WWE nXt Results- July 11, 2018 (Tag Titles On The Line)

nXt Results- July 11, 2018 (Tag Titles On The Line)

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WWE nXt Results- July 11, 2018

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Adam Cole (NA Champ) vs. Danny Burch

Adam Cole does his famous ring entrance and the crowd shouts along with his "Adam Cole Bay-Bay!" catchphrase. nXt Results- July 11, 2018

The Undisputed Era will be busy tonight. This is a NON-TITLE match that Adam Cole agreed to last week, during a conversation where Burch challenged him.

Burch targets Cole’s left arm to start this match. Flips him on to his back briefly until Cole replies, “I don’t think so” and traps Burch in a side headlock. The two engage in some ring running, trading blows, until Burch hits Cole with a haymaker, knocking him out of the ring. Cole waits for him there and regains the offensive, bringing the match back into the ring. Neckbreaker and a 2 count.

Sidenote: Announcers are prepping for commercial breaks, but WWE Network is not going to commercial mid-match. Same thing happened last week. This is excellent for wrestling fans who won’t have to miss any match time anymore.

Cole punishes Burch in the turnbuckles with forearms and right hands. Powerslam for a 2 count. Burch breaks out of a modified full-nelson but Cole sits him back down with a bicycle kick. Snapmare by Cole and he returns to the submission on Burch, who is in a seated position on the mat. He breaks free with a jawbreaker! Burch with quick chops to the chest. Lou Thesz press!

It’s all Burch now. Roundhouse kick on Cole in the corner. Dropkick off the top rope and Cole’s reeling on the mat. German suplex combined with a stiff clothesline for a 2 count. Cole escapes a quick submission attempt but Burch responds with a nasty headbutt. Cole retreats to the corner. Burch lifts Cole to the top, leaves his feet dragging on the ropes…basically hits him with an RKO. 1..2…no Cole kicks out.

Cole senses the momentum shift and begins to fight back. Front kick to Burch’s head. Fireman’s carry neckbreaker off of the knee of Cole. He pins Burch….but Burch kicks out!

SUPERKICK as Burch gets to his knees! Neckbreaker across the knee again. Cole exposes his right knee and hits the LAST SHOT on the back of Burch’s head. 1-2-3.

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall in 9 minutes

One cool point for Cole’s resilience. He consistently takes a beating in his matches, but even Burch’s strong style wasn’t enough to get the win. A fine opener, but I feel this puts a cap on the feud, especially with Lorcan out with an injury for 3 to 4 months.

Earlier today, Candice LeRae is interviewed outside Full Sail. She shares about how exciting the Women’s Division is right now but stops when she sees nXt Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler hanging out by an nXt production truck. Baszler provokes LeRae and the brawl is on for a few moments until numerous people break them up. Could be the start of something there.

Backstage, Dakota Kai is asked about what happened last week. Kai says Baszler will see her very soon. Kai’s working her way back up the Women’s Division and she’ll get another shot soon.

Lacey Evans interrupts the interview and says let’s be honest, if Kai did get her hands on that belt, she’d be awful. The Women’s Division needs class and sophistication, and Kai doesn’t have that strength. Kai says how about I kick the class off your face? Expect a match between those two soon.

Second Segment: Kairi Sane (MYC 2017 Winner) vs. Vanessa Borne

Kairi Sane salutes the nXt fans after a victory at FSU. nXt Results- July 11, 2018

Sane already holds a victory over Borne, but Borne is back for more tonight.

Some head games to begin this one, with Sane scaring Borne with the threat of a punch, only to flick her forehead. They grapple. Dragon screw by Sane. This leads to a 1 count and an ankle lock on Borne’s left ankle. Sane climbs up Borne in crucifix position, but Borne turns it into a Samoan Drop for a 2 count. Close call there.

