New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 29 Day 10 Report (B Block) | Aired 7/28/19

New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 29 Day 10 Report (B Block) | Aired 7/28/19

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Day 10 – Block B

Aired 7/28/19
Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Aichi

Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero on commentary which is PERFECTION.


This is Goto and Yano’s 3rd G1 meeting, and both prior matches together have only lasted about 3.5 minutes. Yano offers to trade shirts with Goto, who declines. We get the bell and Yano gets everyone cheering for CHAOS. Yano now tells Goto that he should do the same, and he does, Yano gets the crowd fired up but Yano then uses the t-shirt to blind goto and gets a rollup for 2! Another rollup gets 2, and Yano bails. Goto follows so Yano goes back inside and exposes the corner. Atomic drop by Yano who then pushes Goto into the exposed corner and rolls Goto up for 2. Goto blocks the low blow, ties up the legs in a grapevine and folds Yano over and GETS THE WIN!

Hirooki Goto (4) defeats Toru Yano (4) by pinfall via rollup

That was fun, Goto needed the win, Yano still has 2 wins and that makes me smile, and everyone goes home happy.


The bell rings and they go right at each other with tackles. They keep trading, they run the ropes, Juice gets a hip toss but Ishii hits a tackle and they go nose to nose. Chops traded, Juice is throwing bombs againts Ishii and plays dominant with him, and slaps him which wakes Ishii up. Juice says “come on motherfucker” and slaps him again so Ishii lays in THROAT CHOPS! The ref tries to get in between but Ishii backs him way off and throws more right into Juice’s throat, and slaps him back. Ishii now taunts Juice, hits headbutts and chops and Juice absorbs them and flips off Ishii. Another chop puts Juice down. Ishii taunts and talks shit to Juice who tries to fight up, landing forehead to forehead headbutts that have NO effect, and then Ishii lands one to the temple and Juice crumbles. They counter each other until Juice catches Ishii off the ropes into a spinebuster. Chants for Juice. Jabs connect but Ishii asks for more and fires back. They trade, Juice gets a series but Ishii cuts off the Left Hand before eating a running clothesline.

Juice hits a great full nelson bomb, cover but only 2, and he keeps the pressure on. He sits Ishii up top and looks for the super rana but Ishii holds on, then comes off the middle with a knee drop to the back of Juice’s head! Nice backdrop by Ishii, cover but only 2. Ishii gets the strike combo in the corner, Juice fades down so Ishii picks him back up and lays in more. They collide with a big tackle and fire up, then trade chops. Ishii drops Juice to his knees and lays in more, Juice comes back with more, hits corner clotheslines and a nice cannonball, and tells the ref to check on Ishii who is down but not out. Juice sits Ishii up top again and hits a superplex off the middle, but Ishii GETS RIGHT UP (FIGHTING SPIRIT!) and hits a powerslam, but Juice is back up too (FIGHTING SPIRIT!!!) and looks for Juice Box, Ishii blocks and looks for the sliding lariat, Juice evades, they trade and Juice hits a leg lariat but Ishii is back up and hits a release German suplex and FINALLY both go down in heaps! Nice sequence! Chants for Ishii.

Elbows by Juice, Ishii will not go down and fires back with elbows, Juice fires up and lays in shots but Ishii NO SELLS THE SHIT OUT OF IT, hits a thudding elbow, Juice no sells and hits a shot that staggers Ishii! Juice Box connects hard, cover but Ishii is out at 2! Pulp Friction is reversed, they block strikes, Ishii looks for VDB but Juice drops into Pulp Friction, Ishii counters with a short lariat, Juice hits a headbutt and a short lariat drops Ishii! Falling powerbomb from Juice connects, cover but only 2! GREAT sequence. Pulp Friction is blocked by Ishii again, Juice gets a corner clothesline but Ishii takes his head off with a lariat off the ropes. But Juice is right back up (MORE FIGHTING SPIRIT!!!), looks for Juice Box again but Ishii lands an enziguri to the side of the head. Juice hits a lariat, Ishii absorbs it and they trade headbutts with Juice finally going down, and Ishii turns Juice INSIDE OUT with a big lariat off the ropes! Cover but Juice is out at 2! Ishii calls for the end but Juice reverses it into a jackhammer! Juice fires up the crowd, they chant for him, Left Hand of God is blocked twice but Juice hits a right hand instead, Pulp Friction is countered again and Ishii throws Juice with a GREAT release Tiger Suplex, and lands the sliding lariat! Cover but still only 2! Ishii picks Juice up, VERTICAL DROP BRAINBUSTEEEEEEEER! Cover and thats the 3!

