ROH Glory By Honor Results from New Orleans, LA 10/12/2019

ROH Glory By Honor Results from New Orleans, LA 10/12/2019

Quick Results:

Winner of 15-Man Battle Royal: Silas Young

PCO defeated Dalton Castle

Marty Scurll defeated Jay Lethal

Shane Taylor defeated J. Spade to retain the World Television title

Kelly Klein defeated Angelina Love to win the Women’s title

The Briscoes defeated the Haux

Alex Shelley defeated Jonathan Grishem

Lifeblood defeated The Villains

Rush defeated Silas Young to retain the ROH World Heavyweight title

PCO defeated Marty Scurll to become #1 Contender

Live Results:

-Bound by Honor immediately kicks off with The Bouncers’ theme song. We’re starting out with the over the top rope Battle Royal. The winner gets a shot at Rush’s ROH World Title.

Battle Royal – Winner Gets An ROH World Title Shot

The Bouncers get the first entrance for an excited crowd. Out next is Kenny King with Amy Rose. Joe Hendry comes out with his self performed theme song and signs some autographs for the fans. He signs one and no one in the audience wants it, so he gives it to Josh “The Goods” Woods who gladly accepts it.

The bell ring and all 15 men jump in the ring. Lowercard wrestlers are eliminated quickly. Kenny King slid under the ring to hide. Brawler of the Bouncers and Brian Johnson battle in the middle of the ring while everyone watches. Brawler does his signature biting move. Brian Johnson charges Joe Hendry, but gets easily flipped over the ring to get eliminated.

Josh Woods and Silas Young double team Cheeseburger to eliminate him.

Rhett Titus is almost eliminated, but he “skins the cat” and turns it into a tornado DDT. Woods takes down Titus. He goes to eliminate him, but Silas Young stops him. Young tosses out Titus by himself instead. Titus pulls King out from under the ring and rolls him in. Joe Hendry eliminates King, but Hendry gets eliminated immediately after.

Coast to Coast eliminates Beer City Bruiser. Coast to Coast tries to eliminate Brian of the Bouncers, but he tosses them both over the top ropes and both men are gone.

Brian eliminates Yum Yum. Josh Woods steps up to Brian, but Brian powers him down with the weight advantage. Young comes in to help. Woods and Young eliminate Brian. Josh Woods is excited that they’re the only two left. Silas Young offers his hand to shake, but when Josh goes to accept, Young tosses him over the top rope to win.

Winner: Silas Young

-Josh Woods is actually humored by Silas betraying him. They leave together still friends.

#1 Contender Semi-Finals: Dalton Castle vs. PCO

Dalton Castle is out first. PCO comes out with his new music and fog. Castle asks PCO if he’s going to eat his hand if he offers a handshake. The code of honor is upheld.

PCO and Castle try to wrestle but no one gets the upperhand. PCO challenges Castle to hit him in the back. Castle does, but PCO won’t go down. Castle gets frustrated and hits a back body drop, but PCO pops back up. PCO nails a giant DDT followed by a dropkick to Castle’s spine. PCO knocks Castle out of the ring.

PCO and Castle trade blows on the floor. Castle rolls back in, but PCO stays on the floor and removes the mats. PCO goes to the turnbuckle and pulls Castle up. He’s trying to suplex Castle to the outside onto the concrete, but his head malfunctions. Castle escapes and superkicks PCO off the turnbuckle and onto the concrete floor.

The referee is counting PCO out. He counts to 10 and some fans celebrate, but ROH has a 20 count. PCO rolls in at 11. Castle continues striking PCO. He hits a T-bone suplex, but PCO is still getting to his feet. Castle looks shocked. Castle with another suplex, but PCO rolls to his knees. Castle scoops PCO up and tosses him over the top rope and onto the concrete floor. The referee counts again. PCO is back in the ring at 14.

