nXt Results- January 9, 2019 (Cole vs. EC3 + Belair vs. Cross)

nXt Results- January 9, 2019 (Cole vs. EC3 + Belair vs. Cross)

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WWE nXt Results

January 9, 2019

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Gargano & Ricochet Find Reasons To Fight

Johnny Gargano & Ricochet stare one another down as they verbally spar in the ring on January 9th's nXt show.

Johnny Gargano’s music hits and he comes out to the ring to talk. He’s realized something over his Christmas break: the only things that matter here, in nXt are wins and championships. In 2019, he will win and he will become a champion.

He addresses nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa, but the crowd interrupts him with a “DIY” chant. Gargano says don’t get confused about a moment in the cage that meant nothing. It was a one-time thing, and it will never happen again. Ciampa’s still a piece of trash with a championship he wants.

That said, as soon as Ciampa shared the idea of Ricochet vs. Gargano, Ricochet fired words at Gargano. Ricochet may fly around the ring like a superhero…and here comes Ricochet’s theme music.

Ricochet, the nXt North American Champion, comes to the ring to face Gargano, suited up in a blue sportscoat and dress pants. He tells Gargano all he had to do was ask for an opportunity, but now he’s out here talking about taking his championship. Are you gonna take it from me face to face, or after attacking me from behind the back in the parking lot?

Apparently, Johnny Wrestling is now Johnny Takeover. Ricochet reminds homeboy that when it comes to nXt Takeover Phoenix, there will be one and only one man who will be North American Champion, and you’re looking at him.

Cue Tommaso Ciampa’s music and here comes the nXt Champion.

He stands on the stage with a mic and says let’s not get off track here.
Gargano tells him to shut up and to get out of here; this is not about Ciampa.

A guitar chord sounds, and it’s Aleister Black who’s up on the big screen. He says Ciampa better be concerned with him, not his dog of war. He will make Ciampa fade to black at Takeover: Phoenix.

The lights go out…and when they come up, Black is behind Ciampa on the ramp! He lets loose on the champ with punches and a nasty big boot to the face. They go up on the nXt announce table and Black almost suplexes Ciampa on it, but Ciampa evades it. The two of them bring their scuffle backstage.

Meanwhile, Gargano lays out Ricochet in the middle of the ring with a superkick. “Johnny Failure” chants ring out as he walks away from the damage he’s done. Ricochet does not like how that tasted and he’s slow to get to his feet.

“Holding My Breath” by Alien Weaponry is a theme song for Takeover: Phoenix.

nXt General Manager William Regal announced via Twitter today that the Undisputed Era will defend their nXt Tag Team Championships against War Raiders at Takeover: Phoenix.

Second Segment: Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair

Belair and Cross are tied up on the top turnbuckle during their January 9th match on nXt.

Watson reminds us that the two of them have wrestled twice and both matches did not finish with a proper result. Cross gets a huge pop from the fans at Full Sail.

A little shoving match to start this one. Cross with a crossbody and then, the two women reset. Cross waves her vest around like it’s her ponytail to mock Belair, but the crowd doesn’t pick up on it.

Beauty dropkick by Cross. She can’t follow it up though and, off the ropes, Cross flips around and spins on her to hit her with a hurricanrana.

Knocked to the outside, Belair can’t convert, but when Cross rolls her back in, she catches Cross on the turnbuckle. She presses her into the air and drops her flat on her stomach. Standing moonsault for a pinfall attempt.

Belair puts Cross in an abdominal stretch, putting pressure on the side and neck. Pumphandle backbreaker! 1-2- kickout.
Club to the back, and a suplex attempt that she really gutted out…Cross brings the momentum back to herself and nails Belair with a DDT! 1-2- kickout. Things have evened out here.

Right hands to Belair’s face by Cross. Another crossbody. Cross smothers Belair and then rushes her in the corner. Running bulldog. Swat Drop! 1-2- kickout again!

Cross goes for her finisher, but Belair evades it. She defends Cross on the ropes and nails her with a spear. Pinfall attempt is unsuccessful.

Cross is lying on the mat as Belair goes for a big splash! Double knees from Cross! Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker! Cross goes for the cover, but Belair rolls all the way out of the ring. She’s struggling on the ramp, and Cross climbs on to Belair’s back. Belair, like her first match, drops back, squishing Cross between her back and the steel ramp.