Tomohiro Ishii (6) defeats Juice Robinson (6) by pinfall via Vertical Drop Brainbuster
JAY’S RATING: 4.5 out of 5

ISHII IS SO MOTHERFUCKING GOOD. Like, its not just his whole pitbull thing. Its how he USES that persona to tell a story in the ring. And he is a master at pacing out a match, at creating memorable moments, of building tension and delivering the goods as he did once again here with Juice. And this takes nothing away from Juice who is having a good tournament as well and looked absolutely GREAT here. They both brought the war and kept it focused on just beating the everloving hell out of each other, and dear god did that choice work. Happy that Ishii takes the win to stay fully in the Finals race, and he delivers yet another MVP-level performance. WATCH THIS MATCH.


While Cobb is most likely out of it now (he too would need to win the next 5 in a row), he needs the win here in order to not fade into G1 obscurity at this point. We get the bell and Taichi extends the hand, and there’s no shenanigans… yet… They lock up and make the ropes for the break. Taichi extends the hand again, Cobb says they did that already, Taichi brings Miho Abe up on the apron and says to shake her hand and this distracts Cobb enough for Taichi to jump Cobb from behind. Cobb comes back with a nice tackle and lands a solid dropkick that sends Taichi outside. Nice pop. Taichi is sent into the barricade, Cobb looks for a lariat but Taichi uses Miho as a shield, Cobb pushes her aside and Taichi gets a shot with the mic stand. The action now spills into the announce area as Taichi beats down Cobb and gets a chair shot, and then uses a camera tripod to choke out Cobb. Taichi sends Cobb back inside and immediately chokes him into the corner, and then taunts Cobb. Cobb fires back, Taichi goes for the eyes and then hits Kawada Kicks until Cobb drives Taichi into the corner and lays in a series of elbows and clubbing blows. NICE corner clothesline puts Taichi down. Corner running Euro from Cobb connects, the Samoan Drop follows but the standing moonsault misses. Cobb gets the deadlift suplex instead, cover but only 2.

Taichi fights back and gets a kick to the back of the head in the corner, then lands a gamengiri and Cobb goes down. Buzzsaw kick lands with a thud, cover but Cobb kicks out at 2. THE PANTS GO FLYING! Thrust Kick is evaded, Cobb looks for Tour but Taichi escapes, Cobb lands a forearm and blocks the gamengiri, ducks the Axe Bomber but runs into Taichi and an Axe Bomber on the rebound. Taichi has been hitting that WELL. Black Mephisto is countered and Cobb hits rolling deadlift gutwrench suplexes, Taichi fires back with a head kick but Cobb turns it around with a GANZO piledriver. OOF. Cover but only 2. Tour of the Islands is countered, but Cobb pops Taichi into a powerbomb position and then pops that into a sidewinder Saito suplex. Tour is tried again but Taichi gets a cradle for 2. Another kick by Taichi, Axe Bomber to the back of the head and a gamengiri take Cobb down. Cobb cuts off the thrust kick with a superkick, mocks Taichi’s setup but Taichi shoves the ref in the way, Cobb blocks the low blow with a shot to the jaw and a headbutt and then turns Taichi inside out with a lariat. The standing moonsault follows, the straps come down and Cobb hits Tour of the Islands and covers and gets the WIN!

Jeff Cobb (4) defeats Taichi (4) by pinfall via Tour of the Islands
JAY’S RATING: 3 out of 5

This was a good match with Cobb looking quite good in picking up a needed win and Taichi going toe to toe with Cobb for some great moments outside of the treachery. Those Axe Bombers and gamengiris, right?


Jay needs the next 5 in a row in order to stay in the running. Chants for Shingo as Jay heads out of the ring to take control of the pace as usual. Shingo now holds the ropes for Jay to get back in the ring, and Jay does just to slither out again, Shingo follows this time and Jay strikes. Back inside but Shingo comes right back with a shoulder tackle. Headbutt by Shingo, Jay looks to bail but Shingo catches him and clotheslines him over the top to the floor. Shingo sends Jay into the apron, Jay tries to scramble away but Shingo stays dominant as they are on the apron. Gedo helps with a cheap shot, Jay tries to come back but gets sent into the barricade. Shingo rushes but Jay moves so Shingo hits the rail, and then drops Shingo with a DDT. Jay gets back inside and the ref counts, Shingo looks to get back inside but Jay intercepts outside and drives Shingo between the apron and barricade, then tosses him into the rail for good measure and poses to the crowd, and to Rocky. Back inside and Jay covers but Red Shoes refuses to count after the outside assault, and gets a pop, so Jay grounds Shingo. Neckbreaker by Jay, cover but only 2.

