ROH TV Results 9/23/2019

ROH TV Results 9/23/2019

-We open up with Lifeblood vs. Villain Enterprises from Saturday Night at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA. This match took place last month.

Match: Lifeblood vs. Villain Enterprises

-We see Lifeblood (Haskins, Williams) double team piledrive Brody King. They go for a pin and try to preoccupy PCO, but he pushes Haskins into the pin to break it up.

PCO and Haskins battle on the apron. Haskins nails a death valley driver on the bleeding PCO to send both men to the outside.

Brody King and Tracy Williams trade blows inside the ring. Williams gets the upperhand, but after bouncing off the ropes, Flip Gordon comes from behind and nails him with a chairshot to the back. King catches him with a Gonzobomb for the three count.

Winners: Villain Enterprises

Match: Vinnie Marseglia vs Bear City Bruiser

-Vinnie comes out first with his new red balloon gimmick. Bruiser is out next without Brian.

-The bell rings and Vinnie attacks from behind with the cheap shot. The fight spills onto the floor. Bruiser attempts a cannonball off the apron but Vinnie moves and he crash and burns. Vinnie goes off the apron himself but Bruiser catches him and chokeslams him onto the apron.

Bruiser climbs through the crowd and launches off a section through the crowd and onto a group of security, but Vinnie moved out of the way. Fans are chanting ROH now and we go to commercial as Vinnie waits in the ring.

Back from the break and Bruiser has the upperhand. He climbs the turnbuckle and attempts a Beer City Bomb but Vinnie moves. Vinnie now takes the advantage with a series of offense. He goes for a pin attempt but only gets a 1-count.

Bruiser tries to fight back but Vinnie keeps him grounded. Vinnie to the top turnbuckle. Bruiser stops him in his tracks with a fist to the head. Bruiser climbs up the turnbuckle as well. Bruiser tries for a superplex but Vinnie tosses him off. Vinnie quickly goes for the Red Rum swanton-bomb and a pin. Bruiser barely kicks out at 2 and Vinnie is surprised.

Vinnie goes for a punch but Bruiser bites his hand. The referee tells him not to bite but Bruiser says his “I can’t bite, I ain’t got no teeth.” Before he can finish his sentence, Vinnie gives him a superkick. Vinnie goes to fight, but Bruiser catches him with the Beer City DDT. Vinnie kicks out at 2. Bruiser looks shocked.

Bruiser keeps the upperhand with some punches in the corner. While the referee is distracted with Bruiser, Vinnie exposes the turnbuckle. Bruiser goes to attack, but Vinnie sends him face first into the exposed turnbuckle. He hits a running bulldog and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Vinnie Marseglia

-We get a rundown of the Final Battle tournament for a #1 contendership. Several of the first bracket matches will take place in the pre-show for Death Before Dishonor. The PPV will then conclude the tournament with a new #1 contender crowned.

-Backstage we discover that Brian of The Bouncers has been laid out with a baseball bat, and that’s why he didn’t accompany Beer City Bruiser to the ring earlier.

-We get a replay of The Allure’s promo against Sumie Sakai earlier this month. We see that Angelina Love tried to leave a fatal fourway match, but the other three participants dragged her back inside.

All three women take turns with offense and a pin attempt, but no one stays down. Sumie hits the Smash Mouth on both women, but she gets distracted by Mandy Leon who sprays her in the face. Angelina hits the Botox Injection and scores the pinfall.

Backstage, The Allure is being interviewed about stealing that win. Angelina takes offense to these claims. They pick on Quinn saying that her glasses are ugly and they need adjusted because they’re not cheating.

-In a fake Home Shopping Network commercial, Joe Hendry is trying to sell his World Champ t-shirt. Hendry offers a new t-shirt to Dalton Castle. It says “2nd Best” with bird poop. Hendry says his World Champ shirt is a statement of intent. Hendry says he’s not begging for a title shot; he’s going to take it. He says his shirt is for people who stand up for themselves and achieve goals. We see a plug for

-Inside the ring, we see Matt Taven’s promo during the Summer Supercard. He’s listing off all the men he’s defeated in the ring, including PCO and Jeff Cobb. He’s interrupted by Rush, who doesn’t look impressed.

The fans chant for Rush as he enters the ring. They meet in the middle, but Matt Taven leaves the ring to boos.

Match: Lifeblood (Bandido, Mark Haskins) vs. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Brody King)

-This match is from Honor For All.

-Bandido offers his hand, but Marty rejects it and tags in Brody.

-Bandido tries to lift Brody but he can’t. Brody smacks his chest and tells him to try harder. Bandido stomps his foot then drops him to the mat. Bandido and Brody King take turns with lucha moves. The crowd is reacting big for Brody King who is moving at the same speed of Bandido but three times his size.

Brody tags in Marty, but a series of miscommunication causes Villain Enterprises to hit each other twice. Haskins puts Marty and Brody in a submission at the same time. Bandido superkicks both men in the face.

Lifeblood tries to double team suplex Brody King, but he reverses it and suplexes them both. He’s not able to take advantage. Lifeblood continue their double teaming. We go to commercial.

Back from break, Marty Scurll has control. He’s calling for the chickenwing and rallies up the crowd, but he takes too much time. Mark Haskins hits a spinning heel kick to take him down. Haskins tags in Bandido.  Bandidio enters the ring with a corkscrews off the top rope.

Marty tags in Brody. Brody goes off the top rope and Bandido tries to catch him but both men fall clumsily to the mat. Brody tags in Marty. Haskins fires off with some offense to keep Marty down. Marty tags in Brody. Brody and Marty hit a double team in the corner, followed by a slingshot suplex, and a pin. Bandido kicks out at 2.

Marty powerbombs Bandido. He flips him up and Brody decks him in the face. Marty goes for a pin but Haskins dives in for the save.

Brody gets the upperhand on Bandido, but Bandido hits a crucifix driver. Marty comes in and hits a snapdragon suplex. Haskins comes in and hits a big boot on Marty. All four men are down now as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial. Bandido hits the X-Knee on Marty. Lifeblood hits a double team. Haskins goes down for the pin but Marty kicks out extremely close to 3.

Both teams take turns hitting offense and pin attempts but neither team can keep the other down. Lifeblood sends Brody over the top ropes with a double clothesline.

Bandido hits Marty with a 21-plex. Haskins locks in a submission. Brody goes to enter the ring but Bandido launches over the top rope to take him out. Marty has nowhere to go and taps out.

Winners: Lifeblood

-Backstage, Rush cuts a promo. It’s short and sweet. Rush says he will be the new champion at Death Before Dishonor. He’s coming for Matt Taven. End of show.

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