nXt Results- January 23, 2019 (Three Days Until Takeover: Phoenix)

nXt Results- January 23, 2019 (Three Days Until Takeover: Phoenix)

WWE nXt Results

January 23, 2019

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Velveteen Dream Returns to Full Sail

Big chants from the crowd when Dream enters the ring. He’s got a mic and a sparkle in his eye. He has something special in his sights. Full Sail, if you really know the Velveteen Dream, you’d know the sparkle in his eye is a sparkle for championship gold- specifically, the North American Championship.


Here comes Adam Cole and Bobby Fish of the Undisputed Era. Cole’s got a mic and he says 2019 will be the year of the Undisputed Era. They’re going to capture all the championship gold in nXt. O’Reilly & Strong are getting ready for another successful tag team title defense. Bobby and Adam, however, have no gold to speak of.

Soon, very soon, they will have gold around their waists. And Velveteen can dream on.

Fish says shame on Dream, coming out here, getting people’s hopes up.
“Shut up, Bobby” is yelled by the crowd.
Fish repeats what Cole said earlier about 2019, and that is undisputed.

Dream says he’s ready to dispute that claim, but only if it’s okay with Adam. Fish charges in, so does Cole, and Dream sends them both out the other side of the ring. He slithers out under the ropes and retreats up the ramp, posturing and taunting Fish and Cole, who are angrily jawing at him.

A promo for the nXt Takeover: Phoenix match between Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler and #1 Contender Bianca Belair is shown. It features some new interview footage, spliced with a highlight reel and a video shoot.

Highlights from the match between Kassius Ohno and Keith Lee are shown, including where Ohno won and Matt Riddle ran down to ringside to stand up for his friend. From that, nXt General Manager William Regal booked a return match, at Takeover: Phoenix, between Matt Riddle and Kassius Ohno.

Second Segment: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel

Lorcan and Barthel start this one off. Barthel pummels on Lorcan after an opening exchange. He tags in Aichner for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a 2 count. Aichner throws Lorcan back into the turnbuckle, and he and his partner stomp Lorcan down to the mat.

Barthel and Aichner execute a quick tag. Lorcan evades both men off the ropes. He tags in Burch. Right hands flying. Clotheslines. Double reversal on Aichner to bring him down. Headbutt to Barthel. Enziguri and a double foot dropkick on Aichner. Wow. Burch is on a roll.

Double team finisher? No. Barthel’s in to break it up. He slams Burch to the mat. Lorcan knocks him through the ropes. European uppercuts on Aichner. Aichner responds with a clothesline that flips Lorcan head over heels.
They place Lorcan on the top rope. Step up enziguri by Barthel.

This match is just flying. Brainbuster by Aichner. He follows it up with a diagonal MOONSAULT! 1-2- no! Lorcan’s set up for a powerbomb on Aichner’s shoulders. Barthel with a spinning shoulder block. Lorcan rolls through and he’s submitting Aichner in a single leg Boston crab. Burch tries to fend off Barthel. Barthel kicks at Lorcan to break the submission attempt. Burch and Barthel end up spilling to the outside.

Lorcan delivers some smashing slaps and a bullet-speed European uppercut to Aichner. Then, he dives through the ropes to take out Barthel. Aichner springs up to the top turnbuckle and FLIES with a plancha! Everybody’s down. “nXt” chant in full effect.
Scramble in the ring. Lorcan surprises Aichner with a rollup after Aichner misses his aerial attack.

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch via pinfall in 6 minutes

2 cool points for both teams. Wow. This was quick-paced, hard to keep up with, exciting tag team wrestling. They packed a lot of reversals, hard-hitting strikes and aerial moves into this match. Close win for Lorcan & Burch provides room for this feud to continue, and it really should. Crowd bought in heavily by the end, and it’s the kind of match that might give Aichner & Barthel some credibility.

“X” by Poppy is a theme song for Takeover: Phoenix.

