nXt Results- December 12, 2018 (North American Championship Defended)

nXt Results- December 12, 2018 (North American Championship Defended)

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WWE nXt Results

December 12, 2018

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Bobby Fish w. Undisputed Era vs. EC3

Cole, Strong, O'Reilly & Fish beat up on EC3 post match on December 12.
Adam Cole asks for the mic, following their entrance. He tells the audience the holidays are starting early. Fish will eliminate the top 1% of morons, EC3. EC3 thought he could elevate his career to new heights. But, this is the Undisputed Era’s world. Everything in nXt revolves around them. 2018 was the start of a decade of dominance.

Cole makes a promise. In 2019, the 4 of them will be draped in championship gold. That is undisputed.

Cue EC3’s music. Plenty of nX3 signs in one section of the crowd. EC3’s all business to start this match.

Highlights include:

Big powerbomb by EC3 when he catches Fish trying to take out his knee. Texas clothesline and both men go over the top rope. EC3 is hyped up, getting cheers from the crowd. He rolls Fish back into the ring.

He stays on Fish until Strong and O’Reilly leap up on the apron, distracting him. Fish capitalizes on the diversion and chops out EC3’s knee. Now it’s all Fish, and he delivers punches to the kidneys and kicks to the left leg. Dragon screw.
Fish avoids the corner attack from EC3 and attacks with an exploder suplex. 2 count. EC3 counters with his own vertical suplex, and both men are gasping for air.

Bodyslam and then EC3 asks Fish to say his name! Namedrop (elbow drop). He clears the apron of O’Reilly and Strong, but, again, Fish targets the right leg and takes EC3 down. Inside cradle, trapping that right leg. 1-2-3.

Winner: via pinfall in 4 minutes

Post-match, immediately following the pin, all 4 members of the Undisputed Era beat up on EC3. Heavy Machinery’s music hits and here they come! They clear the ring and even trap O’Reilly before he can leave. EC3 recovers to deliver the One Percenter to him!

Dozovic looks around at the crowd and EC3 begins pumping his arm. Dozovic joins and here…comes… the caterpillar! Huge elbow drop! That seems like a message that they’re coming for those nXt Tag Team Championships.

1 cool point for Fish for his opportunistic win. The Undisputed Era’s game plan worked perfectly, and Fish executed it well. 1 cool point for EC3 who looks great in the ring. He’s getting over his catchphrases and signature moves, and I’m curious to see if the feud will continue in singles or tag.

Earlier today, Dakota Kai and Io Shirai are interviewed, outside at Full Sail. They’re asked about the Horsewomen who continue to get involved in Baszler’s matches. Kai and Shirai say they’re not taking that anymore. They want Duke and Shafir in a tag match next week.

Two weeks ago, we see footage of The Mighty’s post-match attack on Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan. Their rematch is next.

Second Segment: The Mighty vs. Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan

Burch & Lorcan prepare their opponent for an assisted DDT, during a match on December 12.
Highlights include:

Lorcan launches himself to the outside to take out Thorne & Miller with his somersault splash over the ropes.
Miller’s tagged in for a corner clothesline and spinebuster off the ropes. 1-2- kickout. The Mighty beat up on Lorcan until he can get to Burch. That fresh energy leads to a turning point in the match. Burch beats up on both Thorne & Miller with dropkicks from the floor and off the turnbuckle.

Burch tries to get Miller up on his shoulders, but Miller drops down. Thorne seizes Miller and lifts him up by the legs to Lorcan on the turnbuckle. Miller prepares for a superplex just as Thorne powerbombs his partner for a simultaneous powerbomb/suplex manoeuvre. 1-2-….Burch interrupts the count!

Incredible running cannonball by Thorne, getting a step up from the back of his partner, Miller, in mid-ring. They lift up Lorcan, intending to do a double powerslam, but Lorcan counters it into a double DDT! Loud slaps from Lorcan on Thorne. This angers The Mighty who slap back. Lorcan evades. Thorne & Miller slap each other!

Lorcan tags in Burch. Assisted DDT. 1-2-3.

Winners: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan via pinfall in 5 minutes

1 cool point for both teams. Lively tag match, and you could palpably tell Burch & Lorcan were pissed off with what The Mighty had done last week. Getting the win allows them to resolve that issue, and move up the ranks in the division. Great seeing the “face” teams get some time to shine.

Last week, Aleister Black announced his intention to get a nXt Championship rematch at Takeover: Phoenix. We see Gargano come down, and Ciampa reason with them to finish this feud in a steel cage. This includes the Black Mass to Ciampa after Gargano jumps down from the ring and watches from the ramp.

nXt receives a self-made video from Johnny Gargano to respond to Aleister Black. Gargano says he didn’t sin; he didn’t do anything wrong. The end justifies the means. People around the world will celebrate if he wins the nXt Championship. That justifies his attack on Black who continues to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

This is Gargano’s time. He will do whatever he has to do to end this story the right way, even if the devil was locked in the cage with him. The book will be closed next week.

