Ring of Honor TV Report | Episode #398 | Aired on Fite 5/6/19

Ring of Honor TV Report | Episode #398 | Aired on Fite 5/6/19

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor TV
Episode #398
Aired on Fite 5/6/19
Stage AE, Pittsburgh PA

Ian Riccobani, Caprice Coleman & a shirtless Rhett Titus on commentary.

ELI ISOM (w/ Cheeseburger & Ryan Nova) vs PJ BLACK

We get a Code of Honor and the bell. Wrist-work and counterwrestling to start. Tackle by PJ drops Isom, arm drags ensue, sweep by PJ for 1, rollup by Isom for 2, they run the ropes and Isom drops PJ with a HHH knee. Nice sequence. PJ misses a spring but counters one from Isom into a full Boston Crab. Isom with a rollup for 2 but PJ catches him against the ropes as we go to BREAK. We’re back as PJ floats a snap suplex over into a butterfly lock while working the fingers and wrists. Isom powers out but PJ gets a rollup for 2 and a rocking horse into the bottom buckle. “PJ” chants. Isom counters a spring crossbody into a cover for 2 and looks for a dragon suplex, gets the straightjacket German instead with a release and both are down. Shots traded, PJ gets a series but Isom fires back, lands an enziguri and a pop-up Air Raid Crash, covers but only 2. Isom lands a suicide dive, but botches a spring bad but PJ covers by covering for 2. PJ sets Isom in the corner and hits a climbing rana, a springboard 450 (the Placedo Effect) and covers but only gets 2. Basement superkick connects and PJ lands a moonsault double stomp (The Wildness), covers and thats the 3.

PJ Black defeats Eli Isom by pinfall after The Wildness
JAY’S RATING: 2.8 out of 5

That was a really strong match to start the show, and save one unfortunate spot from Isom he continues to impress in big ways against big names. PJ has finally found his voice here as well, as there was a great sense of urgency, solid veteran work and enough Darewolf-iness to keep that nickname feeling earned. Well done by all.

After the match PJ extends the hand, Isom accepts.

We get a War of the Worlds promo – Check out Joey G.’S Results Reports from the BUFFALO, TORONTO and GRAND RAPIDS events!
The biggest news to me out of the tour so far has been that SHANE TAYLOR IS THE NEW ROH TELEVISION CHAMP! This dude has worked so fucking hard and has solidified his character and ring-work so much, this feels so distinctly well-earned and deserved. Congrats champ. 


We get some video recap of the debut of The Allure spoiling Kelly Klein’s title victory. Ray Lyn refuses the handshake and calls for the mic. Titus comments with suprise that Ray Lyn is getting mic time. She says she doesnt respect Kelly, says #NotMyChamp and says she will never shake her hand. “Kelly’s Gonna Kill You” chants. Kelly dominates the power game to start and outwrestles Lyn. Lyn uses the hair to take down Kelly and lands a dropkick to the back, and lays in boots and mounted shots as we go to BREAK. We’re back and Lyn sweeps Kelly and taunts her, and lands a basement running meteora for 1. Nice running corner knee by Lyn, who climbs and flies but Kelly catches her for a nice fallaway slam for a decent pop. Kelly now grounds Lyn by the hair (with ref Paul Turner saying nothing), and Kelly drops Lyn with a kick to the chest, follows with a standing K-Power and a cover for the 3 count.

Kelly Klein defeats Ray Lyn by pinfall after K-Power
JAY’S RATING: 2 out of 5

This was fairly straightforward match, with Klein looking dominant and hitting the spots she needed to and Ray Lyn showing some decent fire and character. Lyn might be one to develop. Solid work.

After the match Kelly takes the mic and says now you will respect me, and extends her hand which Ray Lyn accepts. Kelly says she will be a fighting champion, and is proud to represent WOH. She says becoming a 2x champ was the greatest victory of her career. But then someone decided to take that moment, someone wanted attention. She says they care about attention, I care about wrestling. Ring of Honor is about wrestling. Out comes The Allure in the form of Mandy Leon (WHY?) And Velvet Sky, but Angelina Love is behind her in the ring and nails the Botox Injection. She still lands that nice. Jenny Rose out to assist but eats a DDT from Mandy, and Love holds Jenny as Velvet defaces her with the lipstick, branding her with their logo. Still dont know how I feel about this, but Love taking the title is one thing that I could really get behind.


We see footage of Castle being utterly destroyed at G1 Supercard by Rush, and Castle subsequently taking it out on The Boys.