Belair collapses on the mat and the referee begins to count. Both women barely break the referee’s count at 9, and they rest under the ropes while the fans clap for them.

The two exchange a flurry of punches! It’s a brawl now. Belair goes for a spear and spears the turnbuckle. Cross with a quick cover. 1-2- kickout! Cross pulls at her hair in frustration.

When they return to their feet, Belair nails Cross off her feet with a blazing forearm. The referee begins to count. Cross rolls to the ropes and lifts herself to her feet in the corner. Belair finally gets a spear, lunging into Cross, lifting her off her feet. She lifts Cross to the top turnbuckle.

A struggle ensues. Cross shoves Belair to the mat. She flies…misses the crossbody. Belair…torture rack, K.O.D. That’s a wrap!

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall in 9 minutes

1 cool point for Belair’s hard-fought victory. She endured plenty of Cross’ offense but that roll-out, following the neckbreaker, was a turning point in this match. She remains undefeated, but Baszler is an entirely different competitor than Cross. It’s unclear how Belair intends to evade the Kirifuda Clutch.

1 cool point for Cross who is always entertaining and unpredictable in her matches. She didn’t do as much mocking or mind games against Belair, and she wasn’t too quick at some points

Third Segment: Street Profits in Twenty One Nine

The Street Profits cut a promo outside in town. Dawkins beatboxes and Ford lays down a lil’ rap about the new year. They try to get in a store, but the door is locked. Ford says no more locked doors this year. Dawkins tries a door, and it’s locked too! The third one opens for them.

Dawkins says they’ll be opening doors this year. They say they’re ready for teams like War Raiders and Undisputed Era. They’d like some gold. Dawkins says their TV show is the best in all the world. They motion for the camera to follow them and continue talking about how they never lost last year.

They begin to jog away as the camera fades. They’ll be in action next week.

Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner vs. Hector Kunsman & Ricardo Watts

These two have been seen in singles action, but this will be their first tag match on nXt TV. They’ve realized if they work together, they could be very successful in the Tag Team Division. They’re wearing black jackets and trunks.

Kunsman and Barthel start this one off. Arm submission by Kunsman, working both arms and forcing Kunsman to the mat. Front facelock is reversed by Kunsman. Takeover and the two grapple to the corner. Watts tags in. He’s overpowered by Barthel who applies pressure to the wrist. Watts flips out of it but he’s pushed down.

Aichner tags in. Huge size difference. Chops from Watts. Aichner throws Watts to the ropes. Watts is thrown into the air, but he catches Aichner with his legs. Tree of woe. Aichner flips him up again, but Watts escapes and rolls to tag in Kunsman.

Kunsman off the ropes. Aichner can’t do anything with him. Barthel tags in and the numbers game becomes too much. Kunsman does his best to punch both guys away, but Aichner eventually hits him with a spinebuster. Barthel with a boot to the face and a 2 count pinfall attempt.

Barthel stomps down Kunsman in their home corner. Tag to Aichner. Aichner rams Kunsman back into the home corner and stomps him down to the mat. Tag to Barthel. Aichner sets up Kunsman by the adjacent turnbuckle. Baseball slide kick sends Kunsman flying to the barricade. Rolled back into the ring, Kunsman with an enziguri and he tags in Watts.

Watts kicks Aichner to his knees. Off the ropes, somersault evades the clothesline and another big kick. Tag made to Barthel. Watts sits on the turnbuckle, but Barthel returns to the ring. ENziguri. He throws Watts to Aichner for a brainbuster.
Whoa. Powerbomb throw from Aichner into a bridging German Suplex by Barthel. He pins Watts for their first victory.

Winner: Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner via pinfall in 5 minutes

Surprisingly, I’m going to give Barthel & Aichner a cool point on their debut. That could have easily been the typical debut squash match but it wasn’t. Kunsman and Watts were pretty fiery and aggressive in the ring, and Barthel & Aichner had great opportunities to show off their offense, without it being boring to watch. Interesting double team finisher, too. I wonder if they’ll try that again next match.

