MLW Fusion Results 4/13/19

MLW Fusion Results 4/13/19

The show starts by showing everything that happened at Battle Riot.

They are in New York City with Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini.

MJF vs Brian Pillman Jr: The match starts with some locking up. MJF shoves Pillman to the ground. The rest of the Dynasty is at ringside. They get involved which eventually leads to the Dynasty getting thrown out by the referee. Pillman comes back with some offense. He gets irish whipped by MJF with both giving many reverses and eventually Pillman hits a drop kick. MJF crawls to the bottom of the turnbuckle. Pillman runs looking to possibly kick him but just slaps MJF. Pillman uppercuts MJF and attempts to  irish whip him to other turnbuckle but does Pillman instead. MJF run towards him, Pillman dodges him, rolls MJF, he kicks out, pushes him towards turnbuckle and hits Pillmans left shoulder. MJF sees opportunity to work on his shoulder and arm attacking like a wolf. Pillman gets tossed using the bad arm. Both competitors go to top rope Pillman knocks him down and hits MJF with a cross body. After a little bit both competitors make it to their feet. Pillman chops away,irish whips him,lands a running forearm, and then a super kick. MJF tries to get breather and goes to turnbuckle. Pillman attempts to irish whip him but MJF yanks the bad arm. MJF runs towards him but Pillman lands a standing powerslam. Pillman covers but MJF kicks out. They both get to their feet. Now they go to opposite turnbuckles. Pillman runs towards him and MJF pulls referee in front of him. Pillman stops and MJF rakes him in the eye. The referee didnt see it. Quickly MJF jumps on top rope and hits a stomp to pillman left shoulder while he was standing. MJF rolls him up but Pillman powers out. MJF shows frustration towards referee. Pillman rolls him up for the win. Brian Pillman Jr wins.

Postmatch: Interviewer attempts to interview MJF but screams “I dont have time for this you bimbo!! That was a fluke and you all know it!!” He gives mic back and walks away.

They show replay of Lawlor conference when he got attacked by Contra Unit.

Salina De La Renta announces on May 4th episode of Fushion she will be executive producer for that show.

Callihan promo: So where have I been? I left with my tail between my legs when LA Park beat me. I traveled the world trying to figure out who is Sami Callihan but now I see. He is the Death Machine and is a draw not only in the world of MLW but to the world of professional wrestling. So now what? Cause Chaos? Check. Make people mad? Check. Beat LA Park and the rest of his crew? Check. I noticed one person I respect and I challenge Mance Warner next week. Im ready to set MLW world on fire, because the MLW world doesnt sleep and neither does the Death Machine  Sami Callihan. Thumbs up! Thumbs down!

Lance Anoai and Kimmy Yuta vs Myron Reed and Rich Swann: Reed and Yuta start it off. Yuta arm drags Reed and works on arm. Reed pushes him towards turnbuckle. Referee counts Reed backs away and hits Yuta with stiff right hand. Yuta comes back with right forearms and leads him to turnbuckle and starts stomping away on Reed. Reed slides out of ring. Reed slides back in and tags Swann in. Yuta tags Anoai in. Anoai drop kicks Swann. Anoai goes for back body drop but Swann goes face first instead and hits Swann with standing moonsault. Anoai covers Swann and kicks out. Anoai picks him up, chops him,takes him where Yuta is, and chops Swann again. He tags Yuta in. Now Yuta begins to chop him. Swann rakes his eyes and leads him to Reeds corner. Swann distracts referee and Reed in the corner rakes Yuta in the eyes and stops before referee turns around. Swann tags Reed in and both hit a double suplex. Reed covers and Yuta kicks out. Yuta tries to fight back but Reed hits a stiff  forearm. Reed covers again but Yuta kicks out. Reed gets frustrated. Reed brings Yuta to Swanns corner and Reed tags him in. Reed has him by arm Swann on top rope hits Yutas arm. Yuta tries to find offense but Swann takes him to different turnbuckle and chops him. Swann takes him to Reeds corner again and tags Reed in. Both hit another suplex on Yuta. Reed covers and Yuta kicks out. Reed hits forearm and tags Swann back in. Reed does a snapmare on Yuta,Swann kicks him in back of head,Reed lands a springboard leg drop to Yuta, and Swann follows it up by a running senton. Anoai tries to get crowd back into it to help Yuta. Yuta tries to fight back but to no prevail. Swann rakes his eyes again, takes him to Reeds corner again, and tags him in again. Reed stomps Yuta away in the corner. They attempt another suplex but Yuta gets out punches Reed. Swann grabs Reed and holds him. Reed runs toward him Yuta moves and arm drags Rich Swann. Yuta out of desperation runs to Anoai and tags him in. Anoai on offense strikes Swann. Anoai gets Swann in fireman carry. Reed runs towards him and Anoai drop kicks Reed and Samaon drop to Swann at the same time. He hits a running hip attack to both in seperate corners. Anoai throws Swann to the ground. Anoai goes up top. He attempts a 450 splash but misses. Reed launches himself from outside ring and hits Anoai with Reedcutter. Reed covers Anoai and Yuta breaks the count. Yuta throws Reed out of ring. Yuta springboards to outside and lands into a low blow. Reed holds Anoai down and Swann splashes him. Both go up top. Swann hits a 450 knee drop. Reed follows it up with 450 splash and gets the win. Winners Myron Reed and Rich Swann.

MLW Champion Tom Lawlor cuts promo saying for 22 years hes put it all on the line to call himself champion. In MLW I can now do that because I am your new world heavyweight champion. I’ve destroyed everything. From knees, acls, meniscus, and etc. I came back and won. I’ve had jaw broken but didnt realize it for weeks. My hand was broken. My arm was crushed. All of this was to win a match. None of that was as bad as Jacob Fatu falling on his ribs from the cage and broke his ribs. Jacob Fatu and the rest of the Contra Unit will feel pain. Luckily for you it wont be for a long time. You wont feel anything.

Sami Callihan answers LA Park challenge. They exchange blows and leads to a brawl out of ring with both using weapons against each other. Eventually get back in ring and referee gets knocked down. Callihan uses black bat and nails LA Park. Goes for a cover but referee is down. Prommociones Dorado come out and attack Callihan.  Daga comes out to the aid eventually they all are outside the ring and Daga springboards and takes out everyone. Back in the ring Callihan turns around and LA Park spears him and picks up the win. LA Park wins.


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