MLW Fusion TV Report 5/4/19

MLW Fusion TV Report 5/4/19

We are in New York City with Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette

Low Ki defeats Daga. They are two bitter rivals. Daga seeking revenge after Low Ki ripped his ear. Low Ki hit a suplex that turned into a pin. Low Ki puts feet on rope for leverage to help him het the win.

Hijo De LA Park defeats Gringo Loco. Loco did what he could but Hijo De LA Park was the better man and gets the win.

LA Park defeats Pentagon Jr. For a guy his size, LA Park can move. That and his experience helped him get the win. The fight started out of ring and took forever to get back in the ring.

After the match Mance Warner and LA Park brawl to end the show.

It should be noted Sami Callihan was banned but managed to get in and attacked Martinez.


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