Cravate by Jay who uses the hair to ground Shingo, and taunts “Mr. Dragon”. They go head to head and trade shots, Jay blocks the double chop and uses the hair to take Shingo down again. Shingo gets behind Jay who fights out but Shingo grabs the hair now and Shingo lands the double chop to drop Jay. Tackle and slam by Shingo, Jay looks for a DDT but Shingo lands a suplex instead. Chants for Shingo. Noshigami is blocked twice but Shingo gets a DDT instead, cover but only 2. Another slam by Shingo who climbs but Jay rolls out of the way. Jay hits boots with a smile on his face, blocks a corner clothesline and hits a head and arm suplex on Shingo into the corner buckle. Running corner Euro by Jay, Bladebuster follows with a cover but only 2 for Jay. Uranage by Jay is blocked, shots by Jay followed by a flurry but Shingo gets a short thudding lariat, Jay cuts Shingo’s next shot off and hits a snap Saito, but SHINGO IS BACK UP! (FIGHTING SPIRIT!) Snap Saito by Shingo connects as well but Jay catches him with a flatliner and beautiful deadlift German. Uranage follows from Jay and he hits Shingo with the Kiwi Krusher, cover but only 2. Chants for Shingo.

Sleeper suplex is blocked and Shingo hits a headbutt, short right hand and short lariat to drop Jay. Shots traded, Shingo gets the strike advantage, and Jay tauntingly smacks Shingo’s cheek so Shingo lays in a clothesline. Elbows by Shingo, he wings up Pumping Bomber and Jay drops to evade it, with a smile on his face. Jay fights back but Shingo just THROWS him with a wheelbarrow suplex. Jay counters the sliding lariat into Blade Runner but Shingo counters, looks for Noshigami but Jay counters, backslides Shingo into Blade Runner but Shingo counters again and lands Noshigami! Chants for Shingo. Shingo fires up but Gedo grabs the ankle to cut off Pumping Bomber and Jay is able to evade again. Buckle bomb by Shingo, a lariat takes Jay down and he hits PUMPIIIIIIING BOMBEEEEEER! Cover but only 2. Last of the Dragon is set up but Jay fights out and grabs Red Shoes, Gedo is inside with the knucks but gets KOed by Shingo. Jay looks for Blade Runner, Shingo counters and hits Made in Japan! Cover but only 2. Shingo hoists Jay for Last of the Dragon, Jay looks for Blade Runner, Shingo counters but Jay lands 2 sleeper suplexes and a straight-jacket Bloody Sunday, follows with Blade Runner and covers to get his 2nd consecutive WIN.

Jay White (4) defeats Shingo Takagi (4) by pinfall via Blade Runner
JAY’S RATING: 3.8 out of 5

This was a very good match with Jay continuing his quest to now win 6 straight, with 4 wins left to complete his goal. Shingo looked outstanding against Jay, who continues to play the HHH-style heel to perfection for me. Shingo is definitely due to officially level up to Heavy, and the story with Jay remains compelling for me. Well done all around.


This is a big match no matter how you cut it, with Naito slow to build momentum this G1 and Mox just being on a TEAR through the company right now. Naito teases Mox on his entrance by moving suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper slowly and its kind of great, and keeps the mindgames going in the ring. It’s this side of Naito that also makes his matches with Yano so entertaining. Naito takes his dang time taking off the entrance gear, telling Mox to stay tranquilo. He makes a show of feeling the pressure which slows him down more. This is great. He finally throws his pants at Mox and a slugfest breaks out. Chops by Mox, Naito dumps him and teases the dive into Tranquilo. There was a moment where the crowd wasnt sure who to cheer for, and then a Naito chant grew. Interesting. Mox is back inside and Naito bails, so Mox offers a free shot. Naito teases getting back in but then stays outside, so Mox lays on the mat, Naito rolls inside but then rolls back out. Mox gives chase but now Naito lays on the mat. LOVE it. Naito now strikes Mox on the outside and whips him into the barricade.

Mox fires back and they spill through the gate and into the crowd. The fight goes deep as Mox hits shots in the crowd, then throws Naito back through the audience barricade near ringside. Mox now goes Tranquilo to play with Naito, and then dumps a barricade piece on top of Naito, Naito fires back but Mox counters and throws Naito into the chairs. Back at ringside and Mox throws Naito into the barricade, then does the Tranquilo fake-out to get in Naito’s head. Chants for Mox. Where has this Mox been all my life? Oh right. The ref starts to count but Naito rolls back in at 13 and Mox keeps the pressure on. Snap suplex by Mox gets 1, he covers again for 1 and then grounds Naito with a double wristlock, transitioning to an armbar. Naito fights back and steps on Mox’s face to get a break, Mox hits chops in the corner and they spit in each other’s face as Mox in unphased by Naito. Mox taunts Naito who fires back, but Mox catches the flying forearm into a nice uranage spike and then heads under the ring to bring out chairs, looking to Pillmanize Naito’s leg. Red Shoes tries to stop him and ends up pulling the chair away from Mox, Naito now throws the other chair into Mox’s hands and single leg dropkicks it right into Mox’s face.

