pop-up cutter but can’t get the pin. Zayne hits a flipping a Harlem scissor kick to the back of Bandido’s neck. Zayne does a gutwrench powerbomb pin attempt, but Bandido kicks out at 2.

The trade knee shots now. Bandido hits the X-Knee. He goes for a running knee, but Zayne dashes to meet him and hits one of his own. Both men are down in the middle of the ring. They fight to the top of the turnbuckle. Zayne knocks Bandido off. Zayne does a flip and tries to hit a hurricane, but Bandido catches him and turns it into a powerbomb. Bandido picks him up and drags him to the turnbuckle. Bandido hits a Super Cutter off the turnbuckle. He goes for the pin, but only gets a very close 2.

Bandido calls for his finisher, but Zayne hits a pele kick. Zayne goes to the turnbuckle and does a shooting star knee to Bandido’s back. Zayne hits a pump-handle driver for the pin and victory.

Winner: Alex Zayne

-The commentators can’t believe it. Alex Zayne joins a very short list of people to ever beat Bandido. After the match, they shake hands as a show of respect.

-Shane Taylor comes out says that he’s done with ROH. They won’t catch him in ROH but he will be wrestling for another company. Shane Taylor name drops other promotions then storms out.

Match: Vincent and Bateman (w/Vita Vonstarr and Chuckles) vs. Lifeblood (Tracey Williams, Mark Haskins)

Vincent and his carnival of freaks are out first. Lifeblood is out next. Lifeblood go to pose in the ring, but Bateman and Vincent attack them. The bell rings, no code of honor here.

They double team Tracey Williams, but he rolls out of the way and tags in Mark Haskins. Lifeblood double teams Vincent. Vincent tags in Bateman. Haskins tags in Williams. Williams takes control of Bateman. Bateman pretends to hurt his knee. While the referee checks on him, the other members of Vincent’s group attacks Williams outside the ring. The roll him back in.

Bateman and Vincent double team Williams. Vincent takes a cheapshot at Haskins and knocks him off the apron. Haskins tries to get in the ring, but the referee stops him. Vincent keeps Williams in his corner and beats on him with punches to the head. They take turns tagging in and out. Williams is able to escape with a roll and tags in Haskins. Haskins comes in fired up. He takes both Vincent and Bateman out of the ring. Haskins pretends to do a suicide dive onto Vincent outside the ring, but fakes it and goes back inside the ring. He attacks Bateman outside the ring instead, runs back into the ring, and this time really does hit a suicide dive onto Vincent. He rolls him back in and goes for the StompBoy, but Vincent rolls away.

Vonstarr tries to distract Haskins but it doesn’t work. Haskins tags in Williams. Williams climbs up the turnbuckle. Vincent fights him up top, but Williams hits a jumping DDT. Haskins and Williams hit a powerbomb combo on him and go for the pin, but its only a 2.

Bateman enters the ring but Lifeblood take him out. They hit a superkick/piledriver combination, then Haskins applies a sharpshooter. Chuckles the Clown inters the ring with a block of wood and hits Haskins from behind for the disqualification.

Winners by DQ: Mark Haskins and Tracey Williams

– All four members of the clown posse attack Haskins and threaten to break Haskins legs like in the movie Misery, however, Tracey Williams runs in with a chair to chase them all away. The carnival crew retreat to the back.

Match: The Bouncers and 2Guys1Tag (Josh Woods, Silas Young) vs. Dan Maff, Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal, and Jonathan Gresham

The Bouncers make their way to the ring from the bar with some beer. Josh Woods and Silas Young are out next and Woods looks happy to be here as usual. Dan Maff is out next and introduces his partner Jeff Cobb. Cobb and Maff look awkward together. Code of honor is adhered to by every team.

Lethal and Gresham argue with Cobb and Maff. The Bouncers and 2Guys1Tag joke around. Commentators remind us that Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young don’t get along, even though that feud was dropped as soon as it started.

Young and Gresham start the match. Gresham and Young try to out wrestle each other, but they can’t. Meanwhile in the corner, Woods and the Bouncers are having a great time. The Bouncers take a moment to get a cup of beer. Young is able to control Gresham and forces him into a pin, but Gresham easily kicks out. Gresham tries to outwrestle him again but Young easily controls it. Gresham panics and backs away.

Young and Gresham do monkey flips around the ring but they keep reversing them. Gresham tries to outwrestle him again, but once again Young overpowers him. Gresham panics once again and backs away. Woods says it looks like fun and tags in. Gresham asks if that’s the guy he beat last night. Woods takes Gresham down, and Gresham retreats outside the ring. Gresham grabs a steel chair and threatens to take it inside the ring. He thinks twice and drops it. Lethal gets tagged in.

Woods challenges Lethal to cross an imaginary line he drew. Lethal says, “I’mma learn you something, boy.” They lock-up, but Woods rolls him around the ring. Woods shoulder tackles Lethal to the ground and smiles over him. Lethal gets to his feet and hits a dropkick. Woods goes to his corner and tags in Beer City Bruiser.