Castle takes PCO back outside the ring. Castle hip tosses him onto the pile of mats from the floor. Castle grabs a steel chair. The referee warns him that using it will get a DQ. PCO goes to attack Castle but Castle turns it into a slam that drops PCO directly on the steel chair. The chair is heavily dented. The referee begins counting again. PCO gets back in the ring at 19.

Castle nails 4 DDTs and a knee to the face, but PCO keeps sitting up. PCO grabs Castle’s throat for a chokeslam, but Castle fights out. PCO clotheslines Castle over the top ropes. PCO charges and hits a suicide dive to the outside. PCO gets him back in the ring. PCO nails a PCO-Sault for the win.

Winner: PCO

-We’re wasting no time and moving to the next match in the tournament

#1 Contender Semi-Final: Jay Lethal vs Marty Scurll

Jay Lethal is out first. Marty Scurll makes his entrance to a pop from the crowd. Duel “Let’s go Lethal” and “Let’s Go Marty” chants start up. Code of Honor is upheld and Marty seems happy with himself.

The bell rings and Lethal immediately drop kicks him out of the ring. Lethal follows it up with a suicide dive. Lethal with a second dive. Scurll tries to fight back, but Lethal knocks him back down and then hits a third suicide dive.

Lethal rolls Scurll back in the ring. Lethal jumps off the top rope but Scurll gets his boot up. Lethal sees it coming and stops. Lethal knocks down Scurll and goes up top again. Lethal does hit the elbow drop, but Scurll turns it into a cradle pin. Lethal kicks out. Lethal hits a cutter on Scurll.

Scurll goes for the chickenwing early on but Lethal escapes before its locked in. Scurll and Lethal battle to the outside. Scurrl drops Lethal on his windpipe on the corner of the ring. He quickly rolls in for a pin, but Lethal kicks out.

Lethal and Scurll trade chops to the chest as fans “whoo.” Lethal is still favoring his throat. Scurll stomps on Lethal then poses for the crowd. Scurll picks him up for a stalling suplex. He nails is and goes for the pin, but Lethal kicks out. Scurll celebrates anyway with another pose for the fans. Lethal takes advantage and attacks him from behind, but Scurll gets control back quickly.

Scurll Irish whips Lethal to the corner, but he’s met with a boot to the face instead. Scull tries to fight back, but Lethal hits a buzzsaw slam. Lethal once again going to the top for another “Hail to the King” elbow drop and nails it this time. Lethal goes for the pin, but Scurll kicks out at 2. Lethal is favoring his back and neck.

Lethal goes off the ropes, but Scurll pretends to go for a superkick. Lethal stops dead in his tracks, but Scurll yells “Just kidding!” Scurll kicks Lethal in the shin instead. Scurll is calling for the chickenwing now. The fans are getting hyped up. Scurll approaches Lethal for the submission, but Lethal drops him on the mat and applies the Figure Four Leg Lock. Scurll gets to the ropes.

Scrull gets in some offense. He goes for the chickenwing and can’t get it. Scurll goes for the Black Plague, but Lethal escapes that too. Lethal goes for some reversals, but Scurll locks in the chickenwing out of nowhere. Lethal tries to escape but can’t. Jay Lethal taps out.

Winner: “The Villain” Marty Scurll

-After the match, Marty shakes Jay Lethal’s hand once again.

-We get a small clip of Shane Taylor on a podcast.

ROH World Television Championship: Shane Taylor (c) vs. J. Spade

-Very one sided match with Shane getting almost all of the offense. Spade gets some hot comebacks that get the fans fired up, but each time Shane powers him down. Spade goes for a series of clotheslines that don’t take Shane down, but he hits a springboard clothesline that finally takes him down. Spade hits a Blue Thunder Powerbomb but can’t keep him down for a three.

Spade goes to big boot but Shane grabs his leg and hits a powerslam. Shane hits a big body splash with a pin, but Spade kicks out. Shane is shocked. Fans are getting behind J. Spade. Spade goes for an attack, but Shane powers through and nails the “Welcome to the Land” piledriver for the easy 3.