A promo for the nXt Takeover: Phoenix match between nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa and Aleister Black is shown.

Third Segment: Kairi Sane & Io Shirai vs. Tanea Brooks & Amber Nova

Shirai and Sane smile, following their match on January 23, 2019, nXt TV.
Shirai and Nova start things off, switching side headlocks. Beauty backflip tumbling sequence from Shirai to knock Nova off her feet. She tags in Sane. Double team whip to the ropes and a hard chop by Sane. Double team whip again and they trip up Nova to set her up for a neckbreaker from Sane.

Sane stomps on the mat, gets the crowd clapping…Flying D! She’s up on the top rope, but Brooks distracts her. Nova tags in Brooks. Knee to the face of Sane. Brooks lifts Sane for a suplex. Sane shifts her weight and drops out. She catches Brooks off the ropes with a spear.

Tag to Shirai. Strong right hand to Brooks. Brooks is down. Double foot dropkick. Tiger Feint Kick! Springboard double dropkick on Nova and Brooks.

Sane’s back in and she’s calling for the elbow. Off the ropes, Shirai lifts Sane over her own head for an elbow drop. Moonsault by Shirai! 1-2-3.

Winners: Kairi Sane & Io Shirai via pinfall in 4 minutes

1 cool point for Sane & Shirai. I liked their double team finisher, which featured a little bit of teamwork and a little bit of their independence. Definitely a squash but it was fun all the way through.

Moments later, after the break, nXt cameras catch Sane & Shirai congratulating themselves on their victory. Shirai says no one can stop them. Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir walk up and they think differently. We’ll likely see a match between these two next week.

Fourth Segment: Velveteen Dream vs. Bobby Fish w. Adam Cole

Fish is in yellow and black trunks, Dream’s in magenta suede. Cole is at ringside, cheering on his brother.

Dream and Fish grapple a few times. Fish is the first to knock Dream off of his feet. Running the ropes, Dream catches Fish on his shoulders but Fish wiggles loose. Dropkick by Dream. Off the top, axe-handle. Dream tries to cover Fish, but Fish scrambles under the ropes.

Dream does some springboard work, but Fish evades it. He taunts Fish up to the apron and then catches him. When Fish gets to his feet, Dream flies again, from the top, with big air on a double axe-handle. Crowd eats it up.

Dream rolls Fish back into the ring. He lets loose with right hands, telling Cole that was for him “bay-bay”. More right hands. Fish grabs Dream from behind. Back elbow. Cole distracts Dream and Fish chops him to the outside. Fish with the dragon screw on Dream into the barricade, and Dream’s holding his left knee.

Back into the ring, Fish continues with knees to the abdomen. Springboard senton on Dream’s left knee. 1 count only.
Dream retreats to the opposite corner. Fish kicks the feet out from under him. Fish approaches. Dream kicks Fish away, gets to his feet, and he’s chopped down to the mat again. 1-2 kickout.

Single leg crab applied. Dream’s screaming in pain. He rolls over to get on his back and he kicks at Fish with the right leg to break the submission. Nasty knee strikes by Dream on Fish’s head. Off the second rope, dropkick! 1-2- Fish kicks out.

Dream hobbles a little but laces into Fish, in the corner, with right hands. Fish, off the ropes….intercepted for a spinebuster slam! Dream limps up to the top rope. PURPLE RAINMAKER. NO! Fish rolls out and captures Dream in a knee bar submission. Dream’s in agony. He stretches for the rope. Cole pulls it back on the outside and the referee doesn’t see it. Oh no! He does see it. Cole and Fish plead with the referee. Dream rolls up Fish for a 2 count.

Velveteen Dream prepares to fly from the top rope on to Undisputed Era's Bobby Fish during a match on January 23rd, 2019, nXt TV.
He catches Fish in a fireman’s carry but can’t maintain it. Fish charges…Dream sends him to the outside, taking out Cole in the process. Dream Valley Driver when Fish returns to the ring! PURPLE RAINMAKER for REAL. 1-2-3.

