WWE nXt Results- May 2, 2018

WWE nXt Results- May 2, 2018

WWE nXt Results

May 2, 2018

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL
Commentary by Mauro Ranallo and Percy Watson

Opening Segment
We see a backstage promo with Undisputed Era, gloating about Adam Cole’s title defense over Oney Lorcan. Roderick Strong goes on to tell Pete Dunne what he’ll do to him tonight. The Undisputed Era is unstoppable.

Singles Match: Kairi Sane vs. Shazza McKenzie
McKenzie is from Australia; Sane is from Japan, comments Ranallo.
Sane and McKenzie trade punches and slaps. Sliding D into the corner on McKenzie. Sane climbs to the top turnbuckle…flying Kabuki elbow! Tokyo slam to go up top. Whoa! Flying elbow! 1-2-3.

Winner: Kairi Sane via pinfall in 2 minutes

Post-match, Lacey Evans walks out to the ring and says a true lady, with class, needs to be able to admit when she’s wrong. Evans is sorry and asks if Sane will accept her apology.
Sane puts her hand up, but doesn’t get to say anything because Evans clocks her with a knockout blow.

One cool point for Sane. She got her offense in and dominated this match in a timely fashion.

Backstage, Candice LeRae comments on how Ciampa will stop at nothing to hurt Gargano, and she doesn’t understand. They were family. He’s supposed to be gone. She’s in tears by the end of the interview and acknowledges she needs to prepare for her match, tonight, against Bianca Belair

Second Segment

Tag Team Match: Street Profits vs. TM61
Ford and Miller begin this match. Ford get his licks in and tags Dawkins. Short shoulder tackle on Miller. They clear house. Dawkins beats up on Miller, although he does miss a 360 splash in the corner. This allows Thorne to tag in. He tags Miller and they hit a standing moonsault/fish drop combo on Dawkins. 1-2- kickout!

Miller transitions to a sleeper hold before the two run the ropes and knock each other out.. Each man stretches towards the corner and get the hot tag. Ford shows his hangtime with a beauty back elbow on Thorne. He goes for the splash and gets brought over the ropes. Vicious boot by Ford on Locan.

Ford tries to roll up Thorne off the ropes, but Thorne counters it and get a little help from Miller placing his feet on the ropes for extra strength. 1-2-3.

Winners: TM61 via pinfall in 5 minutes

O cool points. It was cool to see TM61 get a surprise victory, and by cheating no less, but the match didn’t have time to get going.

Whoa! A tale of the tape is shown between Heavy Machinery and War Raiders!
Next Week War Raiders vs. Heavy Machinery

Third Segment

Up Next: Kona Reeves is in action

Backstage, Kassius Ohno is asked about Gargano and Ciampa. Ohno says Ciampa is a coward

Singles Match: Kona Reeves vs. Patrick Scott

Reeves is fairly vocal so far as he punishes his opponent into the corner a few times. He yells at his opponent a number of times. He whips Scott into the ropes for a back elbow. Reeves stomps down on Scott in the corner.
Suplex by “The Finest”. Off the second rope….falling back elbow on Scott! Hawaiian drop. 1-2-3.

Winner: Kona Reeves via pinfall in 2 minutes

One cool point for Reeves who represents himself well with intensity. His trash-talking in the ring was decent. So, too, was his wrestling.

A promo for ECIII is shown, which features some beautiful HD footage of ECIII inside and outside of the ring. He’s going to turn nXt into nX3, and his TV debut will be next week.

Fourth Segment

Earlier today, nXt reporters catch up with Dakota Kai who makes some observations about the great debuts of nXt stars on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live. They ask about Baszler. Kai doesn’t want to talk about it. Vanessa Borne enters the scene and says she sees “scaredy-cat” written all over Kai’s face. Borne isn’t scared of Baszler or Dakota Kai.

Kai says she’s not afraid of Borne. Borne leaves, but it sounds like the two ladies will fight soon.

Singles Match: Candice LeRae vs. Bianca Belair

Ranallo says Gargano’s recovery time is unknown and he is still suffering the effects of the attack on him by Ciampa.

LeRae starts on the defensive as Belair surprises her with her approach. LeRae hits a few manoeuvres, such as a great reversal and pinfall attempt out of a splash attempt.

Belair lifts LeRae across her shoulders for a torture rack submission. LeRae flips off of her and she’s no worse for the wear, pummeling Belair with jabs and forearms in the corner. She ascends to the top rope…missile dropkick! She goes for the tornado DDT but Belair counters and just chucks her to the mat. ALLEYOOP by Belair! 1-2-3.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall in 7 minutes

One cool point for Belair who gets a huge win over a struggling LeRae. Belair had an opportunity to show off her abilities a little more in this match because LeRae was such a good foil for her. The sooner a woman gets built up in this division, the sooner the champ, Baszler, will have someone to build a feud

Final Segment

Singles Match: Pete Dunne (UKc) vs. Roderick Strong w. Undisputed Era
Strong’s regular theme song starts up, but then it stops and the Undisputed Era theme begins. Cole and O’Reilly saunter down the ring, at a slower pace, well behind Strong.

The bell rings and the two guys tear into one another. After some back and forth in the ring, Dunne jumps from the apron and gets dropkicked by Strong in mid-air! Strong follows that up with a powerslam into the ring apron.
Strong rolls Dunne back into the ring and he’s firmly in charge, stomping on Dunne, and making cover attempts. Strong mocks Dunne to his face by pretending to have the title between his teeth. He continues to stomp down on Dunne. Strong locks up Dunne into a submission, wrenching back on the knees and applying pressure to the back.

Both men are back to their feet, exchanging strikes, until Dunne reverses an Irish Whip, flips backwards over the charging Strong. Step up enziguri by Dunne! Kick to the arm. Strong pulls Dunne through the ropes to the outside.
As Strong gets back to the ring, he nails Dunne with a high knee. He drapes Dunne over the middle rope…BACKBREAKER! 1-2- kickout by Dunne!

Another step up enziguri by Dunne. Big boots x2. Dunne reverses a slam and immobilizes Strong in the sleeper. He transitions to an armbar, but Strong gets to the rope to force the rope break.

Dunne literally catches one of Strong’s punches and proceeds to manipulate one of Strong’s fingers. German suplex! Superkick. BITTER END! 1-2…and here come the Undisputed Era to break the pinfall.

Referee calls for the bell as Cole and O’Reilly stomp on Dunne. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan run down to the ring and they pummel on the UE. It’s not too long before the Undisputed Era are sent packing out of the ring and up the ramp. Ranallo says this rivalry is far from over!

Winner: Pete Dunne via disqualification in 9 minutes

One cool point for both men who were wrestling a fairly engaging match that featured some innovative offense. It makes sense that we wouldn’t see a straightforward result tonight because there is a decent amount of bad blood, following Strong’s turn on Dunne at Takeover: NOLA.
One cool point for Lorcan and Burch for making the save because, now, Dunne has the two men he needs to take on the entire UE faction. I’m unsure if this feud will extend into June but, whether it’s on TV or at Takeover: Chicago, a 6-man tag would be fun.

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show. This was very much a piece-setting show…nothing too fancy or important, just pieces being put into place for a more exciting time in the future.

By the way, it’s a great time to get in on the writing action yourself by visiting the LOP Columns Forum . I’ve noticed some new names down there in the past month and frequent columns being shared. Definitely worth the bookmark and you’ll meet a great crew of fans and writers there.


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