Cathy Kelley catches up with Ricochet in the Full Sail parking lot. All the respect he had for Gargano has been superkicked away. He doesn’t care if it’s a title match at Takeover: Phoenix or not, he wants to take out Gargano.

Another theme for Takeover: Phoenix is “X” by Poppy.

A recap of last week’s match between Kassius Ohno and Matt Riddle is shown, highlighting the post-match attack by Ohno. Keith Lee is interviewed backstage about what happened to his good friend, Matt Riddle. Lee says that attack was unsettling. Lee invites Ohno to show up next week for a lesson on respect. Ohno will have no choice but to bask in Lee’s glory.

Main Event: Adam Cole w. Undisputed Era vs. EC3

The Undisputed Era comes out in full force to support their brother, Adam Cole “Bay-Bay”! All the guys are at ringside as this match begins.

Highlights include:

Great to hear Cole and EC3 verbally bragging at one another. Cole thinks he’s leapfrogging EC3 as they run the ropes. EC3 stops and just chops the crap out of Cole’s chest. Cole retreats to the outside. EC3 isn’t afraid to go out there and get Cole. No one interferes with him as the referee is looking on.

Sharp enziguri catches EC3 on the other side of the ring. Cole throws EC3 into the steel steps. He returns to the ring and gives himself some cheers, clasping both hands and shaking them in the air together.

Cole begins to target EC3’s injured left arm. Hangman neckbreaker and the pace has slowed right down. EC3 is vulnerable by the ropes. Cole attempts a suplex over the ropes. EC3 defends and he brings Cole back over the ropes with a vertical suplex!

EC3 blocks a few punches and lets go with a few of his own. Back elbow off the ropes. Powerslam. EC3’s on a roll. Off the ropes with a big elbow. Cole reverses a hold, but EC3 hits a reversal of his own for a 2 count pinfall attempt.
Running kick to the head of EC3 and Cole goes for a pinfall. EC3 kicks out.

Backstabber! 1-2- EC3 kicks out. This match will continue.

Cole lowers the kneepad. He misses the Last Shot. German Suplex by EC3. Clothesline and a back press for a 2 count. Close one there. Kneecap brainbuster!

Cole’s pulling and twisting on EC3’s left wrist. EC3 uses his brute strength to lift Cole up for a powerbomb. Unfortunately, the rest of the Undisputed Era seizes that moment to jump on the apron and distract EC3. He takes care of them but leaves himself open for a superkick… Last Shot from Cole. It’s over.

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall in 10 minutes

War Raider Hanson scowls at Roderick Strong and Kyle O'Reilly as he holds both of them by the neck on January 9th's nXt show.
Post-match, O’Reilly, Strong, and Fish beat up on EC3. Cole eggs them on. Here come the War Raiders though! They begin brawling 4 vs. 2. Strong and O’Reilly take on Hanson. He cartwheels out of the way of a clothesline and then shoves Strong away with one hand. Spinning heel kick on O’Reilly!

Rowe lays out Cole and Fish on the outside. He rolls in the ring and carries Strong across his arms. Hanson lifts O’Reilly on to Rowe’s shoulders! WOW! SLAM!

Guillotine leg drop by Hanson on O’Reilly who was being lifted up by Rowe. Remarkable offense! The Undisputed Era can do nothing but retreat up the ramp as the referee calls them all to separate. Looks like War Raiders are ready to end the Undisputed Era in two weeks’ time.

2 cool points for Adam Cole. He had a fantastic match, working over EC3’s injured arm and delivering his signature offense in a slick fashion. 1 cool point for EC3 for showing up and being his usual, charismatic self. This was simply not his match though and, aside from a few combinations, the outcome of this match was clearly going to be skewed in Cole’s favour.

Good vehicle to remind nXt fans of how devastating War Raiders are though. 1 cool point for their awesome post-match attack. I’m hyped up for them to rock Takeover: Phoenix!

Have you tweeted your nXt award votes? I’m doing one a day and I invite you to do the same, or leave them below in the comments section. Also, happy to discuss the almost complete Takeover: Phoenix card, along with your own cool points for tonight’s match, below, in the comments section.

Takeover: Phoenix Card

nXt Championship: Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Aleister Black (#1c)
Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Bianca Belair (#1c)
Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era (c) vs. War Raiders

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