Bruiser said that the wrestling portion of the night is over and he’s just going to punch him in the mouth. Jay Lethal looks over at the referee and says, “He’s drunk. Are we going to allow this?” Bruiser approaches him but Lethal punches him instead. He goes for a second punch but Bruiser ducks it. He does his punches followed by the biting. Lethal rolls away and tags in Jeff Cobb.

Cobb is irritated as how Lethal tagged him in but his fine. Bruiser and Cobb clash in the middle of the ring but neither men go down. They keep trying. Bruiser goes off the ropes, but Cobb hits a standing dropkick that knocks Brusier to his corner. Brian tags himself in.

Brian runs over Cobb. Brian hits a butt-bomb. Cobb rolls over and tags in Dan Maff. Maff and Brian come face to face. They start trading blows, but Maff gets control. He punches Brian into the corner. He tries to irish whip him into the corner but he can’t. He hits a few more punches and goes for the irish whip again. He does this time, but Brian reverses it. Brian goes for a splash in the corner, but Maff gets his elbow up. Maff jumps off the second turnbuckle for a crossbody, but Brian catches him. Maff escapes and tags in Cobb. Brian tags in Woods.

Woods is in hot. He brings it to Cobb and hits a T-bone suplex. Woods goes off the ropes, but Lethal and Gresham pull him out of the ring. They start attacking Woods outside the ring. They tell the referee they’re just trying to help him back in the ring. Cobb tags in Lethal. Lethal saddles Woods and lays into him with fists the face.

Lethal tags in Gresham. Gresham attacks Brian in the corner. While the referee is distracted, Gresham attacks Woods in his own corner but none of his teammates help him. Gresham tags back in Lethal. Lethal stomps on Woods. Lethal tags back in Gresham, but that makes Maff mad. He tells him to tag him in, but Lethal says I don’t think so. Gresham attacks Woods knee that still hurts from last night.

Gresham tags in Lethal. They double suplex Woods then attack all of him partners off the apron. They go to double team Woods again, but this time Woods suplexes Lethal and hits Gresham in the face with a knee. Woods makes a desperate tag to Silas Young.

Young comes in and takes down Lethal and Gresham. Young hits a plunge followed by a handstand elbow drop. Lethal tries to come in but he takes him out. Maff comes in know and he’s able to run over Young. Bruiser comes in and attacks Maff. Maff is staggering and dizzy. He turns around and chops Gresham on accident. Maff hits a spear on Young and goes for the pin. Young kicks out on two.

Woods enters the ring and hits a german suplex on Maff. Cobb takes out Lethal outside the ring. Maff and Cobb double team Woods and Young now. Bruiser is tagged in. Cobb is tagged in. Cobb tries to hit a T-bone suplex on Brian but he can’t get him up. Brian hits a sidewalk slam instead. Bruiser goes off the top rope with a frogsplash pin. He gets to two, but Maff breaks it up. 2Guys1Tag enter the ring and take out Maff. Chaos breaks out. Bruiser turns around inside the ring to get a Tour of the Islands from Cobb for the win.

Winners: Jeff Cobb, Dan Maff, Jay Lethal, and Jonathan Gresham

-After the match, Lethal and Gresham grab their titles and enter the ring. They celebrate with their titles in the face of Cobb and Maff. 2Guys1Tag try to enter the ring but they swing their tag belts to chase them off. Maff grabs on of the belts from Lethal and leaves with it. Jeff Cobb stops him and tells him to give it back. Maff tosses it back in the ring, and Jeff Cobb thinks its funny. Maff is furious.

-We get a vignette for Rhett Titus. Titus is throwing a tantrum backstage. His wife calms him down by putting his baby in his arms. He calms down, but apologizes for losing again. He tells Kenny King that this is not over.

-Bully Ray comes out to a lot of boos. Bully pretends to high five a little girl, but leaves her hanging. Bully asks for a microphone. He asks Bobby Cruise to get in the ring. Commentators remind us that Bully Ray shoved him to the mat last night. Bully tells Cruise that he’s a good announcer, ROH is lucky to have him, and what he did last night was wrong… Then he pushes him down again. He tells Cruise that he was a stupid smuck two nights in a row. He tells someone to get the trash out of the ring.

Bully calls out of a fan who is flipping him off. He calls hers ugly. He asks the guy next to her if he’s with her. He says he is. Bully asks if he’s really going to admit that he’s with her in public. He asks if he regrets waking up every morning and seeing that. Then he tells the guy that if he were a real man he’d enter the ring and do something about it, but he’s not.

He tells everyone that Maria Manic was hospitalized last night. He says that she’s hospitalized last night because she’s like everyone else in the arena tonight… a coward. He goes through the audience calling them all cowards while Maria Manic runs the ring. He turns around and she spears him. Manic lays into him with punches. The Allure runs in from backstage. She sees them and flattens them with clotheslines. Maria gets Angelina Love up in a torture wrack. She turns around and sees Bully in her face. She drops Love, but Bully clotheslines her.

