nXt Results- November 28, 2018 (Lee vs. Sullivan)

nXt Results- November 28, 2018 (Lee vs. Sullivan)

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WWE nXt Results

November 28, 2018

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Commentary by Vic Phillips and Nigel McGuinness

Opening Segment: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs. The Mighty

Double submissions by Burch & Lorcan on The Mighty, November 28, 2018 nXt

Quick tags by Burch & Lorcan to start this match off. They work on weakening the taped left shoulder of Thorne.

Tag is made to Miller. He battles Lorcan. Lorcan transitions from a pinning attempt to a single leg crab. Burch meets Thorne and takes him down for a crossface. Crowd loved that double submission.

They can’t keep up the momentum though. Thorne’s tagged back in, hitting an elbow from the second rope on to Lorcan’s back. Wishbone on Lorcan’s legs and that’s gotta hurt.

Chinlock applied by Thorne, which slows the pace of the match. Double Russian leg sweep. Follow up clothesline and a 2 count for Thorne.
This seems to awaken Lorcan who answers with hard chops. Uppercut by Thorne knocks Lorcan back to the mat. Another submission, this time it’s a vice-like grip on Lorcan’s head. Lorcan with the monkey toss and he leaps for Burch.

Tag is made. Burch takes care of business. Big back body drop on Miller. Awesome dropkick from the middle turnbuckle on Thorne. Kip up and Burch is pumped. He tags in Lorcan to prepare for their double team finisher. Miller interrupts that and collides with Burch through the ropes.

Thorne catches Lorcan, running the ropes, with a high-impact dropkick to the face. Crowd starts chanting “Oney”. Amazing half and half suplex. Thorne and Miller reunite on the outside. Lorcan throws himself into a somersault, splashing into his opponents!

Tag to Burch. Lorcan goes up top and maybe it will be a Doomsday Device. No, Thorne slips off and pushes Burch into Lorcan. Miller’s tagged in. They throw Lorcan into Burch. They pick him up, but Burch chops at the legs. Both men pin The Mighty for the victory!

Winners: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan via pinfall in 8 minutes

Post-match, Thorne & Miller attack Burch & Lorcan with elbows and kicks. Nasty club to the back of the head of Burch. Lorcan tries to fight back, but he’s thrown shoulder-first into the turnbuckle, not once but twice. Crowd chants “you still suck”, which is exactly what The Mighty want.

1 cool point for Burch & Lorcan for their gritty and tenacious win. They just keep scrapping until they can get the win, and this was very much a back and forth match. No team had the advantage for long. Crowd was hating on The Mighty pretty good, which is a good sign for the Tag Division.

A recap of the match between EC3 vs. Adam Cole, last month, is shown. Bobby Fish’s chairshot to the right knee of EC3 is shown, and that’s what took him out of action for the past month. He’s back tonight though, and that match is next!

Another look at the nXt Women’s Championship match from WarGames II is shown. Earlier tonight, nXt cameras caught up with Kairi Sane, Dakota Kai, and Io Shirai.

Sane says she’s not finished with Baszler. Kai says they’re not going to take it. Shirai says Sane is her best friend and she will protect her. All 3 of them are ready.

Second Segment: EC3 vs. Marcel Barthel

EC3 reminds fans and Barthel that he is the one percent in sports-entertainment, on November 28th's nXt show.

McGuinness makes a comment about Barthel’s theme music being interesting.

EC3 applies a headlock that he stubbornly holds on to for a while. Barthel breaks free in the corner and hits him with a step-up enziguri, after the referee breaks them up. He stays right on him with punches. Running kick, and then he takes a few moments to gloat on the middle turnbuckle. “USA” chants start up.

EC3 attempts a sunset flip, but Barthel turns it into a pretty impressive 360 shoulder buster on to the mat. 1-2- kickout! EC3 breaks out of a weak chinlock, throwing Barthel face first into the turnbuckle. Momentum change.

Off the ropes, back elbow by EC3. Powerslam. Jumping elbow drop on Barthel’s chest, and it’s time for the One Percenter. 1-2-3.

Winner: EC3 via pinfall in 4 minutes

Post-match, EC3 gets the mic. He calls out the Undisputed Era for not finishing the job, but says it’s not about the group. This is about Bobby Fish. EC3 says it’s not eye for an eye, he’s coming for Fish’s head, knees and everything in between. He says he’s a little vindictive and, undisputedly, the top 1 percent of this industry.