Borne traps Sane on the mat between her legs, squeezing the torso of Sane. Sane manages to escape that body scissors, only to receive a front twisting suplex. 1-2- kickout by Sane. Borne’s stomping on Sane now, keeping a slow pace. She throws Sane into the ropes and pulls back on Sane’s arms while tied up. Now, Borne ties Sane upside down in the ropes to continue striking her.

Elbow to the back by Borne while Sane is on the mat. Borne steps on Sane, mounts the turnbuckle and beckons the crowd to cheer for her. Borne goes for the Vader Bomb but misses. Sane responds with a somersault neckbreaker! Crowd’s getting behind her.

Double axe handles to Borne’s chest. Off the ropes, Sane counters Borne’s attack with a head scissors takedown. It’s all Sane now! Sliding D! She gets to the top turnbuckle where Borne headbutts her, then chucks her to the mat. Borne stopped that momentum…and the two are battling back and forth.

Cover by Borne, countered by Sane with the ANCHOR submission, a cross-legged Boston Crab and Sane stretches all the way back with her back arching to the mat. Borne has to tap.

Winner: Kairi Sane via submission in 7 minutes

Post-match, Sane grabs the microphone and calls out the champ, Shayna Baszler. Sane says I’ve beaten you before and I’m going to do it again, again, again! Crowd starts chanting “again”.

One cool point for Sane’s impressive submission. That’s a must-see. Great to hear Sane on the mic a little more and it seems like Baszler’s got a few challengers right now. I wonder if this will result in a multi-woman match.

Borne showed some attitude tonight, which seemed very natural to her. I’d like to see more of that so fans will care about seeing her wrestle. A number of the women are starting to verbally spar with the crowd more, but it could still set Borne apart from the others, if she does it well.

Announce Team Update

A Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender’s match has been announced by nXt General Manager William Regal for next week. It will be in the Women’s Division, featuring Sane, Nikki Cross, Candice LeRae and Bianca Belair. The winner will face Shayna Baszler at Takeover: Brooklyn.

Final Segment: (nXt Tag Team Championship Match) Moustache Mountain (c) vs. Undisputed Era

Roderick Strong aims to submit Trent Seven, punishing an existing left leg injury of his. nXt Results- July 11, 2018

Before the break, Tommaso Ciampa attacked nXt Champion Aleister Black as he entered the building. He was rushed to a medical facility and the announcers are hopeful he will be alright to wrestle Ciampa in two weeks’ time.

Neither Cole nor Bobby Fish are at ringside for this match.

From the opening bell, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong rush Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, and they begin to pummel them with forearms. Bate and Seven respond with some nifty teamwork. Assisted sentons from both men cause Strong and O’Reilly to briefly reset outside the ring. They rush in again, only to get sucker punched by Bate and Seven.

The fight spills to the ringside area; O’Reilly and Bate pair off, and so do Strong and Seven. Fans are hot for this one. Seven’s bringing the uppercuts to Strong as he tries to walk up the rin steps. Strong responds with a kneebuster on the stairs, which affects Seven’s already-injured left knee.

Finally, we’re back in the ring and Strong tags in O’Reilly. Knee drop by O’Reilly and he mounts Seven for a number of punches to the head. Tag is made. Strong stomps on Seven’s injured left knee and he tries to rip off the knee brace. Seven escapes Strong’s clutches but O’Reilly tags in and twists that left knee real badly. He avoids the flailing kicks of Seven and drags Seven to his corner with a left leg hook.

Strong tags in and the two exchange right hands. Strong bends that left leg, forcing it against his own left knee. Seven’s still off his feet, lying on the mat, enduring undisputed punishment, until he finds an opportunity to roll up O’Reilly for a quick 2 count. Strong tags in and Seven gets the best of him by throwing him out of the ring. Seven does the same with O’Reilly! He’s dragging himself to his home corner, flies…NO! O’Reilly trips Bate on the apron and Seven can’t make the tag!