Naito now puts the pressure on Mox, grabs an audience chair and hits a nice DDT onto the seat and plays to the crowd. Mox keeps coming but Naito sits him in the chair, gets distance all the way up the entrance way and then hits a great running single leg dropkick into the seated Mox. Back inside and Naito turns Mox inside out with a missile dropkick, looks for Combinacion Cabron, Mox puts the hands up so Naito waits, and waits, Mox takes his hands away and Naito hits the dropkick. Great stuff. Neckbreaker by Naito follows, cover but only 2. Mox fires back but Naito spits in Mox’s face, keeps on Mox but Mox comes back and stomps the mudhole, beating down Naito in the corner. Naito gets sat up top, Mox climbs and hits a butterfly superplex, covers but only gets 2. The Regal Knee misses and Naito follows with the step up tornado DDT, cover but only 2. Shots traded, Mox gets the advantage as Naito crumbles, Mox blocks an enziguri attempt and bites Naito but eats a flying forearm. Super rana by Naito connects UGLY but Naito runs right into a THUDDING discus lariat from Mox. Mox DRILLS Naito with the old-school Dirty Deeds headlock driver, cover but still only 2! The kneepad comes down and Mox hits the Regal Knee, cover but STILL only 2! Mox is in control, Death Rider is blocked and Naito bites Mox, Mox bites Naito back, elbows by Mox, enziguri by Naito and a running Destino connects! Cover but only 2 for Naito, who fires up. Destino is blocked and Mox hits the short Death Rider (fka Dirty Deeds) for 2! Death Rider connects BUT GOOD! Cover, and thats 3! HOLY SHIT!

Jon Moxley (10) defeats Testuya Naito (4) by pinfall via Death Rider
JAY’S RATING: 4 out of 5

This was a fantastic main event and for me a HUGE upset in the G1! Mox continues undefeated – and looking GREAT along the way – but also Naito now needs to really start winning for him to keep a Finals option in grasp. Naito was one of my front runners to set up a title for title at WrestleKingdom, but if we are heading that way in the end, I dont think the G1 is how we are getting there at this point. Naito is a consummate show-person and was brilliant here, and Mox is… renewed. Its amazing, and honestly makes me kind of emotional from a creative, artistic POV. Fucking awesome work.

After the match Mox gets the mic and says hi to Nagoya and says Naito is crazy. He says this is the moment when the doubters change their minds. This is the last chance to get on the bandwagon. Mox says he has a message to the obstacles in front of him: he will destroy them, he will not be denied, he refuses to lose, he’s willing it to happen. He’s winning G1 Climax 29. Well said. I like this Mox. A lot. This is a main event Mox. This is what so many up on high couldnt see the potential of, which is BOGGLING. Cheers, Mox.


This was a great day of action, and the drama only continues to build as the booking throws some expectations topsy-turvy in some genuinely interesting ways. Goto/Yano was exactly what it needed to be, Cobb notches a win and Jay White and Shingo delivered well as Jay’s G1 story continues to unfold. Ishii/Juice was utterly phenomenal, and honestly the best G1 match on this card – Vote for Ishii for G1 29 MVP. But the main event was great as well, and delivers on the drama front, as Mox picks up a HUGE win over my B Block favorite Naito. Now that we are deep and its going such a different route, I was feeling the Ibushi/Naito feud continuing in the G1 Finals, which would add such HUGE drama to that Final. But now? Mox is undefeated alongside Okada which makes me further feel a potential “first time in 20 years” angle with Okada. KENTA, Tanahashi and Ishii follow most closely behind, while Ibushi, Naito and White the potential come-up-from-the-bottom stories I could see unfolding. Good stuff.


Kazuchika Okada (5-0)


KENTA (4-1)


Hiroshi Tanahashi (3-2)


EVIL (3-2)


Kota Ibushi (3-2)


Lance Archer (2-3)


Will Ospreay (2-3)


SANADA (1-4)


Zack Sabre Jr (1-4)


Bad Luck Fale (1-4)



Jon Moxley (5-0)


Tomohiro Ishii (3-2)


Juice Robinson (3-2)


Jeff Cobb (2-3)


Taichi (2-3)


Hirooki Goto (2-3)


Toru Yano (2-3)


Tetsuya Naito (2-3)


Jay White (2-3)


Shingo Takagi (2-3)


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