LIVE SEGMENT: Dalton Castle Speaks

Dalton emerges with mic and hand and comes down to the ring. ‘Where’s The Boys?” chants. Dalton says he sees people looking for answers. He says thats fair. Two people he owes more than anything, and he calls out The Boys, who emerge cautiously. Dalton says he wants to make things right. He says what happened at MSG was a mistake, it was wrong, he steps forward and the Boys step back to a reaction (nicely done). Dalton says he should have not taken his frustrations out on them, and what they had was special. Dalton says he wants to shoot forward together. The Boys open their arms to Dalton, we get a group hug, Dalton gets emotional, and says that what you are looking at is stronger than ever. He says you will never see him put his hands on his Boys ever again… BECAUSE THESE ARE NO BOYS OF HIS. Dalton proceeds to utterly demolish both of the Boys. Dalton goes to leave to jeers and boos, but then goes back and continues the assault. Dalton then takes the masks off each Boy. I REALLY LIKED THIS SEGMENT. Well thought out, well executed, and this feels like an INCREDIBLE level-up opportunity for Castle. I’m so down.

THE KINGDOM (Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan)
LIFEBLOOD (Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins)

The Kingdom strikes before the bell, but Lifeblood looks to counter and The Kingdom bails to evade as each team looks for the psychological advantage at the start. The Kingdom gets a distraction as Vinny pounces on Haskins, and they bring it deep into their corner. Tag to TK who lays in chops and an uppercut. Haskins fights back, blind tag to Tracy and they are able to get the double team on TK. Quick tag back to Haskins who monkey flips TK into a Tracy PK, cover by Haskins for 2. HUGE chop drops TK. Tag to Tracy who hits a knee to the shoulder and arm. Vinny in but Tracy counters and ties TK around Vinny to trap them both into a see-saw allowing Haskins and Tracy to hit chest kicks. Tag to Tracy and they hit double kicks and then turn over the STILL-TIED-UP Kingdom into double camel clutches, but ref Todd Sinclair calls for the break as we go to, well, BREAK.

We’re back and The Kingdom is in control, and we see a recap of how that happened. The Kingdom keeps the numbers game tight and Tracy cut off. Tracy fires back but Vinny hits a nice backdrop suplex, tag to TK who comes over the top with a stomp to Tracy’s now un-braced shoulder. Butterfly suplex by TK gets a 2 count. Tag to Vinny who keeps the pressure on, hitting a running flurry in his corner but Tracy escapes a suplex and gets a leg drop to the back of Vinny’s head. Tag to TK and tag to Haskins who is in hot, taking out both members of The Kingdom using crazy speed and strikes. Haskins counters a TK rollup into a crossface, transitions into a Rings of Saturn but Vinny involves himself to break it up before eating an apron PK and apron suplex by Haskins. TK with a surprise cradle for 2 but Haskins gets the draped kick, Tracy gets a tag and lands a frog splash for 2.

Tracy favors the shoulder and cant lift TK for the Piledriver, is able to get the top buckle DDT and a discus lariat for 2 and transitions into an ankle lock. Vinny breaks it with a pump kick and hits one on Haskins as well. They set up House of a Thousand Horses but TK cant get the hoist, Vinny gets dumped and Tracy drops TK on his knees as he takes out Vinny at ringside. Haskins locks in the Sharpshooter and pulls back and TK has no choice but to TAP!

Lifeblood defeats The Kingdom by submission via the Sharpshooter
JAY’S RATING: 3.5 out of 5

This was a great main event that really delivered on a number of levels. The Kingdom play their parts SO WELL, but they also looked great in taking the fall which they could afford to take as Tracy and Haskins continue to rise. And they both looked OUTSTANDING here, two more names who really fit the aesthetic of this company so perfectly its ridiculous. Haskins is rabid and Tracy is relentless, and I’m here for all of it whether as a tag team or in the singles world. Bring on more.

After the match Tracy grabs the mic and says that is what ROH is all about – taking care of business in the ring. Tracy now calls out Bully Ray, calling him a cancer to this company. And so they have to cut him out completely. They are the only people here who want Bully to come out right now, alone or not, and face them. Bully Ray emerges, and Tracy goads him. Bully asks if they are mad about Tenille. Bully jawjacks with the crowd and tells Tracy to throw him the mic, he gets it and says “Go To Hell” and tosses it back as he leaves. Short, sweet, exactly what this needed to be this early in the story. Dug it.


A really solid episode of TV this week capped off by a great main event and angle-build, with Lifeblood looking Bully Ray square in the eye. Dalton’s segment with The Boys I also felt was VERY well-handled, and I’m excited by what this new approach to his character could mean in the future, including title-wise. This was a refreshing episode of TV, and would make me want to see more as a first time viewer. Well done.

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