Winner and still ROH World Television Champion: Shane Taylor

-We get another clip of Shane Taylor’s podcast appearance.

ROH Women’s Championship: Angelina Love (c) (w/ Mandy Leon) vs Kelly Klein

Kelly comes out first without anyone in her corner. The Allure are out next.

The match is extremely one-sided with Angelina holding control the entire time. Angelina knocks Kelly around the ring for several minutes. Angelina goes for the Botox Injection, but Kelly gets out of the way. Kelly manages to hit the K-Power, but Angelina kicks out. Kelly looks blown away.

Angelina immediately takes back control for several more minutes. She goes for another Botox Injection, but Kelly once again avoids it. Kelly goes for the K-Power, but accidentally knocks down the referee in the process.

With the referee down, Mandy enters the ring and attacks Kelly with a chair. The lights go out. We get the familiar music of Man-Eat Maria Manic. Manic takes out Mandy Leon. Manic takes out Angelina. She leaves the ring soon after. Kelly hits the K-Power for the third time and scores the victor.

Winner and new ROH Women’s Champion: Kelly Klein

-We see a promo by Luke and Perry Haux that call out the Briscoes. Luke is Perry’s father and this is a family tag match.

The Briscoes vs. Luke and Perry Haux

The first several minutes of this match is the Briscoes holding control of this match. Perry is the first Haux in and he’s no match for the ROH Tag Team Champions.

Perry manages to fight away and tag in Luke. Luke comes in hot and takes down both Briscoes. The Haux team hit a double slam on Mark but only get a 2 count. All four men battle outside the ring. Perry slips back in the ring and jumps off the turnbuckle onto both Briscoes with a crossbody. Perry tosses Jay back in the ring.

Luke hits a springboard moonsault and a pin, but Jay kicks out. Jay tags in Mark and they double team Luke. Jay hits a superplex and Mark nails the Froggy Bow, but Perry interrupts a pin attempt. The Briscoes toss Perry out of the ring. Briscoes go for the Doomsday Device, but Perry once again makes the save.

Perry and Mark meet in the middle of the ring. Mark challenges Perry to hit him. Perry does and it clocks hard, but Mark tells him to do it again. He does. Mark tells him to do it a third time because its not hurting. Perry goes for another one, but Mark hits him back and Perry goes down. Perry fights back but the Briscoes nail the Redneck Boogie followed by the Jay Driller for the clean win.

Winners: The Briscoes

-The Briscoes shake Luke and Perry’s hands to show respect.

Jonathan Gresham vs Alex Shelley

Code of honor is upheld, so Jonathan Gresham’s heel turn seems to be over already. Alex and Jonathan grapple for several minutes with no one getting the upperhand. Everything Alex tries Jonathan has a counter for. They finally break it up and the fans applaud.

Alex gets a little more aggressive now, this time throwing strikes, but Jonathan still manages to reverse everything. Jonathan floors him with a moves of his own and poses for the crowd. Alex takes advantage of Jonathan’s distraction and is finally able to hit some offense that takes Jonathan down.

Alex doesn’t hold control long as Jonathan once again reverses him and sends him down. Jonathan locks in a unique wrist lock submission. Jonathan pops Alex’s shoulder. He taunts a little, then applies another unique submission. He rolls over and the submission becomes a pin for the two count.

Jonathan locks in another wrist submission that becomes a pin, but Alex keeps kicking out. Jonathan is soaked in sweat. Jonathan with several more wrist locks. Alex manages to escape by pulling on Jonathan’s ear and the referee forces them both to break.

Alex maneuvers around the ring and hits a dropkick to Jonathan’s knees. Alex goes for a Superfly homage but Jonathan rolls him up. Alex reverses his roll up and they roll around the ring for a few spins. Jonathan finally wins the rollup war, but Alex kicks out at 2.