1 cool point for the return of EC3 to nXt TV. He takes a bit of a beating, but he had the crowd support all throughout the match. Fine finishing combination to take this match home. Always glad to see him getting mic time, too. A singles feud with Bobby Fish? Great for both guys to give them meaningful TV time.

Earlier this week, at the WWE Performance Center, nXt reporters try to get a word from Candice LeRae, but she ignores them.

Third Segment: Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Borne

Borne’s nickname, “The Vision”, gets some extra attention from McGuinness tonight. Seems he has quite a shine for her.
Quick start for Yim with multiple arm drags after Borne exits the handshake to slap Yim in the face.

Borne tries to leave the ring, and Yim drags her back in by the feet, even though Borne was holding the ringskirt. Borne pummels Yim in the corner once she’s in the ring. Unique offense as Borne nails Yim with a modified Broncobuster. Rolling suplex slam for a 2 count.

Borne locks Yim in with a rear chinlock. She brings Yim up to her feet and tries to slap her. Yim seizes the moment and rolls into an armbar submission attempt. Borne squirms free and grabs the rope to break the submission.

Yim traps Borne in a tarantula within the ropes for a 4 count. Strong kick to the chest. Dropkick. Yim’s on a roll. High kick to the face of Borne in the corner. EAT DEFEAT! 1-2-3.

Winner: Mia Yim via pinfall in 4 minutes

1 cool point for the hometown girl who gets the win. Mia Yim is quickly making an impression in the Women’s Division. I’d say she’s in the middle of the pack right now and ready to wrestle ladies like Evans and Cross.

A brief update is provided on an injury sustained by War Raider Hanson at WarGames. More details next week.

nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa sets up his camera for one of his self-directed promos. He tells us he only needed one opportunity to win the title and that he is the greatest sports-entertainer of all time. Next week, when he and “Goldie” arrive to the ring, he expects the nXt faithful to follow his lead.

Final Segment: Lars Sullivan vs. Keith Lee

Keith Lee with a rolling crossbody splash OVER the top rope to the outside on Lars Sullivan, Nov. 28 nXt

Highlights include:

Watching these two try to initimidate one another to start the match. Lee wags the finger at Sullivan when he tries to tackle him. Sullivan catches Lee mid-air and slams him into the corner. Lots of “oohs and aahs” after that.

Lee punches his way out of the corner. Sullivan responds with a helluva clothesline to knock Lee to the mat.

Lee springboards from the apron but he gets no height; his head lands directly on the outstretched foot of Sullivan. Ouch. Sullivan slams Lee for a 2 count. Sliding basement clothesline, followed up by a second rope headbutt! 1-2- Lee kicks out, but he’s hurting.

Sullivan wears down Lee with a headlock. He lifts Lee back to this feet and potatos him in the jaw, only to re-apply the headlock.
Lee drives Sullivan back into the turnbuckle, once, twice…and then Sullivan just throws Lee into the corner to break the hold. Sullivan charges. Lee leaps! Sullivan hits the ringpost! Momentum change.

A little boxing between the big men. Lee does hit the springboard crossbody from the apron this time. 1-2- Sullivan kicks out.
Lee delivers a few more heavy punches. Sullivan fires up and the two really let loose with some haymakers. Off adjacent ropes, Lee tackles Sullivan to the outside.

WOW! ROLLING LOG CROSSBODY! Lee tosses Sullivan in for a pinfall…Sullivan kicks out.
Lee goes to the top rope. Moonsault! Sullivan rolls out of the way. He responds with the FREAK ACCIDENT. 1-2-3.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via pinfall in 8 minutes

This is one of those occasions where Lee took one risk too many to try and defeat Sullivan. But he had to take that risk to win because Sullivan can endure so much. The visual appeal of these two big men fighting was big, and the match was fairly decent for a weekly show main event. 1 cool point for both guys, but an extra to Lee because of his crossbody to the outside. That was some spectacle to behold.

I think my biggest question after tonight is: Who can stop Lars Sullivan? He’s already been announced as “coming soon” to the main roster, so how does his story play out? Who sends him off?

What are your cool point suggestions from tonight’s show? Which wrestler do you miss seeing? Share on all of this and more, below, in the comments section.

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