Strong with the leg scissors submission on Seven. The two exchange slaps until Strong has to break the hold. Both men up on their feet. More chops to the chest of Strong….DDT by Seven! Bate slams that top turnbuckle and waits for the tag but O’Reilly interferes and kicks Bate off the apron. He continues to cinch in that heel hook on Seven, but Seven just repeatedly kicks with his free leg until O’Reilly is woozy!

FINALLY, Bate is in! He’s taking care of business, clearing O’Reilly from the ring and nailing Strong with knees and elbows. Standing shooting star press! 1-2- no! Strong kicks out. Clear momentum shift here. Airplane spin on O’Reilly who has piggybacked his way to Bate. Slammed into the corner. Exploder suplex on Strong into O’Reilly! Bate continues to carry Strong on his shoulders while SWINGING O’Reilly by the legs!!! He slams Strong on to O’Reilly and then picks him up for a bridging German suplex! 1-2- noooo! Kickout by Strong.

Meanwhile, Seven is being attended to for that knee injury by nXt medical staff so Bate can’t look for help. Somersault kick by Bate on O’Reilly but Strong with a step-up enziguri on him. Bate bounces off the ropes with a lariat! TYLER DRIVER! 1-2- O’Reilly breaks the count! Fever pitch here at Full Sail!

Bate chucks O’Reilly out of the ring and he looks to his corner where Seven has argued away the medical staff member, awaiting a tag. Strong seizes that opportunity to nail Bate with a backbreaker. O’Reilly’s in with a penalty kick and a 2 count pinfall. BRAINBUSTER to follow up but Bate kicks out again! O’Reilly is furiously pounding the mat in disbelief and frustration.

Tag is made. Bate with slaps and forearms, and then he avoids a double team kick. He flies to his corner where Seven tags in and begins unloading punches on O’Reilly and Strong. Nasty back suplex on O’Reilly. Huge lariat on Strong! 1-2- Strong kicks out. Seven looks to the crowd for support. He lifts Strong on his shoulders for the torture rack, but he doesn’t have the endurance in his knee to maintain it. Strong wraps him up in the Strong Hold. Man, that looks nasty. McGuinness calls it a Klondike Clutch.

Bate tries to break it up but the referee forces him back to his corner. Seven gets free but O’Reilly tags in, launches himself from the top rope and drops his knee on the back of Seven’s left leg. Back to that left leg hook. Seven is fighting this off and he refuses to tap. He reaches back for Bate’s hand, but O’Reilly pulls him back to the other side of the ring. The two trade slaps to the face. Seven freely kicks O’Reilly and punches his quad until O’Reilly has to break the hold! Awesome.

O’Reilly goes for a double knee bar and Seven is absolutely beside himself in agony. Bate’s got a towel in his hand and a free hand as Seven tries to crawl to his corner. Seven is screaming in pain; O’Reilly is screaming for Seven to submit. Bate is beside himself watching this and he finally throws the towel, ceding the match to the Undisputed Era.

Winners: Undisputed Era via submission and forfeit in 18 minutes

Post-match, Cole and Fish join Strong and O’Reilly on the stage for their celebrations. Fish is holding a miniature trophy to recognize their Dusty Classic victory. All the members proudly flaunt their gold, especially O’Reilly who plays guitar on his tag title belt.

Three cool points for everybody. This could have been a Takeover match, folks. Crowd was into it the whole way through. Seven was incredible as he persevered through the pain of that knee injury. Excellent submission attack and double-teaming by Strong and O’Reilly. Bate’s strength gave fans the must-see moment of the match as he swung O’Reilly WHILE carrying Strong.

Seeing the Undisputed Era win may not be surprising to anyone who didn’t watch the match, but it was not a foregone conclusion by any means. Seven looked like he was going to beat those submissions and tag in Bate numerous times, and he would not give up. He might criticize Bate’s executive decision, but, with any luck, we’ll get a rematch between these teams because this feud has legs.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on potential Takeover matches and make your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show below.


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