Jonathan hits a huge bridged pin and Alex barely is able to kick out. Alex climbs to the turnbuckle but Jonathan drop kicks his wrist. Jonathan wraps in another wrist submission on the turnbuckle. Alex knocks him off and goes for Slice Bread, but Jonathan slides him for a pin. Only a 2 count.

Jonathan reverses some strikes and goes for the Octopus, but Alex escapes and rolls him up for a quick three count.

Winner: Alex Shelley

-Jonathan rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Jay Lethal runs down to stop him. Jay turns his back on Jonathan and they tease that Jonathan is going to hit him. Jay turns around and nothing happens. Alex offers his hand and Jonathan accepts it, finally. Jonathan leaves and tells them he’s cool. Jay shakes Alex’s hand as well then leaves. Alex celebrates with the fans.

Villain Enterprises (Brody King, Flip Gordon) vs Lifeblood (Tracy Williams, Mark Haskins)

Flip and Haskins start out. They reverse each other with some chain wrestling. Flip takes a cheap shot at Tracy. Haskins tags in Tracy to get his comeback, but Flip tags in Brody.

Brody manhandles Tracy. Both Brody and Flip are smiling about it. Brody is easily keeping control. Brody goes for a big boot into the corner but Tracy turns it into an ankle lock. He has to release the hold by 4. Brody comes back with more power strikes. Brody tags in Flip.

Flip continues to control the match. The Villains go back in forth tagging in and holding down Tracy. They go to double team Tracy in the corner but he avoids a body splash from Flip. He elbows Brody in the face, then comes off the turnbuckle with a dropkick that takes big Brody down. He tags in Haskins.

Haskins comes in with the hot tag by taking out Flip and Brody. Brody tries to grab him by the throat but he escapes and kicks Brody in the face. Flip goes to jump over the top rope, but Tracy tosses him straight into the barricade from the apron.

Lifeblood double team Flip now. They manage to hit a DVD and a falcon arrow, but Brody breaks up any pin attempt. Brody goes to hit the Gonzobomb on Tracy, but Tracy wraps his legs around Flip Gordon for a headlock. Haskins comes in and puts Brody into a submission. Both Villains look like they’re about to tap, but Brody powers through and slams Haskins onto Tracy to break both holds.

Brody now controls the match. He holds up Tracy and tells Flip to get a weapon. Flip brings in a kendo stick. He swings it but Tracy misses and he nails Brody instead. Haskins takes down Brody on the outside of the ring now. Lifeblood hits a superkick/piledriver combo for the pin and victor.

Winners: Lifeblood

-After the match, Bully Ray runs down and takes out Lifeblood. For the second time in a row, Flip pretended like he was going to attack Bully but didn’t. He flipped off Haskins and gives Bully the kendo stick. Flip leaves while Bully attacks Haskins with the kendo. Bully yells “Do you know who I am?” then leaves.

ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Rush (c) vs. Silas Young

Rush and Silas chain wrestle and its very quick. Rush gets Silas in the corner. He goes for the Bull’s Horns but Silas nails a huge spear that takes him down in the middle of the ring. Silas mounts him and nails some fists to his face. He tells Rush that he looks pathetic. He kicks Rush outside of the ring. Rush is barely moving. Silas lifts him up by his hair and tosses him into the turnbuckle.

Silas tosses him back in the ring and stomps on his hurt ribs. Silas keeps Rush grounded. Rush spits in Silas’ face and begins fighting back. Rush whips him into an opened chair. Rush attacks Silas onto a table and chair set up outside the ring. Rush rolls Silas into the ring.

Silas goes to get up but Rush knocks him into the corner. Rush pretends to go for the Bull’s Horns but stops and kicks him in the face instead. Silas gets up and goes to attack but Rush hits a fireman’s carry and stomps on him. Rush goes for a senton but Silas rolls away. Silas hits a rolling slam, followed by a handstand elbow drop off the turnbuckle. Silas goes for the pin, but Rush gets out.