A promo for Dijakovic is shown. He’s coming next week.

Third Segment: Baszler Interview

Cathy Kelley interviews nXt Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. Baszler says it doesn’t matter who wins that qualifying match. She’ll take home her title and they’ll be taking home a hospital bill.

When Duke and Shafir are asked about the tag match request, they just laugh. Baszler says they’re ready and accept the match.

nXt General Manager William Regal tweeted that Lacey Evans qualified for the #1 Contenders match. Footage is shown from last weekend’s house show match in Florida. So far, her and Bianca Belair are in the match.

#1 Contenders Fatal 4-Way Qualifying Match: Mia Kim vs. Reina Gonzalez

Mia Yim stands on the stage before her match against Reina Gonzalez, December 12, 2018
Highlights include:

Yim leaping and clinging to Gonzalez to try and submit her. Gonzalez keeps lifting Yim up and away, finally draping her, stomach-first, over the ropes. She puts the boots to Yim and then covers her for a 2 count.

Gonzalez continues to overwhelm Yim. Gutwrench suplex lift into a backbreaker rack. She squeezes Yim’s face and then shakes Yim on her shoulder.
Yim does finally counter it though. Hard chops to the chest. Knees to the face. Eat Defeat! 1-2-3.

Winner: Mia Yim via pinfall in 4 minutes

Mia Yim will advance to the #1 Contenders match in two weeks.

1 cool point for Gonzalez because she dominated most of the match. The pace was slower, though, and did not maintain the fluidity and pace of that first minute. Seemed to get choppier as it went. Yim’s seeing a lot of TV time lately, so her win is not a surprise. Difficult to see her being #1 contender already though.

A promo with Aleister Black is shown, in a black room, surrounded by smoke. Black doesn’t feel anything. Gargano will face total annihilation in the steel cage. There won’t be any running away. Everything that Gargano is and has ever done will simply fade to black.

Final Segment: Ricochet (c) vs. ??? for the nXt North American Championship

Ricochet told Watson earlier that he’s still beat up from WarGames, but he wouldn’t change a thing about how he wrestled that match.

The mystery opponent is… TYLER BREEZE! Breeze has returned to Full Sail! The announcers talk up the “sultan of selfies” as one of the bedrock, foundational members of nXt.

Breeze soaks in the “welcome back” chants from the FSU crowd. Ricochet nods in respect to the dueling chants for he and Breeze.

Highlights include:

A stiff somersault lariat by Ricochet leads to a moment on the outside where Ricochet flies off the apron, directly into a dropkick by Breeze. That stalls the champ’s momentum, and Breeze rolls him into the ring to stomp him down in the corner.

Breeze lifts Ricochet up on to the turnbuckle. Ricochet punches Breeze to the mat. He follows up with a somersault into a front dropkick.

Ricochet misses a tiger feint kick attempt in one corner, but he shakes that off, applies himself to stalling Breeze in the opposite corner, and nails him with the tiger feint kick there.

Standing shooting star press! 1-2- kickout! Ricochet catches his breath, hears the cheers of the crowd and considers his next move.

He heads back to the top rope, facing away from Breeze. Phoenix Splash attempt, but Breeze moves, and Ricochet lands on his feet before rolling away. The two engage in a back and forth of uppercuts and straight punches. Simultaneous kicks and forearms. Off the ropes, mid-air collision.

Both men get to the count of 5 before they start rising to their feet, continuing to exchange strikes but they’re sluggish. Clubbing forearms to the back of the neck and upper back. Suplex attempts countered by both men, back and forth. Ricochet and Breeze both land back flips over the other. Breeze finally nails the Supermodel kick on Ricochet. Reverse rana! 1-2- NO! Ricochet kicks out.

Ricochet and Breeze slowly walk from opposite corners to the middle. Ricochet says this is his house now. Breeze attempts another Supermodel kick. Blocked. Breeze with punches to Ricochet’s head. Huge kick by Ricochet causes Breeze to stagger. Jumping knee! Step-up enziguri. Ricochet catches the Beauty Shot attempt and he transitions it into a high-angle Michinoku Driver. 1-2-3!

Winner: Ricochet via pinfall in 10 minutes

Ricochet and Tyler Breeze exchange a handshake of respect following this match.

2 cool points for both the champion and the challenger. What a pleasure to see Tyler Breeze aka Prince Pretty back in an nXt ring. I’ve long felt that nXt would benefit from having main roster wrestlers return for short stints. It allows the main roster wrestlers a different environment in which to showcase their skills, and the nXt wrestlers benefit from a match that will get special attention.

Breeze was able to show off what made him a top star in nXt, keeping up with Ricochet’s speed and agility, matching him strike for strike. Ricochet has to go deep into his arsenal to win with a driver instead of a 720 splash. Man, his tumbling and his cardio are second to none.

What are your cool point suggestions from tonight’s show? What main roster wrestlers would you like to see in nXt? Who will the 4th woman be in the #1 Contenders Fatal Four Way? Share on all of this and more, below, in the comments section.

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