Winner: Velveteen Dream via pinfall in 7 minutes

Cole charges into the ring afterwards, but Dream slides under the ropes again and escapes.

2 cool points for Dream who fought through Fish’s (1 cool) pointed attack on the left knee to gut out a win. Really appreciated the finisher attempt but not fully connecting. So often, we see the finisher and a kick out. Also, plenty of springboard work from both Dream and Fish in this match. Impressive agility and quickness. Think this sets up a Dream/Cole feud?

“Holding My Breath” by Alien Weaponry is a theme song for Takeover: Phoenix.

Highlights of the Forgotten Sons destruction of the Street Profits are shown. Next week, those two teams will wrestle.

Main Event: Ricochet and Gargano Discuss Takeover: Phoenix

Ricochet holds up the nXt North American Championship belt, while standing in the ring during the final segment of January 23rd's nXt TV.
Ricochet, the nXt North American Champion, enters Full Sail and comes down to the ring with a mic. He addresses the blindsided attack and says 2019 Gargano is the same as 2018 Gargano. All Gargano did last year is show his true colours. The only person he cares about is himself. (This IS wrestling, right?)

Ricochet says he showed his true colours when he won the burgundy and gold North American Championship.
Gargano’s got the black WWE hoodie on as he walks down to the ring with a mic. He says he has a plan and he tries to attack Ricochet. Ricochet successfully fends him off and punches him to the outside.

As Ricochet faces away from the camera, nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa attacks Ricochet from behind, sending him to the ringside area below. Gargano looks on, questioningly, and then proceeds to rip into Ricochet with punches.
Ciampa claps and, suddenly, Aleister Black is in the ring beating up on the champ.
Gargano sees this, hesitates, and then enters the ring. Superkick to Black!

Ciampa and Gargano stare each other down. Ciampa mounts Black and punches him. The two former #DIY partners are just beating the crap out of their respective opponents. Slingshot DDT by Gargano on Ricochet. Ciampa Bomb on Black. Crowd’s pretty conflicted here, at first, and then a “DIY” chant emerges.

At the top of the ramp, nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano stare one another down, unsure about one another's motives, following what became an unplanned joint attack on Ricochet and Aleister Black
Black and Ricochet are left laying in the ring as Ciampa and Gargano slowly walk back up the ramp. They continue staring each other down, trying to determine what’s happening. Ciampa puts his hand out and, suddenly, Candice LeRae is in Gargano’s face, telling him “no!” Don’t consider that. Gargano agrees and the two of them leave. No commentary to end the show, which closes on Ciampa’s face.

1 cool point for the sneakily progressing alliance that is forming between Ciampa and Gargano. Ciampa’s goal of making Gargano the North American Champion is closer to being a reality after what happened tonight.

Great to see Black surprise Ciampa, but it feels like his momentum is gone. The hype just hasn’t been there in this feud. I mean, it has, but the intensity is different. I think Gargano’s going to return the favour and help Ciampa beat Black on Saturday. This might direct Ricochet towards challenging Ciampa for the nXt Championship, which would be pretty exciting.

Have you tweeted your nXt award votes? I’ve finished mine, and I invite you to do the same, or leave them below in the comments section. Also, happy to discuss the Takeover: Phoenix card, along with your own cool points for tonight’s matches, below, in the comments section. Enjoy the Rumble weekend! Probably the most entertaining weekend of wrestling each year. Hoping to see a few nXt stars in the Rumble too.

Takeover: Phoenix Predictions

Matt Riddle def. Kassius Ohno
Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era (c) ret. War Raiders
Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler (c) ret. Bianca Belair (#1c)
North American Championship: Johnny Gargano def. Ricochet (c)
nXt Championship: Tommaso Ciampa (c) ret. Aleister Black (#1c)

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