Love grabs a steel chair outside the ring and slides it in for Bully. He smashes into Manic’s back with the chair. Bully sets up a table in the corner. He sets her up with a powerbomb, but she lowblows him. She yells, “You’re not a bully, you’re a bitch!” Then she tosses him through the table. The Allure panic and retreat to the back.

Maria Manic marches to the back. Bully Ray has to be assisted out of the ring by a crew. On his way to the back, Bobby Cruise takes a mic and says, “Bully before you go, I just wanted to say one thing… you suck.” Bully looks mad but keeps hobbling to the back.

Match: Flip Gordon vs. Flamita

Flamita is on the offensive. Flip rolls out of the ring to stay away, but Flamita dives outside and takes him down. Gordon rolls into the ring. Flamita climbs the apron and goes for a springboard, but Flip hits a dropkick that knocks him back outside the ring. Flip beats Flamita around the floor before rolling him back in. Flip stomps him and goes for a pin, but only gets a 1.

Flip puts him in head vice. Flamita fights out with elbow jabs, then slaps Flip in the face. Flamita hits an enziguri. Flamita with a tornado DDT and spikes his head to the mat. Flamita turns a bottlefly into a double-knee backbreaker. Flamita goes for a pin, but only a 2. Flip ducks two kicks then hits a springboard spear. Flamita hits a pele kick and takes out Flip. Flamita hits a frogsplash. He goes back up and does a 450, but Flip gets his knees up and rolls him up. Flamita kicks out, but Flip quickly applies the STF (Submit to Flip) and locks it in. Flamita taps.

Winner: Flip Gordon

-After the match, Flip rips off the mask of Flamita and walks around the floor with it. He tosses it back in the ring and walks to the back. The referee gives Flamita back the mask. The cameras never once panned over to Flamita as a show of respect to an unmasked luchadore.

Match: Los Ingobernables (Rush, Dragon Lee, Kenny King w/Amy Rose) vs. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Brody King, PCO)

No code of honor here. Los Ingobernables do a fist bump pose inside the ring, and Marty Scurll doesn’t seem amused. Dragon Lee and Scrull chain wrestle but neither can take control. They tag in Brody King and Kenny King respectively.

Brody overpowers Kenny around the ring. Kenny tries using his speed but he can’t. Brody keeps knocking him around. Kenny tags in Rush. Brody acts like he’s going to lock up, then tags in PCO. Fans chant for PCO as he enters the ring. They trade blows to the head in the middle of the ring. Rush goes off the ropes for a clothesline but PCO spears him. PCO rushes Rush, but Rush tosses him into his corner. Rush runs to the Villains’ corner and knocks them both off the apron. The Villains run to the other corner on the floor and now both teams are battling outside the ring.

Chaos ensues on the floor. Inside the ring, Dragon Lee locks in a boston crab on PCO. Rush mocks the PCO chants while PCO struggles to get to the ropes. Lee tags in Kenny. Kenny hits a springboard leg drop on PCO. Kenny tags in Dragon Lee. Los Ingobernables triple team PCO in the corner now. They choke him in the corner while the referee is distracted by the Villains trying to get in the ring.

Rush and Lee try to hit a double clothesline on PCO, but he ducks it and takes them both down with a clothesline instead. PCO tags in Brody King now. Brody runs through everyone. He hits Kenny and Rush with multiple clotheslines in the corner. Brody and Scurll hit a sunset flip/german suplex combo on Kenny King. Kenny tags in Lee. They all gang up on Brody, who tags in Scurll. They triple team Scurll now with three dropkicks at once. They triple team PCO now. The triple team Brody. Lee covers Brody for a pin, but only gets a 2. Lee calls for the Incinerator Knee, but Brody grabs him and tosses him to the mat.

Brody chops him. Lee chops him back. Brody chops him again. He tells Lee to do it again. Lee goes to swing, stops, and spits in his face. Lee tags in Rush. Rush tries to attack Brody and PCO, but they double chokeslam him. PCO hits the PCO-Sault on Rush. He goes for a pin. It gets to two, but Lee comes off the turnbuckle and breaks up the pin with a flying stomp.

All hell breaks loose with everyone hitting an offensive move that takes someone out. The sequence ends with Scurll hitting a flipping DDT on Dragon Lee. Everyone is down. Kenny and Scurll are the first ones up. They trade offense in the ring. Scurll hits a brainbuster on Kenny. Brody and Scurll hit a huge double team on Kenny King. Brody dives out of the ring and takes out Rush and Lee. PCO hits a senton splash onto Kenny on the apron. Scrull calls for the chickenwing onto Kenny King and locks it in successfully.

Kenny King reverses it into a pin, but Scurll escapes. Dragon Lee and Scurll trade blows up the turnbuckle. Los Ingobernables hit a triple team powerbomb/stomp combo onto Marty Scurll and pin him clean in the center of the ring.

Winners: Los Ingobernables

They celebrate in the ring as the show quickly goes off the air.

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