WWE 205 Live Results 3/20/2020

WWE 205 Live Results 3/20/2020

WWE 205 Live (3/20/2020)

WWE returned from their own Performance Center training facility in Orlando, Florida for this week’s edition of WWE 205 Live, featuring the latest weekly action from the Cruiserweight-themed show, immediately following the WWE Friday Night SmackDown broadcast.

Featured below are WWE 205 Live results from March 20, 2020.


Danny Burch vs. Joaquin Wilde

Out first is Joaquin Wilde as his music sounds in the WWE Performance Center arena. Wilde makes his way down the ramp as he dances and showboats his way into the ring. Wilde removes his gear and awaits his opponent.

Jon Quasto and Aiden English welcome us to 205 Live from the announcer’s table at ringside. Out next is Danny Burch as his music sounds, Burch quickly makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with Wilde. The match is announced as the bell rings and the match officially begins.

Wilde and Burch waste no time as they move in on one another for an early lock-up to start off this match. As they break free, they both go in once more, another lock up between the two superstars. Burch able to lock in a hold on Wilde who attempts to make his way out only to have Burch lock in tighter.

Burch sends the match to the outside as he pulls Wilde out of the ring. Burch sends Wilde into the barricade as the referee begins the count. Wilde lands a kick to the face or Burch. Wilde climbs high and flies through the air off the barricade onto Burch.

As the referee gets to the count of nine, Wilde throws Burch back in the ring, then climbs in himself. Wilde focuses on the right arm of Burch, then going into a pin attempt. Burch kicks out at two. Wilde locks in an Arm Bar, Burch struggling to not tap, Wilde gets a leg over Burch, Burch finally makes it to the ropes. The referee forces a break.

An Elbow to the jaw of Burch as Wilde goes right back into his submission attempt, grabbing the right arm of Burch. Burch gets a foot up towards the face of Wilde, flailing and finally getting to his knees. Burch able to break free and land a few powerful rights on Wilde. Burch picking up steam as he lands a Clothesline. Burch with a kick to the jaw of Wilde in the corner.

Burch with the Missile Dropkick and the cover, Wilde kicks out at two. Wilde attempts to get the Wilde Thing on Burch who counters with a quick roll up, Wilde kicks out. Double Knees to the chest of Burch by Wilde. Instead of going for the cover, he makes his way to the top, only to roll through as Burch moves out of the way.

Burch with a Headbutt followed by a Crossface on Wilde who taps out rather quickly, Burch back to his feet as the referee raises his arm in victory.

Winner: Danny Burch

After the Match

Danny Burch stands in the center of the ring throwing up a peace sign as we go to commercial break.

Announcer’s Table

As we are welcomed back to 205 Live the 5 on 5 Match is hyped by Aiden English and Jon Quasto as they show a video clip from the match that took place on last Friday’s 205 Live as they recap the highlights from the match, Team NXT ultimately taking the win.

John Cena is shown watching 205 Live from “the crowd” as he’s watching from the sidelines. Cena said he was taking notes as he watched. Several of the superstars from 205 Live tweeted thanking Cena for being there, the tweets are shown.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Oney Lorcan

Out first is Isaiah “Swerve” Scott as his music sounds in the empty WWE Performance Center arena. Out next is Oney Lorcan as he quickly makes his way to the ring where Swerve is awaiting his opponent. The bell rings and the match begins.

Lorcan and Swerve lock up to begin the match. Lorcan bulldogs Swerve into the corner of the ring. They make their way back to the center of the ring where the two begin to grapple, Lorcan getting a Waistlock on Swerve who counters with a lock up of his own. A quick cover by Swerve, Lorcan kicks out immediately.
Lorcan back to his feet, Swerve stands back up and the two circle each other and another lock up by Lorcan who flips Swerve back to the mat. Lorcan driving his knee into the back of Swerve then his head into Swerve’s back. Swerve fights his way back to his feet, Lorcan still holding both Swerve’s wrists behind his back.

Swerve finally breaks free and the match quickly picks up it’s pace as Swerve gains momentum and gets the upper hand on Lorcan. Lorcan is taken down by Swerve, but grabs the bottom rope causing the referee to force Swerve to break his hold.

Lorcan lands a massive Chop to the chest of Swerve, followed by a Boston Uppercut. Swerve charges in only to meet a Back Elbow. Lorcan with a quick roll up on swerve. Small Package by Swerve, Lorcan kicks out this time. Tilt a Whirl by Swerve, Lorcan kicks out. Swerve gets back to his feet as Lorcan lays on the mat.

Swerve to the top, Lorcan attempts to knock Swerve off the top. Swerve falls to the outside following a slam to his leg on the rope by Lorcan. The referee begins the count, Swerve re-enters the ring. Lorcan goes for the pin, Swerve kicks out. Lorcan focuses on the left leg of Swerve, pulling on and slamming his leg. Swerve throws a few strikes, causing Lorcan to let go.

Swerve gets another big Chop from Lorcan followed by a Body Slam for the cover. Swerve kicks out at the last second. Lorcan continues to focus on the now injured leg of Swerve for a couple minutes of the match.

Finally Swerve lands a massive Clothesline turning Lorcan inside out. Swerve makes his way to the top and lands on Lorcan. Lorcan charges at Swerve, Swerve ducks and Lorcan falls over the top rope and onto the apron. Swerve with a boot to the face of Lorcan.

Swerve rolls back into the ring with a Flatliner on Lorcan for a 2 count. Lorcan back to his feet with a big Chop to the chest of Swerve. Lorcan places Swerve on the top turnbuckle, looking for the Half and Half. Swerve with a Back Elbow, Lorcan falls to the mat. Swerve lands a move on Lorcan off the top for the three count and the win.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

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