MLW Kings of Colosseum TV Report 7/6/19

MLW Kings of Colosseum TV Report 7/6/19

We are in Chicago, Illinois with Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini.

Alexander Hammerstone makes a “Star Spangled Hammer Challenge” for his MLW National Openweight Championship. Kotto Brazil takes up the challenge. Brazil brought a good fight but the power game of Hammerstone was too much. Alexander Hammerstone retains.

Myron Reed defeats Rey Horus. Jordan Oliver was ringside and distracted Rey Horus and Myron Reed was able to capitalize. They both attack Horus after the match.

Jim Cornette interviews Salina De La Renta. He asked her about if LA Park was there and if he was going take his shot. Of course she says it is confidential. Then Jim brings up Konnan. She tells him that she is not worried about him. Then Konnan comes out. He tells Salina that he has more talent coming. They both insult each other and call each other certain things. The Salina tells Konnan if he keeps this up she was going to reveal a secret all around the world about him and she angrily leaves the ring.

Jacob Fatu defeats ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor to become the new MLW Heavyweight Champion. Lawlor had openings but Fatu is so quick and powerful that it was too much for Lawlor and Fatu wins in dominant fashion.

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