Silas tosses him around more. Silas goes for another pin, but Rush kicks out and this time he’s hyped up. Silas goes to attack but Rush suplexes him into the corner. Rush hits a flying forearm that plants Silas into the turnbuckle. Rush hits the Bull’s Horns and gets the win.

Winner and still ROH World Heavyweight Champion: Rush

-After the match, Colt asks guest commentator Lanny Poffo if Rush is as tough as Hulk Hogan and Lanny acts very taken aback by the question. Oops.

-We get a replay that shows members of the Kingdom were attacked backstage last week.

-Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia go to the ring. They demand that whoever attacked them last week show themselves. The lights go out and we see a spotlight that is shinning directly at Matt Taven. We get a clip of a hidden camera that shows Matt Taven and Vinny arriving to the arena. Then we see Matt and Dalton Castle talking before the event. Matt and Vinny make a bee-line to the backstage. No mention of the spotlight or anything.

#1 Contender Final Match: PCO vs. Marty Scurll

The commentators remind us that PCO and Marty Scurll are in the same group together. PCO comes out and the fog machines are very delayed. They accidentally show PCO laid out several times with Marty’s music replaying three times. The commentators play it off as mind-games from Marty.

Marty takes the microphone and tells PCO that he doesn’t want this match to come between them and offers his hand to shake. PCO shakes it and while the referee turns his back, Marty nails PCO with an umbrella. Marty attacks PCO but can’t keep him down. PCO climbs the turnbuckle. Marty tries to knock him off, but PCO fights away. Marty tosses him off the turnbuckle now.

Marty gets him outside the ring. He flips off some fans that he pretended to high five. Marty and PCO get back inside the ring now. Marty is striking him, but he keeps sitting up. Marty kicks him in the face and asks if that’s all he’s got. They trade chops to the chest now, and Marty wins. Marty runs off the ropes but PCO hits a popup powerbomb.

PCO hits a spear then a chokeslam. He signs for the sentonbomb. He goes off the top and nails the sentonbomb. He pins Marty, but Marty kicks out at 2. PCO goes to chokeslam Marty, but he reverses it and pops out PCO’s fingers instead. It doesn’t effect PCO. PCO attacks Marty outside of the ring and all around the outside. PCO sets up a table on the floor and lays Marty on it. He tells Marty he’s going for his back. Marty wakes up and climbs the apron. He punches PCO and tosses him off the turnbuckle, crashing through the table on the outside.

PCO still gets up. Marty rolls him into the ring and pins him, but PCO kicks out. Marty signals for the chickenwing. He gets it locked in, but PCO backs him into the corner and knocks down the referee. PCO checks on the referee. Brody King runs in and hits PCO with a big boot. Marty Scurll goes for the pin, but PCO still kicks out. Marty accidentally bumps Brody off the apron. PCO scoops up Marty and slams him, but there’s no referee. PCO climbs the turnbuckle, but Marty attacks him. PCO knocks him away. PCO goes for a moonsault, but Flip Gordon hits him with a chair. PCO falls backwards into the ring. Marty pins him and still can’t get the three.

PCO and Marty duck each others clotheslines. PCO flies outside the ring with a suicide dive onto the Villain Enterprises. PCO hits a choke-bomb on Marty. PCO goes up top for the PCO-Sault and nails it! PCO goes for the pin but only gets TWO. A very close two. Duel “Let’s Go Marty” and “PCO” chants now.

Marty hits PCO with a giant lariat that flips PCO. Marty goes for a second one but this time PCO lays him out. PCO climbs the turnbuckle and goes for another PCO-Sault. He scores the pin and the win.

Winner: PCO

-All Villain members climb into the ring and corner PCO. Marty has a microphone and gets in PCO’s face. Fans start chanting for PCO. Marty says he’s never been ROH champion and this tournament was his chance. He tells PCO that he took away that chance. Marty congratulates PCO. He says that he has a lifetime of chances ahead of him, but PCO deserves this and it might be his final chance. He says no one deserves it more than PCO and raises his hand. The Villains all celebrate to end the show.

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